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Cascadia Wikimedians/2023 report

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Activities and impact report


In-person events in 2023


Seattle had several events in 2023

Of the two Portland, OR meetups in 2023, a couple of the Cascadia Wikimedians from Seattle attended the June meetup with Ward Cunningham, developer of the first wiki, WMF CEO Maryana Iskander, and WMF Chief Product and Technology Office Selena Deckelmann.

WikiConference North America 2023


WikiConference North America 2023 (WCNA). The first in-person WCNA conference since 2019 before the pandemic, this event required additional effort since it was the also the first WCNA to occur in Canada.

Inter-affiliate web meetings


Highlighted individual on-wiki participation

  • Bri continues as a prolific English Wikipedia editor and as one of the The Signpost editors.
  • Buidhe is a prolific English Wikipedia who also edits on Commons. Buidhe has helped promote many articles concerning genocide to featured article and good article status.
  • Jmabel is an administrator and prolific editor on Commons.
  • Peaceray continues in page patrol/anti-vandalism, welcoming, and citation improvements within English Wikipedia.
  • SounderBruce continues as a prolific English Wikipedia editor. w:en:User:SounderBruce SounderBruce has help promote pages (a topic, articles, lists, and a picture) to featured status, nearly 200 articles to good article status, dozens of In the news entries, and hundreds of Did you know entries.

Financial statement


There has been no financial activity for the past year.

Annual meeting


There was no meeting in 2023. We are scheduled to have our general membership meeting on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

List of annual reports