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Anti-wiki philosophy is one which is against intrinsic wiki principles—i.e. cooperation, community, and often even open-source. It is the great irony of anti-wikiism that it should rear its head up on a wiki, of all places, but it does—more often by people who have little long-term vision seeking to impose limits and controls typical of non-wiki philosophy, under an assumption that they would improve the wiki model. In fact they do not, as they more often directly contradict it. It gets to a point where it almost seems like it is a regular website run by a small group of authorized editors who merely use MediaWiki as a content management system.

On the other hand[edit]

"Anti-Wiki" means different things to different people, just as "wiki" means different things to different people. For example, WikiWiki (the first Wiki) was open source, but was not open content, and many "features" of MediaWiki could be considered "anti-Wiki" when judged against the original—logins, full page histories, and blocks.

While we remember that Wikipedia is not Wiki, we should also acknowledge that in many ways Wikipedia is true to the "wiki" spirit. The question is, are we improving on the wiki spirit, or corrupting it and making it worse?

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