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Note: Promotion & Translation subcommittee was splitted into two subcommittees in August 2006: Promotion subcommitee and Translation subcommittee. See also Communications committee.

Latest issue[edit]

The Babylonian #0 : June 30[edit]

Welcome to issue 0 of The Babylonian (temporary name), the WMF promotion & translation subcommittee update from the month of June. Thanks to all who cooperated on the latest translation burst; including press releases, FAQ, and sitenotices.

What's up[edit]

  1. Requests
  2. News
  3. Thank yous
  4. About this update


/* New WMF privacy policy */

from every Wikimedia wiki page.

/* Wikimedia Executive Director FAQ */

/* Wikimania site translations */

You can find other requests, new and old, on

/* Fund drive banner campaign */

  • Ideas for a text banner campaign for the next fund drive are requested.

This is a new idea that might work with or without a banner server (more easily with; Amgine has been pushing for this)

  • See

Promotion & Translation news[edit]

  • You can now send translation related email to the Promotion & Translation

Subcommittee; our address is translator (at) wikimedia (dot) org. IRC contact is available on irc://

  • There are efforts to produce web-banners for Wikimedia projects in many langugaes, that websites can subscribe to to support the projects; text notices about wikiprojects and events, small images, &c. You can suggest or link to suitable banner images or text on meta.
  • Facing increasing needs for help in this sphere, we as always invite other Wikimedians to participate; english competence is preferable, but not required. If you are interested in promotion or translation activities, you may want to give a look to our pages on meta -- our parent communications committee and its subcommittees:
  • Wiki[m|p]edia needs good poster designs; the latest comes via Catherine Munro : ideas for variations on the theme, and translations of it (perhaps into a more familiar poetic form in each language) as well as quite different types of posters, are welcome.

Thank yous[edit]

In June, we had a burst of translation requests: a press release on the appointment of WMF General Council and interim Executive Director, the FAQ about the latter's office, two Wikimania updates, and the latest Board-approved version of the Wikimedia privacy policy.

There are no proper words to describe your contributions and thank everyone: there are too many people and too many works to list in short. For example, the sitenotice translation for Wikimania: from its release in one language, within 24 hours, there were 21 language versions of the sitenotice, and in the end close to 30. The French team are quick starters, and have begun to prepare their version for the latest notices within a day; good team work was shown too, among the Spanish translators with their careful translation processing with several reviews and corrections; localisation efforts on the Wikimedia Foundation site by Vipuser from the Chinese Wikipedia...

Your vigorous involvement continues to empower other contributors looking for this information!

On these updates[edit]

  • This is a newsletter of the Promotion & Translation subcommittee. Its content is released into the public domain. It is temporarily called The Babylonian; after the mutlilingual nature of sharing and promoting the projects. Other name ideas are welcome!
  • Its editors are subcommittee members, contributing as individual volunteers. Submissions or notes about related initiatives are welcome on the talk page: (modified --Aphaia 05:03, 7 September 2006 (UTC))
  • Editors of this issue : Aphaia, Sj