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CEE Newsletter Serbia - July 2023


Education Program[edit]

  • The Edu Wiki camp was organized from July 24 - 27 in Sremski Karlovci. Participants in this event were 17 male and female students from different parts of Serbia. During the camp, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about the programs and projects of Wikimedia Serbia, and also to improve the skills that will help them in further volunteer engagement in Wikimedia Serbia.
  • The Wikipedia in School project has been finalized in all educational institutions with whom Wikimedia Serbia partnered during the past school year. During July and August, all students' term papers on Wiki projects will be reviewed.
  • Activities related to reviewing term papers from the current midterm/semester, as well as calculating project metrics and planning activities from September 2023 have been set in motion.
  • As part of the WikiCelebrate, the Wikimedia Foundation published a text on Meta about Sara Horvat, a Wikimedia Serbia volunteer who primarily helps in the implementation of activities within the Education Program.

GLAM Program[edit]

  • The Wikipedian in residence at the Association for Art, Culture and International Cooperation Adligat has ended. During this project, 12 new articles were written, 2 were improved, while 38 articles were illustrated. During this WIR, the largest number of files in all previous Wikipedian in residence was uploaded. As many as 1,375 files have been uploaded. Among those files are photos from Tito's diplomatic visits, photos of important cultural and historical figures, photos of the legates of Ante Ilić and Stane Pavlič, as well as numerous photos of famous places in Egypt.

Diversity Program[edit]

  • Wikimedia Serbia has started working on a research project, whose main goal is to find out what motivates and demotivates editors to contribute to Serbian Wikipedia. This research aims to better understand the needs and problems of the community. As part of the research, a short questionnaire was created, and it can be filled out by August 13th.
  • In July, work was also done on organizing the local version of the Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos campaign, an annual competition in which Wikipedians on all language versions of Wikipedia add photos to Wikipedia articles that lack illustrations. The goal is to promote the use of digital multimedia files, which have been collected during various photo contests and photo tours organized by the Wikimedia community, in Wikipedia articles. The campaign will last from August 1st to August 31st, 2023,
  • As part of the strategy development process, an evaluation of the current strategy was prepared, with the help of community feedback. Work was also done on the alignment of the organization's work with the strategic recommendations of the movement, as well as the necessary analyzes of the internal and external environment. The first draft of the strategy will be published in mid-August.
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