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"Good order is the foundation of all good things."

I, Eeee, hereby establish the Association of Categorist Wikimedians (ACW).

The ACW's founding belief is that an article without an attached category has less value than a correctly categorized article. The "index" system of Wikipedia is the structure (besides Wikilinking) that connects all of the articles to each other. By categorizing uncategorized articles, or refining their existing categories, we are helping to organize the mass of information that is Wikipedia. Categories lead to related pages and topics that without that attention, could be neglected. It is the job of the Categorist to assign a category to an article without one, or to put the article in a more relevant one.

The ACW does not take a stand on the philosophy of the Inclusionists and the Deletionists, rather we feel that categorizing is a more prominent issue. Categorists want to help spin the connecting strings in the web of knowledge.

W:Categorization Categorization guideline.

Proposed merge with Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories[edit]

As the aims and purpose of this association appears to be the same as Wikipedia:WikiProject Categories, should the association merge with the Project? The Project appears to be the more active of the two set ups, so I would suggest that the association becomes a soft redirect to the Project. SilkTork 15:14, 25 February 2007 (UTC)


  • Make categorization a top priority of Wikipedia.
  • A goal of having 9% or less of all Wikipedian information uncategorized.
  • Coordinate with the Deletionists in using the speedy delete instead of the article being categorized.
  • Communicate with Mergists and Inclusionists who feel the article information should be retained and transferred instead of categorized.
  • Organize a basic project to categorize the uncategorized pages.


Please see Association of Categorist Wikipedians/Members. Feel free to add yourself.


Currently there are no official leaders although Eeee takes the responsibilities of management for this association.

User boxes[edit]

Basic user box: add {{User categorist}} to your user page.

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Association of Categorist Wikimedians


Here are pages that list articles needing to be categorized: