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Canadian Aboriginal Languages projects

Native language families and isolates in North America.

There are over 50 aboriginal languages spoken in Canada. The intent of this page is to coordinate efforts of contributors of Wikipedias in Canadian aboriginal languages. It offers speakers of aboriginal languages a place to find experienced contributors to help them create and develop their Wikipedia.

Canadian aboriginal language Wikipedias[edit]

In the incubator[edit]


Username Languages Location Relevant rights
Amqui fr-N, en-4 Alberta admin on cr.wp, iu.wp, mic.wp, moh.wp, bla.wp; WMCA member
Benoit Rochon fr-N, en-4 Montréal, Québec WMCA vice-president
Ebe123 fr-N, en-N, frc-3, acadian french-3 Halifax, Nova Scotia bureaucrat on incubator.
Zanimum en-N, ik-0 admin on ik.wp
Arctic.gnome en-N, fr-2 Alberta WMCA board member
Djembayz en-N, ge-3, sp-2, fr-1, ru-1 District of Columbia (well we're almost Canada, on a good day, maybe? ... :) Wiki DC board member
Eukesh new-N, en-4 Montréal, Québec
Seeris fr-N, en-4 Montréal, Québec WMCA board member

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