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The log of Transcom meeting on November 5, 2200 UTC. Any question will be welcome on translators-l.

[Nov/5 17:00] <effeietsanders> well, i think someone should give a startingshot :P
[Nov/5 17:00] <effeietsanders> hmmm, no, not a good translation :P
[Nov/5 17:01] <banet312> Presume we'll wait till the bell chimes
[Nov/5 17:01] * jd_ is here
[Nov/5 17:02] <jd_> currently reading some pending mails
[Nov/5 17:02] <effeietsanders> is there an agenda btw?
[Nov/5 17:02] <effeietsanders> maybe a nice thing to put in the topic :P
[Nov/5 17:03] <banet312> we were sent a provisional one
[Nov/5 17:03] <effeietsanders> we as in?
[Nov/5 17:04] <banet312> translators-1
[Nov/5 17:04] * effeietsanders grabbed an invatation from foundation-l
[Nov/5 17:06] * NullC (n=greg@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) has joined #wikimedia-translation
[Nov/5 17:07] * effeietsanders pokes britty
[Nov/5 17:08] <banet312> Am I entitled to put a copy of the Wikipage here about this meeting
[Nov/5 17:08] <SabineCretella>
[Nov/5 17:09] <banet312> Thankyou S We see it clear and bright
[Nov/5 17:13] * guillom (n=guillom@wikimedia/guillom) has joined #wikimedia-translation
[Nov/5 17:13] <guillom> hiho, sorry for being late, and i don't know how long i'm going to stay :)
[Nov/5 17:13] <effeietsanders> you're not the only one :)
[Nov/5 17:13] <Teofilo> Maybe before the meeting begins, everyone could say 1 word or 2 to present oneself ?
[Nov/5 17:13] <effeietsanders> (who doesn't now)
[Nov/5 17:14] <Teofilo> Or am I the only one not to know much about each one ?
[Nov/5 17:15] <jd_> well
[Nov/5 17:15] <guillom> who doesn't now ? :P
[Nov/5 17:16] <jd_> I'm a French wikimedia "working" with and within the trans subcom, currently overhauling wmf website, translating its pages, and trying to cope with both non WMF work and WMF mailing/todo lists
[Nov/5 17:17] <jd_> *wikimedian
[Nov/5 17:18] <banet312> OK I'll start, no one knows me, LouisBB although I am and old lag. I am trying to keep the Hu section informed, joined the translators recently. Ah not the first after all
[Nov/5 17:18] <jd_> :)
[Nov/5 17:18] * guillom pokes britty 
[Nov/5 17:18] <Teofilo> I'm French. I have been translating some stuff on meta recently, I have translated pages on Commons too
[Nov/5 17:18] * jd_ writes down the new names...
[Nov/5 17:20] <effeietsanders> hey, i'm effeietsanders , "for a while something else", originally from the dutch wikipedia, but active in multiple projects. I did a few small translations, here and there, and I like to look always what's happening and whether i can help.
[Nov/5 17:22] <jd_> ping britty Dbl2010 dungodung SabineCretella
[Nov/5 17:22] <banet312> Managed to type out the Wiki pages for study now. Q to Sabine: are you finalising an Agenda now ?
[Nov/5 17:22] <SabineCretella> ping ;-) jd_
[Nov/5 17:22] <dungodung> pong jd_
[Nov/5 17:22] <guillom> so i'm guillom, french wikimedian, mainly working on the french wikipテゥdia, on meta and wikiversity ; i'm a member of the french chapter and a member of the marketing committee ; i've been involved in translating stuff on meta, including updates for the WMF website, and I have acted as coordinator for the Elections 2006 translations in French
[Nov/5 17:22] <SabineCretella> ok ... I am German, write fairly well Italian and Neapolitan - from nap.wikipedia
[Nov/5 17:23] <SabineCretella> or it.wiktionary or wiktionaryz
[Nov/5 17:23] <Teofilo> Sabine your nickname on meta is ?
