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This Wikisource workshop was organised by Garware College of Commerce, Pune on 13 February 2019. The workshop was conducted by CIS-A2K to facilitate the proofreading project taken up by the institution for the second consecutive year. Total 20 students worked for one month under this project. In this event, 10 members participated.


Garware College of Commerce in Pune took initiative for proof reading activity of books in Marathi Wikisource. The first project was completed in 2018 for the book - 'Arthasahastrachi multatwe'. The books related to commerce are selected. The students get benefited by reading valuable reference in their language. The concept was well received by the students as well as faculty. The second project was taken up in 2019 for the book - Adbhut Duniya Vyavasthapanachi - a book on fundamentals of management.


  • Introduction to Wikisource
  • Proofreading process training
  • Use of templates, tools and gadgets

Event details[edit]

Date : 13 February 2019
Time : 11AM to 5PM
Place : Pune, Maharashtra, India
Venue : Garaware College of Commerce


  • Tito Dutta & Subodh Kulkarni (CIS-A2K)
  • Ashwin Baindur (Wikimedian)

Participants (Usernames)[edit]

Present on 13 Feb[edit]

  1. --कल्याणी कोतकर
  2. --Priyanka shashikant jagtap1234
  3. --Rutuja Vivek Chougule
  4. --Gayatri Vikas Dhawde
  5. --Snehal15angre
  6. --Dhanshree sapre
  7. --कोमल संभुदास
  8. --Divyani Oza
  9. --Trupti Kulkarni 123
  10. --Aishwarya Kulkarni 08

All the participants in proof reading project[edit]

  1. --Pragati Sanjay agale
  2. --Dhanshree sapre
  3. --Nikita Ramesh Jori
  4. --ManePallavi123
  5. --Snehal15angre
  6. --Gayatri Vikas Dhawde
  7. --Akanksha sonawane
  8. --Divyani Oza
  9. --Siddhi M Chandorkar
  10. --Dhanshree sapre
  11. --Pooja Bambale
  12. --Shruti vijaykumar more
  13. --Prachi18072001
  14. --Priyanka shashikant jagtap1234
  15. --वैष्णवी जाधव
  16. --Rutuja Vivek Chougule
  17. --Srushti Bhele
  18. --Poojababar
  19. --Anvhi5
  20. --Mahima patekar
  21. --Trupti Kulkarni 123
  22. --Aishwarya Kulkarni 08
  23. --कोमल संभुदास
  24. --कल्याणी कोतकर


  • 11 to 12pm : Introduction to Wikisource
  • 1 to 2pm : Basic proofreading skills
  • 2 to 3pm : Use of templates for formatting
  • 3 to 4pm : Learning from completed books in English, Bengali WS projects
  • 4 to 5PM : Feedback, Way ahead


In this training 10 members participated. Wikimedian from Pune, Ashwin Baindur also guided the participants. The introduction to Commons and Wikisource projects was given in the beginning. The category of Marathi books was explored and the process of transcribing to Wikisource was explained. The details of index page creation and metadata were discussed. Then the proofreading activity started. The chapters were divided between the editors. Some of the templates are not available readily in the toolbar of Marathi Wikisource. The basic templates were copied in sandboxes and used. Marathi Community members Kalyani Kotkar and Komal Sambhudas facilitated the process.
In the second half, Tito Dutta explained some of the best practices and completed books in Bengali & English Wikisource projects. The feedback was given by the participants. The coordinator Prof. Ketaki Modak reviewed the activity under the project and spoke about future plan.


The batch of 20 students worked in this project. It is planned to complete the proofreading and validation process upto March 2019.