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Russia report: Chapter anniversary, School Olympiad on Wikipedia, and a lot of competitions[edit]

By Lvova Anastasiya
Birthday congratulations to Wikimedia Russia from Katherine Maher

It was a surprise for us, but Wikimedia Russia has been running for already 10 years, if we consider as a start the approval as a chapter. The next time we'll celebrate our birthday in November; 21 November being the date of registration as a legal entity.

In May we started the following contests:

Ongoing events that have started earlier are:

Diplomas of students of Petrozavodsk State University. Students wrote articles in the course Research in programming Wikidata (en) of Wikiversity. 2017-2018 academic year. Diplomas signed by rector of Petrozavodsk State University (Anatolii Voronin) and director of NCP Wikimedia RU (Vladimir Medeiko)

Events that completed in May:


For the first time in Russia, 14 students received diplomas signed by the state university and NCP Wikimedia RU. The certificates confirm that the students of Petrozavodsk State University are specialists in the wiki-projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. read more (en)...

  • Bauman Moscow State Technical University's students (Engineering Business and Management faculty, speciality Business Informatics, subject Enterprise IT infrastructure) in the frames of a training in the subject, worked on Wikipedia articles; after some independent work in the project they received the seminar about rules and editing on May 31.
  • On May 30, a training of potential wikipedians (ru) took place in Khanty-Mansiysk. Of course, we had a contest for them; the purpose was to identify the most active and productive participants of the training, which was related to the Discover Russia. Alumni and Professors initiative.
  • On May 19, in Rostov-on-Don schoolchildren competed (ru) in writing Wikipedia articles about Rostov region; they worked with English and German Wikipedias, and it was the first Russian school olympiad fully dedicated to Wikipedia.

Wikimedians have been developing a Wikiquote in the Yakut language (Sakha) for the fifth month already. Recall that Russian-language Wikipedia is the largest project in Russia, but the development of small languages is important part of our discussions; this project now is a local success story. Wikiquote is softer towards its authors than Wikisource (the idea of the project is clear, the requirements for the texts are relatively simple, the copyright laws tolerate quotes), and this reduces the entry barrier for representatives of small languages.