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Seçkilər 12 İyun 2011 tarixində başa çatmışdır. Səslər artıq qəbul edilməyəcəkdir.
Seçkinin nəticələri 17 İyun 2011 tarixində elan olunacaqdır.
Qəyyumlar Şurası seçkisi - 2011

Harel Cain (Harel)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
Harel Cain
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Harel Cain
    • Yaş: 32
    • Yaşayış yeri: Jerusalem, Israel
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: Hebrew, English, German
  • İstifadəçi məlumatı:
Namizədin platforması Gündəlik işimdə Kompyuter Təhlükəsizlik Mühəndisiyəm və kitab tərcümə edirəm.

Hebrew WP'ye 2004-cü ildə iştirak etmişəm. 6 ildir admin son 4 ildir da bürokratik.

WM İsrailin qurucularından biriyəm və onun katibiyəm. Bir çox fərqli forumda ictimai çıxışlar edirəm. İsrailde meydana gəlməyə başlayan GLAM səyləri ilə məşğul oldum.

Qeydiyyat və təqaüdlər yönettiğim və OTRS yi nəzarət etdiyim Vikimaniya 2011 ilə dərindən maraqlanıram.

Vikimaniya '07 və '10 də təqdimat etdim və eyni zamanda ChapConf11'e də iştirak etmişəm.

Məqsədimizə çatmaq üçün birlikdə işləməyə böyük, mərkəzi olmayan və müxtəlif, bənzərsiz bir mövqeyə malik olması üçün birlik, WMF, hissələr və digər paydaşlar üçün bolluca yerə sahib bir döşəmə hərəkətinə inanıram.

Heyete seçilirsem aşağıdakı fəaliyyətlərə dəstək olmaq niyetindeyim:

  • Counter the trends of the editor trends study, by experimenting with far reaching changes to software, permissions and community processes.
  • Accept that we have come of age and our-long term survival cannot depend on reverting this.
  • Foster the growth of affiliated groups, organized in many models, not only as chapters.
  • Reach out to under-represented sectors and geographies, yet define realistic expectations for success.
  • Mitigate conflicts between all parties in the movement, esp. between communities and chapters.
  • Develop revenue sources that will ensure our projects remain free of ads.

Ferdinando Scala (Ferdinando Scala)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
Ferdinando Scala
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Ferdinando Scala
    • Yaş: 42
    • Yaşayış yeri: San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: Italian, English, French, Spanish
  • İstifadəçi məlumatı:
    • Vikimediyada fəaliyyətə başlama tarixi: June 17, 2007
    • Aktiv iştirak etdiyi Vikilahiyələr: Italian Wikipedia, marginal activity on Commons and Wikiquote
Namizədin platforması As a child, I dreamt to be an author of the Encyclopedia Galactica, the repository of the universal knowledge described by Isaac Asimov in his Foundation saga. I had the occasion to see something similar in my lifetime and, moreover, to contribute. Telling “thank you” for making my dreams come true is my deepest motivation to volunteer for serving the WMF community.

In my daily life I’m a digital communications professional, specifically focused on strategic planning, digital evolution and social media development. I’m an expert marketer and public speaker, with practice as a trainer in the corporate and academic sectors. If elected, I will put my skills on disposition to:

  • Developing campaigns for expanding the base of fundraising for Wikimedia, aimed to attract both public and individual contributors (long tail approach).
  • Stimulating the opening and evolution of Wikimedia projects in the minority cultures and languages, so that even the feeblest voices could contribute to the richness of the project.
  • Making Wiki’s user experience as simple as possible, so to attract technology-adverse or disabled contributors.
  • Diffusing the open-source culture to the wide public, as it is the best way of consistently improving the cultural enrichment of all mankind.
  • Finding and establishing connections with other collaborative cultural projects, like free-learning hubs.

Esteban Zárate (Ezarate)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
Esteban Zárate
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Esteban Zárate
    • Yaş: 38
    • Yaşayış yeri: Tandil, Argentina
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: Spanish, English
Namizədin platforması In my day job I'm a teacher on secondary schools in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

I started to edit on the Spanish Wikipedia on Apr 30 2008, I was sysopped there on March 2010. I am sysop also on Commons and I frequently edit on spanish Wikinews where I am reviewer.

