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Balkan NPOV page

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(This page was started as South Slavic NPOV page, but there are a lot of questions which are related to Balkans and non-South Slavic people.)

A lot of bad things happened in our part of the Earth. This page exists as an attempt to establish pages with a neutral point of view about those events.

Official language on this page and subpages is English.There is no "official" language here. You can use any language you like. However, you will be best understood using English. Most interested parties will also be able to understand posts in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Bulgarian, Slovene, Macedonian, or any other South Slavic languages to some extent. Unfortunately, you will probably not be understood by many people if you post in Albanian or Greek.


Background talk about making South Slavic NPOV page at Croatian Wikipedia in Croatian and Serbian.

Making solutions


For general discussion use talk page.

We should talk here about problematic articles at different Wikipedias. We should make new subpage for every such article.

  1. Principles (the page is open for discussion)
  2. Sense of this page
  3. Controversial issues
  4. Proposals for NPOV pages

The latest proposals


Outdated subpages



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