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CIS-A2K/Events/Punjabi Wikisource+Wikidata Integration

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Punjabi Wikisource is a growing Wiki project and it has a total of 246 index pages as of 10 March 2021. It seems an important project when we see the status of Punjabi language websites which are providing knowledge in Gurmukhi script. On the other hand, Wikidata is also an important project if we look into the future. Both projects have their own advantages.
So, under this page, we will try to create items on Wikidata about available books on Punjabi Wikisource. It will include all the necessary information regarding a book. Apart from this, we will also add Wikidata items on the "Author" namespace pages.

Project details[edit]

Date: TBA Location: Online (On Wikisource & Wikidata)

Get involved[edit]

What we have done![edit]

  • For example: On Wikidata there is an item about the 1913 edition of Gitajali book by Rabindranath Tagore - Gitanjali (Song Offerings).

There are about 13 statements in this Wikidata item. This item has good information. Our purpose is similar to strengthen Punjabi language data. We can add data about Punjabi books on Wikidata which is available on Punjabi Wikisource.

What we will do![edit]

  • We will create Wikidata items about editions of books which are basically uploaded on Punjabi Wikisource.

Things to keep in mind! (Rules)[edit]


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