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CIS-A2K/Events/Wikisource Workshop at Vigyan Ashram, Pabal (25-26 May 2019)

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CIS-A2K has organised this Wikisource workshop in collaboration with Vigyan Ashram, Pabal on 25-26 May 2019. Total 12 participants attended sessions during this two days workshop. The basic skills in digitisation, uploading on Commons and Wikisource process were imparted in the workshop.


Active members of Wikisource at Vigyan Ashram have expressed their interest in learning advanced skills on VP. Previously, they have scanned & uploaded 50+ books on Commons, OCR'd 10,000+ pages and proofread few pages. This team wants to learn advanced skills in processing scanned books, metadata linking with Wikidata, Wikisource - proofreading & layout skills, tools etc. The institution has also planned to integrate proofreading activity with the Unicode/FOSS training courses, so that the students will be involved in next academic year.


To impart :

  • Basic orientation to Wikisource
  • Understanding of Wikisource work flow
  • Skills required from scanning to OCR of book
  • skills for Proof-reading, transclusion methods

Event details[edit]

  • Dates : 25 & 26 May 2019
  • Time : 11 am to 6 pm
  • Venue : Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, Taluka Shirur, Dist. Pune

Participants (Usernames)[edit]

  1. जाधव प्रियांका
  2. Asavari sakore
  3. रेशमा बगाटे
  4. कोमल संभुदास
  5. Pooja Jadhav
  6. कल्याणी कोतकर
  7. उज्ज्वला संजय पवार
  8. Soham Sambhudas
  9. Tushar Sukhdev Shinde
  10. Svnavare
  11. QueerEcofeminist
  12. DeathTrack07


  • Wikisource adviser - Jayanta Nath


  • Introduction to Wikisource - features, scope and future potential
  • Wikisource work flow - explanation of different stages
  • Upload tools and Copyrights
  • OCR4Wikisource and Indic OCR
  • Proofreading methods and Tools required
  • Wikisource tools, gadgets
  • Transclusion methods
  • Wikidata linkage


Day 1[edit]

Day one started with training on Scanning and post processing methods. The expert trainer explained various programmes to clean files & make the pdf of book. He also reviewed the previous work done at Vigyan Ashram and gave important suggestions. All the participants scanned 20 pages and processed them for practise. Then copyright issues and various licenses were discussed with some examples on Commons. The big size books were uploaded by chunkedupload tool. This will be useful in future as it reduces time and space also.
After the uploading session, the basics of Wikisource project were explained by Jayanta Nath. He demonstrated proof-reading methods and the related tools, gadgets required. Some scripts for proof-reading are not imported in Marathi Wikisource. The need analysis was done to identify basic minimum templates and gadgets. The participants learned to make their common.js pages to install the scripts. The hands-on activity was done by distributing the pages of one book for all the members.

Day 2[edit]

On the second day, three active Wikimedians and one new member from Pune joined group at Vigyan Ashram. After the recap of first day activity, the review of status of Marathi Wikisource was taken. The practise session for proof-reading & layout of pages continued till lunch break. In the second half, final process of transclusion was explained in detail. The participants also learnt about the various methods for different forms of books. The final layout for reading the books on Wikisource and formats for downloading the books were also discussed.
In the last session, the future plan of Wikisource activity was discussed. The organisation has decided to involve all the trainees in this activity to enhance the skills as well as knowledge. The active community members have planned to spread the awareness about the Wikisource in the society for more content donation and increasing editor base.


Consistent activity for the new trainees is planned with trained team at the institute. Scanning of rare and re-licensed books from libraries is in progress. This activity will be scaled up in near future.