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WikiProject Czechoslovakia - Velvet in schools
By: Jan Sýkora

The Velvet in Schools project brings the 17 November theme into schools as an umbrella for a range of other themes and values inherent in the date. On behalf of Wikimedia Czech Republic, we offer several activities within the project.

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Where can I find these activities?

You can find out what activities we offer directly on the official Velvet in Schools website, or simply click here. So feel free to “book” one of the activities on offer!

Why is Wikimedia CR part of this project?

As you may know, one of the central campaigns of Wikimedia CR is the WikiProject Czechoslovakia. It is within this framework that our Velvet in Schools activities will take place. We believe that this often neglected period deserves much more attention, not only in schools but also on Wikipedia. So let’s work together to make the world’s largest freely accessible encyclopedia!