[Nov/5 17:23] <SabineCretella> Teofilo : always SabineCretella
[Nov/5 17:23] <effeietsanders> <if someone has trouble with my nick type eff<TAB> >
[Nov/5 17:23] <dungodung> I'm serbian wiki*edian (in the serbian chapter board), translated not so much in the last year and a half
[Nov/5 17:27] <jd_> ping pong :)
[Nov/5 17:27] * britty enters sneakly
[Nov/5 17:27] <britty> sorry for late; i mistook to caliculate hours
[Nov/5 17:27] <britty> i was confused
[Nov/5 17:27] <britty> pleae go ahead
[Nov/5 17:27] <jd_> well, going ahead at the moment is sleeping
[Nov/5 17:28] <guillom> indeed
[Nov/5 17:28] * guillom moans
[Nov/5 17:28] <jd_> :)
[Nov/5 17:28] <banet312> britty calm down, you seem to be in a tizz
[Nov/5 17:29] <britty> ah my mother asked me to buy bread and I left for a while
[Nov/5 17:29] * britty pokes sj
[Nov/5 17:29] * ArnoLag ( Quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)�)
[Nov/5 17:29] <britty> all not-away-people seem to have introduced self, right?
[Nov/5 17:30] <Dbl2010> Hello, I am from turkish community, and I didnt know that there was a meeting
[Nov/5 17:30] <SabineCretella> britty sj does not seem to be there - he is away also with skype
[Nov/5 17:30] <Dbl2010> thx for pinging jd :)
[Nov/5 17:30] <britty> SabineCretella, thanks
[Nov/5 17:31] <jd_> :)
[Nov/5 17:31] <Teofilo> Britty : are bakeries opened on Sundays in your country? Where are you from ?
[Nov/5 17:31] <britty> NullC, xyr?
[Nov/5 17:32] <britty> Teofilo, i am in 0900 so it is already on monday here
[Nov/5 17:32] <britty> so my turn; i am aphaia on wiki, kizu naoko irl
[Nov/5 17:32] <britty> call me britty, aphaia or naoko, any preferable for you
[Nov/5 17:32] * LeBron ( has joined #wikimedia-translation
[Nov/5 17:32] <britty> most of folks call me britty specially at irc though
[Nov/5 17:33] <britty> i am engaged with translation
[Nov/5 17:33] <britty> as translator i am working on english-japanese translation mainly
[Nov/5 17:33] <banet312> Kizu, I thought you were in the UK
[Nov/5 17:33] <britty> banet312, not kizu, please
[Nov/5 17:34] <guillom> :D
[Nov/5 17:34] * guillom hides
[Nov/5 17:34] <banet312> my appologies, won't do it again, OK britty then
[Nov/5 17:34] <britty> banet312, no problem
[Nov/5 17:34] <guillom> and last but not least, LeBron is a french wikimedian working on LSS with teofilo iirc
[Nov/5 17:34] <britty> guillom, thank you for your introduce
[Nov/5 17:35] <britty> duction
[Nov/5 17:35] <LeBron> Well all is said then :)
[Nov/5 17:35] <britty> and welcome LeBron
[Nov/5 17:35] <guillom> :)
[Nov/5 17:35] <Teofilo> LeBron are you Julien?
[Nov/5 17:35] <LeBron> Teofilo, j'テゥtais en vacances la derniティre fois (dテゥsolテゥ)
[Nov/5 17:35] <LeBron> Thanks britty, and hi folks.
[Nov/5 17:35] <britty> well, so all know all now?
[Nov/5 17:36] * effeietsanders pokes xyr and NullC
[Nov/5 17:36] <britty> xyr is away and nullc ... i donno
[Nov/5 17:37] <britty> banet312, would you please introduce yourself?
