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Russia report: Kazan WikiSchool develops 21st century Tatar-speaking intelligentsia[edit]

By Frhdkazan

Translated from the Russian Wikinews article Казанская вики-школа отчиталась о подготовке татароязычной интеллигенции XXI века; also see Tatar version

Group photo of the conference participants

Closing conference of 2018 Fall session of «Selet WikiSchool» project taking place on December 21st in Selet House (23 Ostrovsky str. of Kazan), brought together activists of Tatar Wikipedia from various districts of Tatarstan, students of Kazan schools, the head of «Selet» Club projects and activists of «Selet» Clubs in secondary schools. Other guests of the event were director and executive director of «Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership for the Advancement of Encyclopedic Knowledge (Wikimedia Russia chapter) Vladimir Medeyko and Stanislav Kozlovsky, Russian Wikipedia Administrator, «Wikimedia RU» member Dmitry Zhukov, executive director of the State Unitary Enterprize «Center of Information Technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan» Tatyana Kamaletdinova, the founder of «Selet WikiSchool» project, 2018 Wikimedian of the Year Farkhad Fatkullin and the Chairman of the World Forum of Tatar Youth Тabris Yarullin.

The event was organized by Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group, «Wikimedia RU» Non-Profit Partnership and Tatarstan's regional community youth fund «Selet».

«Selet WikiSchool» activities are directed at outreach and training Selet projects participants and wider Tatar-speaking youth about Wikimedia projects. The project goals include teaching Tatar-speaking youth about using Wikimedia projects offered possibilities, integrating Wikimedia platforms use into Selet projects, as well as developing 21st century Tatar intelligentsia. 2 completed educational sessions of the WikiSchool featured master-classes by active Tatar and Russian Wikimedians, Wikimedia Russia chapter (Wikimedia RU Non-Profit Partnership) members with the total of 24 high-school and college students originating from 14 districts of Tatartan.

Final educational master-class delivered in the course of the conference by the active participant of Russian Wikipedia and Wikivoyage Ms. Ekaterina Borisova was a webinar dedicated to Russia's cultural heritage objects related content in Wikimedia projects. Meanwhile conference guests were having a meeting over the tea on a different floor of Selet House. Among others, it was attended by the Director general of GUP “Centre of information technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan” Almaz Valiullin, Director of GBU «„Selet“ Youth Center» Aygul Gabdrakhmanova and the Head of «Selet WikiSchool» Timerkhan Shaykhutdinov.

Presentation by Tatar Wikimedian Khabil Sakhabiev

The following plenary session that brought everybody together in the conference hall was moderated by Timerkhan Shaykhutdinov. Video about Selet movement was followed by welcoming words by Aygul Gabdrakhmanova, Vladimir Medeyko, Tatyana Kamaletdinova, Tabris Yarullin and Farkhad Fatkullin. Presentations of Tatar Wikipedia articles created by select participants of WikiSchool's Spring and Fall sessions were mixed with Timerkhan's remarks about the project's overall achievements in the course of the year, as well as publicly announced the launch of the Wiki-component of Selet projects and Selet clubs in secondary schools. In conclusion, Vladimir Medeyko and Farkhad Fatkullin awarded WikiSchool participants with Certificates of Completion and memorable souvenirs.

Awarded participants of the 2018 Spring & Autumn sessions of Selet WikiSchool with Farkhad Fatkullin and Vladimir Medeyko

The event was followed by the meeting of participating Wikimedia Community of Tatar language User Group with Wikimedia Russia representatives dedicated to developing content in Tatar within Wikimedia projects.