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CIS-A2K/Events/Wiki Advanced Training/2019/Bids

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This page has information and links for Wikisource Advance Training bids to venue/host program. A2K is planning to run the bidding process and selecting an Indian city to host this training which is going to happen in 11,12,13th October 2019. Indian community members can get together to propose the city to host upcoming Wikisource Advance Training.


Following are prerequisites to propose a bid.

  • Active local community which is willing to support conducting the event.
  • At least 4 active Wikimedian ( not specific for Wikisource contributor) Community members should come together and propose the city. They should reside in the city or nearby or states.
  • Women Wikimedians in organizing team is highly recommended.
  • City should have at least a national airport.
  • Venue and accommodations should be available for the event dates.
  • Participants size of Wikisource Advance Training is expected to be around 20.
  • Needed a venue which will have good internet connectivity and conference space for the above mentioned size of participants.
  • Discussions/announcement with the local community by mailing list/village pump.


We can not do the event in Bangalore (we have most of the program in Bangalore, and this year we are not doing it in Bangalore),


Deadline Milestone
15th August 2019 23:59 IST Bidding officially opens and participants can apply at their village pump.
05th September 2019 23:59 IST Last date of submission for Proposals to Host

6th September – 8 September 2019 Selection process by Jury
8 September 2019 Jury decision made; announcement of host city to bidders and public.
10th September 2019 Participants selection final by community of the participants and announcement to the public.

Bids: Show interest here to collaborate[edit]

If you are interested to collaborate on Wikisource Advance Training, please let us know here in the following format. Please note after you create a section below, we'll follow-up with additional questions and comments.

Format create a level 3 section below with city and community name like

===Bangalore, Kannada community ===

and please answer these questions:

  • City: city as mentioned in the subject line
  • Why do you want to host Wikisource Advance Training in the city?
  • Do you have any venue in mind in your city?
  • Who are the community members who will work on this?
  • If you have discussed this with the members or on the village pump please share a link here.
  • Anything else you want to tell us?