[Nov/5 17:37] <effeietsanders> banet312>	OK I'll start, no one knows me, LouisBB although I am and old lag. I am trying to keep the Hu section informed, joined the translators recently. Ah not the first after all
[Nov/5 17:37] <jd_> banet312 / LouisBB
[Nov/5 17:37] <jd_> OK I'll start, no one knows me, LouisBB although I am and old lag. I am trying to keep the Hu section informed, joined the translators recently. Ah not the first after all
[Nov/5 17:37] <jd_> dah
[Nov/5 17:37] <jd_> not fair
[Nov/5 17:37] <LeBron> effeietsanders, 1 -0 jd_
[Nov/5 17:37] <britty> hehe
[Nov/5 17:37] <britty> thanks
[Nov/5 17:38] <banet312> Thanks for the invite, I have already done it once, during your absence, sorry. I am a relative newcomer, but eager to work.
[Nov/5 17:38] <britty> yes louisBB is very eager
[Nov/5 17:38] <LeBron> Don't we have someone doing the en:<->de: translation in here ?
[Nov/5 17:38] <britty> so okay so let us go. thank you for attendance
[Nov/5 17:39] <britty> and for your works always
[Nov/5 17:39] <britty> today's agenda is here:
[Nov/5 17:39] <britty> i expect all you are giving a glance
[Nov/5 17:40] <jd_> *done*
[Nov/5 17:40] <britty> before jumping in those topics, i would like to confirm some points to make our meeting productive
[Nov/5 17:40] <Dbl2010> ok
[Nov/5 17:41] <britty> i am going to chair this meeting; around ten people cannot talk in a same moment
[Nov/5 17:41] <britty> so if i ask you to do something, as a chair, please follow me
[Nov/5 17:41] <britty> during this meeting
[Nov/5 17:42] <britty> okay?
[Nov/5 17:42] <jd_> ok :)
[Nov/5 17:42] <guillom> sir, yes, sir !
[Nov/5 17:42] <LeBron> 10 is doable. But you're the boss.
[Nov/5 17:42] <Dbl2010> yes :)
[Nov/5 17:42] <SabineCretella> :-)
[Nov/5 17:42] <banet312> OK of course
[Nov/5 17:42] <britty> thanks
[Nov/5 17:42] <jd_> stop talking at the same time, you 縺ー縺・
[Nov/5 17:42] <jd_> ^_^
[Nov/5 17:42] <LeBron> Baka !
[Nov/5 17:42] <britty> so the next point
[Nov/5 17:43] <britty> we will focus on the scopes of the issues
[Nov/5 17:43] <britty> we will follow agenda
[Nov/5 17:43] <britty> and we won't talk about the nice idea which juust now hit us
[Nov/5 17:43] <britty> would you agree?
[Nov/5 17:43] <banet312> oui
[Nov/5 17:44] <Dbl2010> whatever you say boss :)
[Nov/5 17:44] <britty> (in other words: no off topic)
[Nov/5 17:45] <britty> and the third; remind most of us - perhaps all - are not native english speakers
[Nov/5 17:45] <britty> we are discussin in a foreign language
[Nov/5 17:45] <britty> SabineCretella, are you fluent english speaker and professional translator
[Nov/5 17:45] <britty> have you frustrated however to speak in english in some times?
[Nov/5 17:45] <SabineCretella> yes I am britty
[Nov/5 17:45] <britty> or recently no?
[Nov/5 17:46] <SabineCretella> no I am not frustrated with EN
[Nov/5 17:47] <britty> nice
[Nov/5 17:47] <britty> so in other languages?
[Nov/5 17:48] <banet312> For De the En is easy
[Nov/5 17:48] <britty> banet312, you are french but you are also involved in hu translation
[Nov/5 17:48] <britty> how about you?
