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Meta-Wiki is home to a number of blacklists.

Global blacklists[edit]

These are lists of various types of entities not allowed on any Wikimedia projects:

  • Spam blacklist - A list of website links that are not accepted by the software. This is most likely the page you are looking for.
  • Title blacklist - A list of page titles and usernames not allowed by the software. Local administrators and other users with the tboverride right are unaffected by this list.
  • Global rename blacklist - A list of users who can't request a global rename through Special:GlobalRenameRequest.
  • Email blacklist - A list of emails that can't be used for registering or sending emails.

Local blacklists & whitelists[edit]

While these specific pages only affect Meta, each project has its own version of this that administrators on that project may edit to customize site behavior.

Local blacklists[edit]

These are local-only versions of the above.

Local whitelists[edit]

Whitelists are specific exceptions to the above blacklists.

Other lists[edit]