I am system engineer and I am a teacher of computer sciences on secondary schools of Tandil, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.

If I elected to the board, I intend to help in: . Analyze strategies for attracting more publishers to our projects. . Seek ways to efficiently distribute our revenue sources. . Help to all comunities in all their needed.

Milos Rancic (Millosh)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
From January 2009, made during the interview for the journal deScripto
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Milos Rancic
    • Yaş: 38
    • Yaşayış yeri: Belgrade, Serbia
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: Serbian (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbo-Croatian), English; passive (reading) knowledge: Russian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovenian; other Slavic languages at lesser level
Namizədin platforması I am a steward, member of LangCom, ChapCom, RCom and Board of WMRS. I was the first president of WMRS and member of NomCom for its existence. I am actively working on various issues related to improving Wikimedia's capabilities. I am programmer and operator of a couple of bots.

I am sysadmin by profession and linguist by education.

If elected, my focuses will be:

  • Sustainability of Wikimedia projects depends on creative and radical approaches to creation and spreading free knowledge.
  • Wikimedia projects have their clear scopes and no further censorship is acceptable.
  • WMF should find a way that Wikimedians can be payed in areas close to their Wikimedia work.
  • Self-sustainable Wikimedian groups should be as autonomous as it is possible.
  • Wikimedia projects are scientific by nature.
  • There should be one Wikimedia community.
  • Wikimedia community should be above WMF.
  • WMF should:
    • take care of how to spread and save the Wikimedia content for the future generations;
    • build a network consisting of other free knowledge, free software and free culture projects;
    • participate actively in the promotion of understanding between humans on the Earth.

Marc-André Pelletier (Coren)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
Marc-André Pelletier
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Marc-André Pelletier
    • Yaş: 41
    • Yaşayış yeri: Montréal, Québec, Canada
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: French, English, Spanish
  • İstifadəçi məlumatı:
    • Vikimediyada fəaliyyətə başlama tarixi: 2003
    • Aktiv iştirak etdiyi Vikilahiyələr: en.wp
Namizədin platforması The Wikimedia projects are, in my opinion, one of humanity's noblest and most important endeavours. Free knowledge is the vision that brought us all together to collect millions of bits of wisdom, art, and culture for all to share and spread.

Yet, without the support and guidance of a strong vision our projects flounder. The smaller projects become vulnerable to small self-selecting groups that care little for our founding principles, and even the biggest and healthiest of our project calcify into ineffective bureaucracies unable to deal with the responsibilities of being the greatest source of knowledge of Internet.

There is a fine but critical line between avoiding interference in the projects and abandoning them without support or guidance, and my objective is to guide the foundation back to our roots. Neutrality, a welcoming collaborative environment, and true openness are not options, nor are our responsibilities to the readers – and subjects – of our projects.

The Foundation must support those principles by action, not by looking away. Outreach is good, but let's first make sure our house is in order before inviting more guests.

Ting Chen (Wing)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
From November 2nd 2010
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Ting Chen
    • Yaş: 43
    • Yaşayış yeri: Mainz, Germany
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: Chinese, German, English, French (un peu), Japanese (can read)
  • İstifadəçi məlumatı:
    • Vikimediyada fəaliyyətə başlama tarixi: January 2003
    • Aktiv iştirak etdiyi Vikilahiyələr: zh-wp, de-wp, en-wp, Commons, Meta among others
Namizədin platforması I was born and grew up in China. I studied Electric Engineering in Germany and am now living and working there as an IT Specialist. My work in the projects are mostly grassroots: editing, translating, administrative works, try to resolve disputes and try to help new comers whenever I can. I was elected a trustee in 2008 and reelected 2009. Currently I am the chair of the board.

In case of being reelected my goals are:

  • keep the Foundation on track according our mission and our strategic planning which was worked out by the community
  • promote the following traits of our projects and communities: openness, innovative, curious, welcoming
  • keep to help solve problems inside of our movement in a pragmatic and as simple as possible way
  • keep my personal dedication and engagement to help and promote our projects and volunteers around the world as much as I can
  • keep my work in the projects

Tom Morton (ErrantX)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
At home in the UK
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Thomas Morton
    • Yaş: 24
    • Yaşayış yeri: United Kingdom
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: English
  • İstifadəçi məlumatı:
    • Vikimediyada fəaliyyətə başlama tarixi: 2010 (also active in '06)
    • Aktiv iştirak etdiyi Vikilahiyələr: English Wikipedia (light activity on Commons & Wikibooks)
Namizədin platforması Within the WM family I am an editor and sysop on the English WP, am lightly involved in Wikibooks/Commons and was previously active on Wikinews. I am British, an Electronic Engineering graduate and work in information security (forensic analysis & software development).