[Nov/5 17:48] <banet312> No, I am Hu by birth, lived in the UK for yonks, and in Fr for the last 12 or so yrs
[Nov/5 17:49] <britty> ah sorry and thanks for correction
[Nov/5 17:49] <banet312> I did say I was an old lag
[Nov/5 17:49] <britty> oh i couldn't understand "an old lag"
[Nov/5 17:49] <britty> sorry
[Nov/5 17:49] <britty> and that is possible hazard of our communicatin imo
[Nov/5 17:50] <britty> in foreign language and in irc
[Nov/5 17:50] <britty> we may fail to communicate fully and miss tthe point
[Nov/5 17:50] <banet312> lags are normally prisoners, I am not really
[Nov/5 17:50] <Dbl2010> britty, one thing I should point... It is midnight in europe and To make it easier for european guys here, it would be great to make it fast meeting
[Nov/5 17:50] <britty> so please do not hesitate to ask a clarification
[Nov/5 17:50] <britty> Dbl2010, thanks
[Nov/5 17:51] <britty> and least not the last, assume good faith
[Nov/5 17:51] <britty> i know some troulbes on irc meeting
[Nov/5 17:51] <britty> if you have a problem do not leave it
[Nov/5 17:51] <britty> please share it with others
[Nov/5 17:51] <britty> okay?
[Nov/5 17:51] <guillom> yep
[Nov/5 17:52] <britty> first step: translation coordinators per lanuage
[Nov/5 17:52] <britty>
[Nov/5 17:52] <jd_> *listening*
[Nov/5 17:52] <britty> there is no tcpl here now
[Nov/5 17:52] <britty> but already three is volunteering
[Nov/5 17:53] <jd_> I noticed some candidacy at the bottom of the page, tonight
[Nov/5 17:53] <britty> jd thanks
[Nov/5 17:53] <jd_> (was not here yesterday or so)
[Nov/5 17:53] <britty> i expect this team works
[Nov/5 17:53] <britty> r not
[Nov/5 17:53] <britty> we are in the experimental state
[Nov/5 17:53] <britty> if you join us, we will be happy
[Nov/5 17:54] <Dbl2010> I just added myself
[Nov/5 17:54] <britty> Dbl2010, welcome aboard
[Nov/5 17:55] <jd_> concerning French TCPL, while I've been busy, I'm still lurking for it. I have no name for co-TCPL yet :(
[Nov/5 17:55] <britty> i ask fr people to help jd to recruit
[Nov/5 17:55] <guillom> i would suggest LeBron
[Nov/5 17:56] <britty> LeBron, how do you think?
[Nov/5 17:56] <britty> you have not to answer right now
[Nov/5 17:56] <LeBron> Mmh, i dunno how much work is at stake.
[Nov/5 17:56] <guillom> as for myself, i am already very busy and i'm really not sure i would do a good work with not enought time
[Nov/5 17:56] <banet312> As I said, and you already know I am fairly keen
[Nov/5 17:56] <jd_> I'm very pleased with Zocky's machine deployment, as it will ease things (knowing what to do where), at least
[Nov/5 17:56] <LeBron> jd_, what's the amount of work being your co-TCPL?
[Nov/5 17:56] <guillom> LeBron, you have to make sure translations are done
[Nov/5 17:57] <guillom> LeBron, not necessarily translating them yourself
[Nov/5 17:57] <britty> LeBron, about work load please see our newsletter
[Nov/5 17:57] <jd_> LeBron, when I'm active, it will be a non-working position, when I'm away, a full-time one :D
[Nov/5 17:57] <britty> you will see how much work we did in the past three month
[Nov/5 17:57] <jd_> (basically)
[Nov/5 17:57] <britty> guillom, good point
[Nov/5 17:57] <jd_> well, I don't know really, we haven't experimented this yet
[Nov/5 17:58] <britty> jd no we have not experimented yet
[Nov/5 17:58] <LeBron> jd_, i will give you an answer asap.
[Nov/5 17:58] <britty> LeBron, thank you for your consideration
[Nov/5 17:58] <jd_> I think I'll give it a try and keep you informed
[Nov/5 17:59] <guillom> if LeBron eventually doesn't want to involved himself as TCPL, i can help jd_  temporarily
[Nov/5 17:59] <LeBron> I've been doing translation work for long but never wanted to join some strucutre.
