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Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2011/diq

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The election ended 12 June 2011. No more votes will be accepted.
The results were announced on 17 June 2011.
2011 Board elections

Heyete Mütevelliyey seçımi 2011 29 Gulan 2011 u 12 Heziran 2011 odo bıbo. od hetana 2013 bı ramo. hetana 2013 3 ezaye eşkqera be. Heyeti Mütevelliya, Vakfe Wikimedia meqseti cı qar niyoyeydı 501(c)(3) teşkilatecıyak u Amerika'dı keyıdli en gırd dairey kayıtlı Vakfe Wikimedia. Vakfe Wikimedia Vikipedi ve Commons zewmi zi birçok farklı proje qeno idare.

Seçimi Software in the Public Interest sazkerdandı odo bıbo. reydi eşqera bi.komitey seçımi u Software in the Public Interest şirketidı hekbiyayeyo. The votes will be tallied using the Schulze method to rank candidates based on the number of voters who prefer that candidate over other candidates.

The Election Committee will announce the results on or before June 15th. Detailed results will be available.

Information for voters




You may vote from any one registered account you own on a Wikimedia wiki (you may only vote once, regardless of how many accounts you own). To qualify, this one account must:

  • not be blocked on more than one project; and
  • not be a bot; and
  • have made at least 300 edits before 15 April 2011 across Wikimedia wikis (edits on several wikis can be combined if your accounts are unified into a global account); and
  • have made at least 20 edits between 15 November 2010 and 15 May 2011.

Developers qualify to vote if they:

  • Are Wikimedia server administrators with shell access; or
  • Have commit access and have made at least one commit between 15 May 2010 and 15 May 2011.
Staff and contractors

Wikimedia Foundation staff and contractors qualify to vote if they have been employed by the Foundation from 15 February 2011 to 15 May 2011.

Board members and advisory board members

Current and former members of the Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board are qualified to vote.

How to vote


If you are eligible to vote:

  1. Read the candidate presentations and decide which candidates you will support.
  2. Go to the wiki page "Special:Securepoll" on one wiki you qualify to vote from. For example, if you are most active on the wiki meta.wikimedia.org, go to meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Special:Securepoll.
  3. Follow the instructions on that page.

Information for candidates


Roles and responsibilities as member of the Board

From the board manual

The Board of Trustees is the governing authority of the Wikimedia Foundation. Responsibilities of the Board include:

  • determining mission, goals, long-term plans and high level policies of WMF and its projects
  • selecting the Executive Director of the WMF, who oversees its day-to-day operations, and evaluating his or her performance
  • ensuring the sustainability of the organization by defining a number of independent revenue sources
  • communicating about the direction and the activities of the WMF to the community
  • providing oversight to staff with regard to accounting, budgeting, and programs
  • maintaining legal and ethical integrity
  • recruiting and orient new trustees
  • articulating the mission of the WMF in public

The responsibilities of the Board do not include:

  • interfering in day-to-day operations, except in emergencies
  • setting Wikimedia project-level editorial policies
  • resolving basic community disputes
  • volunteering in specific areas of regular WMF organizational work

Characteristics of effective trustees:

  • Strategic – e.g., to provide long term direction
  • Thoughtful – e.g., to avoid being reactionary to controversial issues
  • High integrity – e.g., to put the interests of the foundation as a whole over personal or specific constituent interests
  • Responsiveness – e.g., to email requests from other trustees
  • Follow through – e.g., to complete tasks such as committee assignments as committed.
  • Respectful – e.g., to listen carefully to other trustees' points-of-view even as they may differ from one's own
  • Collaborative – e.g., to partner with other trustees and the Executive Director on the Board's work

Adaylık Önkoşulları


Adaylığa uygunluk koşulları seçmenlik şartlarının yanında, aşağıdaki şartları da içerir:

  • adaylık sunumunuz sırasında kimliğinizi halka arz etmeniz gerekmektedir. (Seçilen adayların kimlikleri resmi kayıtlara geçirileceğinden anonim yada takma ad ile aday olmak mümkün değildir); ve
  • en az 18 yaşında ve kendi ülkenizde reşit olmanız gerekmektedir; ve
  • kimlik ispatınızı Wikimedia Foundation'a iletmeniz gerekmektedir.

How to submit your candidacy


If you are eligible, you can submit your candidacy by doing the following:

  1. Write a brief summary of no more than 1200 characters stating what you would do if you were elected to the Board of Trustees, your relevant opinions and experience, and anything else you think is relevant. You may not use your candidate summary to link to lists of endorsements or other platform pages, and may not run on a slate with other candidates.
  2. Submit your summary between 00:00, May 2nd 2011 (UTC) and 23:59, May 22nd 2011 (UTC). After May 22nd, it cannot be changed except for minor corrections (for instance, spell correction) or translation. Any additions or changes to content submitted after this deadline will be time-stamped and presented separately from the original summary, and will only be presented to voters if they get translated into all of the same languages as the original summary. You should note that earlier submissions allow time for translation into more languages, and that submissions provided on the due date or just before may not be as widely translated.
  3. Submit proof of your identity to the Wikimedia Foundation before May 22nd. You will be privately contacted by a member of the Election Committee with further information about meeting this requirement when you list yourself as a candidate.

Candidates who fail to comply with the above requirements and deadlines will be disqualified.



Time line

  • 05 April–02 May 2011: ver çerxkerden.
  • 02–22 May 2011: qebulkerdena ezayey.
  • 22 May 2011: kimlıg testixkerden dı sond roc (kimligeq berey bımane edi qebul ne be).
  • 29 May–12 June 2011: Seçimi.
  • 13–15 June 2011: omerdısi reya.
  • 15 June 2011: ilan kerden.



To ensure that a representative cross-section of the Wikimedia community takes part in this election, it is important to translate election notices and candidate statements into as many languages as possible. To help translate, please see the translation page.