I have a deep interest in freedom of speech and knowledge. I believe that free and open content of all kinds is essential to our future culture, after all “Knowledge is power”. The WMF provide a crucial cornerstone in the task to bring that power to everyone.

If elected I will help secure the ideals of neutrality, freedom and collaboration that the board is tasked to defend. I am very approachable and can bring a unique mixture of free thinker, developer, writer and free content evangelist to the board to help support the project in an exciting new decade.

As a highly active editor I’d hope act as a conduit between the broad work/perspective of the board and the views/ideas of the community. I’d work to make the board more accessible to the community, support the high level of independence of the Wiki’s and help foster greater camaraderie and stronger ties amongst all our volunteers.

Patricio Lorente (Patricio.lorente)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
Closing ceremony of Wikimania 2008
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Patricio Lorente
    • Yaş: 42
    • Yaşayış yeri: La Plata, Argentina
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: Spanish, English, Italian
  • İstifadəçi məlumatı:
    • Vikimediyada fəaliyyətə başlama tarixi: April 2005
    • Aktiv iştirak etdiyi Vikilahiyələr: es.wikipedia, commons
Namizədin platforması I've been involved in es.Wikipedia and Commons since 2005. I am President of Wikimedia Argentina since 2007 and was lead organizer of Wikimania 2009. I took part in many Wikimedia-related initiatives, such as GLAM (Wikipedia takes..., free release of national TV historical footage), collaboration with the educational system and building an Ibero-American cooperation framework (Iberocoop). I'm also public leader of Creative Commons Argentina.

If elected, I will work to:

  • Develop internationalization policies to integrate communities that today are isolated: many Wikipedians and groups are invisible to the international community because they can't communicate in English. Facilitate South-South cooperation.
  • Increase the communities' saying and decision-making influence on WMF administration and spending.
  • Support cooperation between Wikimedia projects and the educational system: Wikimedia projects can make a significant contribution to the educational experience and improve our content in the process.
  • Support GLAM initiatives: facilitate networking, document experiences and also provide the means -PR, legal advice- to address legal barriers (such as copyright issues) where they are not clearly defined.
  • Improve usability: support community-developed tools and solutions, as usability is not yet satisfactory to the community’s expectations after the ad hoc initiative.

Lodewijk Gelauff (Effe iets anders)[edit]

Qısa məlumat
  • Şəxs:
    • Ad: Lodewijk Gelauff
    • Yaş: 23
    • Yaşayış yeri: Oegstgeest, Netherlands
    • Bildiyiniz dillər: Dutch, English, German (mediate), French (reading)
  • İstifadəçi məlumatı:
    • Vikimediyada fəaliyyətə başlama tarixi: February 2005
    • Aktiv iştirak etdiyi Vikilahiyələr: nl.wikipedia (home wiki), en.wikipedia, commons and meta (partially active)
Namizədin platforması I care a lot about relationships in Wikimedia. Between the editors, organizations and our readers. The Foundation is an important central organization in this movement, but not the only one.

Since I got involved in Wikimedia in 2005 I have been active in many fields in the movement; including as a steward, sysop on several wiki's, five year (founding) board member for Wikimedia Netherlands and (still) a member of the Chapters Committee. In daily life I study Chemistry & Science Based Business (MSc) at Leiden University.

I care especially about:

  • empowering volunteers
  • involving more people in decision making processes at an early stage
  • development of Wikimedia throughout the world
  • an open and welcoming atmosphere in the projects and the movement
  • effective communication

I recognize I have not all solutions for the world's (or even Wikimedia's) problems - but I try to be open for them. On many issues I have opinions, but I'm willing to change given good arguments. I would be happy to become an accessible, critical but constructive board member at the Wikimedia Foundation.

There is much more I'd like to share in this limited space. However, please ask any questions you may have.