[Nov/5 17:59] <jd_> I guess it won't be a pain if being done on a daily-basis or so
[Nov/5 17:59] <britty> jd mentioned to a good point
[Nov/5 17:59] <jd_> (just checking things out and react when necessary)
[Nov/5 17:59] <britty> making a scheme is aiming to make something feaseable in daily-basis
[Nov/5 18:00] <britty> reducing workload
[Nov/5 18:00] <jd_> yes
[Nov/5 18:00] <banet312> A list of organisational documents needing updates would be useful for work planning
[Nov/5 18:00] <britty> and if we feel uncomfortable in this scheme
[Nov/5 18:00] <britty> we can fix it
[Nov/5 18:00] <jd_> having two TC per lang would be nice because one could go on a wikibreak without breaking the process
[Nov/5 18:00] <LeBron> Ok, i'm jd_  in窶ヲ until i'm bored or overworked.
[Nov/5 18:00] <jd_> but, well, it's hard to find at least one :)
[Nov/5 18:01] <britty> jd_, yes it is hard
[Nov/5 18:01] <LeBron> grmbl, switched words.
[Nov/5 18:01] <britty> Dbl2010, do you have any idea to find another for turkish?
[Nov/5 18:01] <jd_> LeBron ^^
[Nov/5 18:01] <LeBron> jd_, on en parle demain soir ?
[Nov/5 18:01] <jd_> (je te dirais si c'est du boulot ou pas, et on verra テ l'usage)
[Nov/5 18:01] <jd_> -s
[Nov/5 18:01] <jd_> voilテ :D
[Nov/5 18:01] <britty> Dbl2010?
[Nov/5 18:02] <Dbl2010> yes britty, I think I can find one
[Nov/5 18:02] <britty> good
[Nov/5 18:02] <LeBron> Don't take Kawaii !!!!
[Nov/5 18:02] <britty> if you contact him or her, please let me know
[Nov/5 18:02] <Dbl2010> haha no way
[Nov/5 18:02] <britty> please note about tcpls
[Nov/5 18:02] <Dbl2010> ok britty will do
[Nov/5 18:02] <britty> they are not expected to make translation
[Nov/5 18:02] <britty> oscar said good things yesterday
[Nov/5 18:03] <britty> Dbl2010, thx in advance
[Nov/5 18:03] <britty> oscar said
[Nov/5 18:03] <britty> we transcom need two type of ppeople
[Nov/5 18:03] <britty> 1) translators
[Nov/5 18:03] <britty> 2) people who find translators
[Nov/5 18:03] <britty> tcpls are 2)
[Nov/5 18:03] <britty> NOT 1)
[Nov/5 18:04] <britty> and imo if someone is confused at that point
[Nov/5 18:04] <Dbl2010> the word "coordinator" explains this clearly
[Nov/5 18:04] <britty> he or she wouldn't be the best staff for coordination
[Nov/5 18:04] <britty> Dbl2010, i expect so but in some cases i found them confused
[Nov/5 18:04] <jd_> btw, our current issue is that type 2) is made of people from type 1) (the willing mass)
[Nov/5 18:05] <jd_> but, on a middle-term projection, maybe...
[Nov/5 18:05] <Dbl2010> yes it is good to make it clear
[Nov/5 18:05] <britty> Dbl2010, i agree
[Nov/5 18:05] <britty> would you draft more clarified version as one of tcpls?
[Nov/5 18:05] <britty> i think it would be also their role to clarify who they are
[Nov/5 18:05] <britty> Dbl2010, how do you think?
[Nov/5 18:06] <Dbl2010> Ok I will try :)
[Nov/5 18:06] <Dbl2010> I hope it will be clearer at the end
[Nov/5 18:06] <britty> Dbl2010, thanks please submit your version on meta
[Nov/5 18:06] <britty> so ... any other question about tcpls?
[Nov/5 18:07] <Dbl2010> sure do britty
[Nov/5 18:07] <Dbl2010> sure I will do, I mean
[Nov/5 18:07] <britty> Dbl2010, +)
[Nov/5 18:07] <britty> ;)
[Nov/5 18:07] <britty> no question?
[Nov/5 18:07] <jd_> well, I'll try to set up a kind of "what to do and how" page with concrete items
[Nov/5 18:07] <britty> jd what to do how about?
[Nov/5 18:07] <britty> tcpl?
