CIS-A2K/Events/Online Meeting with Punjabi Wikimedians - 30 April 2021

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Since COVID-19's second wave is hitting India, so there are volunteers who are still contributing in this time. There efforts are awesome. So, continuing our meetup series, CIS-A2K conducted an online meeting of Punjabi Wikimedians on 30 April 2021. 9 participants joined this meeting.



  1. User:Nitesh Gill
  2. User:Mulkh Singh
  3. User:Manpreetsir
  4. User:Simranjeet Sidhu
  5. User:Gill jassu
  6. User:Jagvir Kaur
  7. User:Jagseer S Sidhu
  8. User:Dugal harpreet
  9. User:Gaurav Jhammat
  10. User:Satpal (CIS-A2K)


  1. Edit Wikisource Campaign (ਵਿਕੀਸਰੋਤ:Edit_ਵਿਕੀਸਰੋਤ_ਮੁਹਿੰਮ)
  2. Wiki Loves Literature
  3. Update about Audio Project by User:Jagseer S Sidhu
  4. Punjabi Wikiquote


Satpal shared update about Edit Wikisource Campaign. Total 8 participants are contributing under this campaign as of now. First part of this campaign went from 24 to 30 April 2021. This will go on later as well in the last seven days of next month. Mulkh Singh added into this section that we can do this for Wikipedia as well. There can also be campaign for Punjabi Wikipedia. There were some questions as well. Mulkh Singh talked about contributing on Wiktionary as this is also our main project. After that, Jagseer shared update about Audio Project which has been accepted recently.
The next discussion was about Wiki Loves Literature by Gaurav Jhammat. He discussed that this event is planned especially for Punjabi language students. This event will run from 1 May to 15 May.
There was brief discussion about Punjabi Wikiquote, an article about 'Chitta Sidhu' for deletion and English Wikipedia Tour as editing.