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CIS-A2K/Strategic plan 2020-2022

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In this document we are presenting CIS-A2K's strategic plan for 2020–2022[1] Events and activities planned during this period will reflect the plans mentioned in this strategic plan document.

Areas of work[edit]

These are 12 areas of work. Currently nor sorted. In addition to "High priority area", we are also mentioning "Mid/low priority are"
Call number Area Description Priority Comments
#01 Wikisource and Wikidata as focused projects We'll continue to focus on activities related to Wikisource and Wikidata in India High Priority Area
#02 Creating Movement Resources Creating movement resources and tutorials in different formats such as images, handbooks, animations, videos etc in English and Indian languages High Priority Area Not much done recently except a couple of handbooks and similar stuff.
#03 Bridging gender gap activities Conducting/supporting bridging gender gap-related activities High Priority Area
#04 Editor retention Supporting long-term editors and work on editor retention to support communities and project High Priority Area
#05 Conducting conferences This only includes conferences we are conducting. This does not include community-initiated activities. This does not include the area where we are working as fiscal sponsor Mid/Low Priority Area Conducting conference is a low-priority in comparison to other activities.
#06 Preparing a developers team Working with developers in India, support developers, and build a small developer team to support the movement in India High Priority Area Over the years this is an area where we have lagged behind. We are setting this as a goal for the upcoming 2 years.
#07 Focused Language Area specific approach Focused Language Area or FLA was an old approach of A2K where we worked with specific language communities. We'll continue our support to the existing FLAs, gradually, as we indicated in our proposals also, will become a mid-focus area. In the upcoming 2 years we wish not to invest heavily to newly develop an FLA. That's a low-priority. We'll focus more on Focused Projects, mentioned above Mid/Low Priority Area
#08 Online Wiki-events and activities Conducting/supporting online/remote Wiki-events (workshops etc) High Priority Area Not only as an impact of COVID-19 pandemic, for quite sometime we are thinking to invest more time and resource towards conducting online/remote Wiki-events. In the past we have conducted several large-scale on-ground Wiki activities. We will put similar effort for remote-Wiki events
#09 Knowledge-sharing with movement partners In the upcoming couple of years we'll increase our interactions and collaborations with movement affiliates such as chapters, user groups etc. This should serve as an opportunity for mutual knowledge-sharing. High Priority Area These should not be random collaborations. It is desirable that these collaborations will follow the other priorities mentioned in this strategic plan
#10 Plans around English Wikipedia English Wikipedia has a large editor-base and needs less-support. Edit-a-thons etc on/around English Wikipedia will be a low-priority and we'll focus on Indic-language projects. Low Priority Area However if the active community on English Wikipedia approach us with clear community consensus, we'll provide necessary support.
#11 Investing on interesting forthcoming community projects We'll invest on community-approved interesting upcoming projects. Currently projects like structured data on Commons, or Wikilambda are being discussed by communities. We'll closely follow the development and community's interest. We'll invest resources to support community-endorsed interesting projects


  1. More specifically this is being planned and written keeping our proposed activities between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2022.