[Nov/5 18:08] <jd_> doing this I'll be able to spot issues and actions
[Nov/5 18:08] * britty nods
[Nov/5 18:08] <jd_> about work devoted to tcpl
[Nov/5 18:08] <britty> yes
[Nov/5 18:08] <effeietsanders> britty: maybe more clearly stating what profile you are looking for?
[Nov/5 18:08] <britty> please do
[Nov/5 18:08] <jd_> (it's too much chimeric for the moment :)
[Nov/5 18:08] <effeietsanders> as in xxx time active contributor etc
[Nov/5 18:08] <effeietsanders> as profile, not obligatory
[Nov/5 18:09] <britty> effeietsanders, interesting idea
[Nov/5 18:09] <britty> more objective manner, you mean?
[Nov/5 18:09] <britty> or measured
[Nov/5 18:10] <britty> it is obvious we don't want "i edit once a year" guy
[Nov/5 18:10] <britty> so some of our ideas for good cooridnators can be desribed in this manner
[Nov/5 18:10] <britty> jd_, how do you think?
[Nov/5 18:10] <jd_> hum...
[Nov/5 18:11] <britty> effeietsanders, jd_ perhaps we can have it as possible improvement on that talk
[Nov/5 18:11] <jd_> I think you underlined the core points, being trustworthy, knowledgeable of meta and its process, being able to make "social work"
[Nov/5 18:11] <britty> in purpose we can think later more closely?
[Nov/5 18:11] <Dbl2010> things differ depending on the population of community
[Nov/5 18:11] <effeietsanders> britty: i see it mostly as a test for the person itself
[Nov/5 18:11] <Dbl2010> so some criterias my not fit to another
[Nov/5 18:11] <effeietsanders> (s)he should be able to look whether (s)he would fit
[Nov/5 18:12] <britty> effeietsanders, yes
[Nov/5 18:12] <effeietsanders> maybe a test-text?
[Nov/5 18:12] <effeietsanders> like "see for yourself whether you can understand this text, this is what you really need"
[Nov/5 18:13] <effeietsanders> as an example
[Nov/5 18:13] <britty> effeietsanders, hmm
[Nov/5 18:13] <britty> i have no clear idea how it works for now
[Nov/5 18:13] <britty> i need more i nut
[Nov/5 18:13] <britty> input
[Nov/5 18:14] <britty> effeietsanders, would you please submit your idea more closely to the talk?
[Nov/5 18:14] <guillom> i don't like this idea very much ; i think it's quite easy to see if someone is a "good" translator by just seeing how much correction remains to be done after his/fer transdlations
[Nov/5 18:14] <britty> if you have further idea about this experiment, please submit your idea on the [[m:talk:TCPL]] > al
[Nov/5 18:14] <britty> all
[Nov/5 18:14] <guillom> ok
[Nov/5 18:14] <effeietsanders> guillom: i would like to prevent someone for embarassing him/herself as well
[Nov/5 18:15] <banet312> Xcuse me guys, we have only spent an hour but we have already almost dealt with item 1 of the agenda! Do slow down a bit!
