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Citing Sources

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The Citing Sources Learning Project functions as a workshop on how to improve the quality of cited sources in WikiMedia projects. Citing sources is a basic skill for wiki editors. This is a support project for the Wikiversity Service community.

Covered topics:

  1. How to set up or participate in Wikiversity projects that seek to improve the cited sources for WikiMedia project articles.
  2. Single source verification. Making sure that a source really supports the statement made in a WikiMedia project article that cites that source.
  3. Multiple source verification. Just because a cited source makes a claim, that does not mean that the claim has a factual basis. Tracking claims made in sources to verifiable data.
  4. When are there too few or too many sources cited? How to start and run a campaign to find more sources. How to "off-load" and archive excess sources to Wikiversity.

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