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Cascadia Wikimedians/June 2024 general members meeting

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Annual meeting — Sunday, June 9, 2024 at 1pm PDT

Meeting ID: 864 1306 5184
Passcode: 403709

The room will be open for set up at 12:30, and we will open the Zoom call as soon as we are set up. There will be a waiting room for the Zoom call.[note 1]

Here is a link to our current by-laws: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ri1fKCyOj9P2z-VA5wPz8ufF19yTEvTH3LfU8oIcqO0

Please also see:



Because of a recent ransomware attack, the Seattle Public Libraries lack WiFi service.[1] Because of this, we ask that Zoom attendees keep their video off and audio muted except when talking to the meeting. We will do a round of introductions so that we can get to see and hear everybody.

Activities reports and questions[edit]

There are four activity reports since 2020:

Please read through the reports and please ask any questions at the meeting. Questions can also address other Cascadia Wikimedian activities not covered by the reports.

Election of Board of Directors[edit]

Since the terms of all board members expired during the course of the pandemic, we need to elect new board members. We need a minimum of four (4) and not more than nine (9) directors.

After the members elect the Board of Directors, the board will choose its officers at a later time.

Those who wish to stand for election to the Board of Directors[edit]

Members may also self-nominate, or nominate another member present during the meeting.

Other business[edit]



  1. This is a precaution to deal with Zoombombing or other disruptive activity, which would enable us to boot someone from the meeting and then to not automatically admit them should they connect back into the meeting. This is probably unnecessary, but some of us have encountered this during online wikiconferences.


  1. Melero, Michael (2024-06-04). "Seattle Public Library Crawling Back From Ransomware Event". Broadband Breakfast. Retrieved 2024-06-06.