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After organising a Wikimedia activity,[1] there are a few things you should consider doing. We have captured several important discussions during the Trainer-the-trainer programme 2016 and have created a sample check list below:

Task Description What this should include
On-wiki report Report on your own Wikimedia project for your community (e.g. Kannada Wikipedia, Marathi Wikisource. Preferably in the village pump in your native language)

Should contain three major aspects:

  1. What you planned to do
  2. Outcomes of the activity
  3. What you learned and how you planning to incorporating
  • Capture output especially the Global Metrics
  • Collect user details and feedback and include what is useful for reporting
  • Collect username (if a Wikimedia outreach), contact details
  • Share a simple form with the participant and ask to evaluate the activity
  • What they expected to learn
  • What they learnt
  • What they are planning to do

It could be a paper form (you have to digitize it later!) or an online form like Google Forms

Follow-up activities
  • Include Global Metrics
  • Planning follow-up (distributing responsibilities based on their skill-sets)
  • Report of the programme should be shared with the participants

Announcement in local FM channel, magazines, newspapers, social media, online media (e.g. Kiwi-Punjabi, a newspaper published from New Zealand is mostly contacted by the Punjabi Wikimedia community highlighting their work)

Announcement Announcement of the follow-up activities on village pump, mailing list, social media, blogs and newspapers, etc. Capturing the learning and highlighting the upcoming work, writing press releases post-event


  1. It could be a Wikipedia/Wikimedia workshop for a group of people, a follow-up workshop for participants that you already engaged with, Wikimedia Education Program, etc.