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Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2004/Vote interface translation

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This page coordinated translation of the BoardVote interface for 2004 election for the Board of Trustees (see other board elections). The undocumented BoardVote extension allowed users to vote using their established account on a local wiki depending on the number of edits they made and the age of their account.

For more information on the election, see Board elections/2004.

2004 board elections

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da, de, eo, fr, ja, wa, zh

Interface text


Board vote interface text for Wikimedia Foundation Trustees election.


Copy these links to your own wiki and then create the pages there. The default English text is shown below. For example, put a translation for "Wikimedia Board of Trustees election" into MediaWiki:boardvote on your wiki.

  1. MediaWiki:boardvote
  2. MediaWiki:boardvote entry
  3. MediaWiki:boardvote intro
  4. MediaWiki:boardvote intro change
  5. MediaWiki:boardvote footer
  6. MediaWiki:boardvote entered
  7. MediaWiki:boardvote notloggedin
  8. MediaWiki:boardvote notqualified
  9. MediaWiki:boardvote novotes
  10. MediaWiki:boardvote contributing
  11. MediaWiki:boardvote volunteer
  12. MediaWiki:boardvote time
  13. MediaWiki:boardvote user
  14. MediaWiki:boardvote edits
  15. MediaWiki:boardvote days
  16. MediaWiki:boardvote ip
  17. MediaWiki:boardvote ua
  18. MediaWiki:boardvote listintro
  19. MediaWiki:boardvote dumplink
  20. MediaWiki:boardvote strike
  21. MediaWiki:boardvote unstrike
  22. MediaWiki:boardvote needadmin

"boardvote"               => "Wikimedia Board of Trustees election",
"boardvote_entry"         => 
"* [[Special:Boardvote/vote|Vote]]
* [[Special:Boardvote/list|List votes to date]]
* [[Special:Boardvote/dump|Dump encrypted election record]]",
"boardvote_intro"         => "
<p>Welcome to the first elections for the Wikimedia Board of Trustees. We are
voting for two people to represent the community of users on the various
Wikimedia projects: the <strong>Contributing Active User Representative</strong> and the
<strong>Volunteer User Representative</strong>. They will help to determine the future direction
that the Wikimedia projects will take, individually and as a group, and
represent <em>your</em> interests and concerns to the Board of Trustees. They will
decide on ways to generate income and the allocation of moneys raised.</p>

<p>Please read the candidates' statements and responses to queries carefully
before voting. Each of the candidates is a respected user, who has contributed
considerable time and effort to making these projects a welcoming environment
committed to the pursuit and free distribution of human knowledge.</p>

<p>You may vote for as many candidates in each category as you want. The
candidate with the most votes in each position will be declared the winner of that
position. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held.</p>

<p>For more information, see:</p>
<ul><li><a href="http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_FAQ" class="external">Election FAQ</a></li>
<li><a href="http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/Election_Candidates" class="external">Candidates</a></li></ul>
"boardvote_intro_change"  => "<p>You have voted before. However you may change 
your vote using the form below. Please check the boxes next to each candidate whom 
you approve of.</p>",
"boardvote_footer"        => " ",
"boardvote_entered"       => "Thank you, your vote has been recorded.

If you wish, you may record the following details. Your voting record is:


It has been encrypted with the public key of the Election Administrators:


The resulting encrypted version follows. It will be displayed publicly on Special:Boardvote/dump.


Back", "boardvote_notloggedin" => "You are not logged in. To vote, you must use an account which has existed for at least 90 days.", "boardvote_notqualified" => "Sorry, your first contribution was only $1 days ago. You need to have been contributing for at least 90 days to vote in this election.", "boardvote_novotes" => "Nobody has voted yet.", "boardvote_contributing" => "Contributing candidate", "boardvote_volunteer" => "Volunteer candidate", "boardvote_time" => "Time", "boardvote_user" => "User", "boardvote_edits" => "Edits", "boardvote_days" => "Days", "boardvote_ip" => "IP", "boardvote_ua" => "User agent",

"boardvote_listintro" => "

This is a list of all votes which have been recorded to date. $1 for the encrypted data.


"boardvote_dumplink" => "Click here", "boardvote_strike" => "Strike", "boardvote_unstrike" => "Unstrike", "boardvote_needadmin" => "Only election administrators can perform this operation."