[Nov/5 18:15] <britty> i would like to shift the next item
[Nov/5 18:15] <SabineCretella> well: consider also: many people could probably translate quite fast, but don't have really the time to deal with the texts as "real translations"
[Nov/5 18:16] <guillom> i am going to shift to my bed, i'm sorry ; i am logging the conversation, and feel free to leave me a message on my meta talk page
[Nov/5 18:16] <britty> SabineCretella, good point but i am afraid it is sliding
[Nov/5 18:16] <guillom> bye
[Nov/5 18:16] * guillom is now known as guillom|zzzz
[Nov/5 18:16] <SabineCretella> it often happened to me: translating something from scratch is very easy for me, but I simply don't have the time to proof-read
[Nov/5 18:16] <SabineCretella> so: also teams of two people could make sense
[Nov/5 18:16] <SabineCretella> ok
[Nov/5 18:16] <SabineCretella> next time
[Nov/5 18:17] <britty> you would like to say it on translators-l i think
[Nov/5 18:17] <SabineCretella> ok
[Nov/5 18:17] <britty> your idea is just the core thought of this team
[Nov/5 18:17] <britty> i would like you all to remark it
[Nov/5 18:17] <britty> she mentioned why we have to build a team
[Nov/5 18:17] <britty> so next item
[Nov/5 18:17] <britty> 2006/Q4 goals
[Nov/5 18:17] <britty> transcom another experiment
[Nov/5 18:18] <britty> see meta
[Nov/5 18:18] <britty>
[Nov/5 18:18] <jd_> I must say this idea of setting up goals is very clever
[Nov/5 18:18] <britty> thans
[Nov/5 18:18] <britty> i would like every tcpls to consider those three goals as their own and build their priority list
[Nov/5 18:19] <britty> i am sorry we have no enough time to discuss about that
[Nov/5 18:19] <jd_> I should have thought of this :D
[Nov/5 18:19] <britty> and would like more people to join to think out the next year goal
[Nov/5 18:19] <jd_> I'm sorry I had no time to discuss of your proposal yet (almost done with the pending work and exam!)
[Nov/5 18:19] <britty> for setting goal, however we need to start from purpose
[Nov/5 18:20] <britty> jd_, no prob
[Nov/5 18:20] <britty> what we want to be is the basis of this kind of goal
[Nov/5 18:20] <Teofilo> Can anybody provide a link to the list of core languages, please ?
[Nov/5 18:20] <jd_> I think those goals must been discussed not only among us translators but also with external people, eg. from the board or other com
[Nov/5 18:21] <britty> Teofilo, you can get it from [[m:Transcom]]
[Nov/5 18:21] <britty> jd_, i expect so
[Nov/5 18:21] <britty> jd_, i would invite more people to discuss that
[Nov/5 18:21] <jd_> maybe the new board would like us to work on a specific point (well, give us money to do so ;), etc.
[Nov/5 18:21] <britty> perhaps in this month
[Nov/5 18:21] <jd_> ok. so we'll need a list of people to be contacted
[Nov/5 18:22] <britty> i am planning to invite people in this month to build goals for the next year in december
[Nov/5 18:22] <jd_> what requires to think about which topic should we ask feedback on
[Nov/5 18:22] <jd_> +s
[Nov/5 18:22] <jd_> good
[Nov/5 18:22] <britty> jd_, good idea
[Nov/5 18:22] <britty> could you set a page for those people list somewhere?
[Nov/5 18:23] <britty> on meta or comcom
[Nov/5 18:23] <jd_> (I hereby swear to react on the ml on tuesday, after my last mid-semester exam :)
[Nov/5 18:23] <jd_> sure
[Nov/5 18:23] <britty> thanks
[Nov/5 18:23] <britty> back to goals and purpose
[Nov/5 18:24] <britty> why do you think are we engaging with translation?
[Nov/5 18:24] <britty> dungodung, what was your first step to be involved into translation?
[Nov/5 18:24] <britty> effeietsanders, in your case?
[Nov/5 18:25] * effeietsanders backreads
[Nov/5 18:25] <effeietsanders> ah, just because i fell into it
[Nov/5 18:25] <dungodung> britty: I was among few people that knew meta existed and I had free time and there was a lot of untranslated stuff
[Nov/5 18:25] <effeietsanders> you come across a request, and well, translate it
[Nov/5 18:25] <britty> dungodung, similar to me
[Nov/5 18:25] <dungodung> :)
[Nov/5 18:25] <effeietsanders> and it helps when it is clear where to put the transalted stuff
[Nov/5 18:26] <britty> effeietsanders, do you think it unclear now?
[Nov/5 18:26] <britty> okay so the third topic now
[Nov/5 18:26] <britty> tools
[Nov/5 18:26] <britty> and workplace
[Nov/5 18:26] <britty> what do you use now? what do you want? What kind of information do you need?
[Nov/5 18:26] <britty> where are you doing in translation?
[Nov/5 18:27] <britty> i am doing translation on wiki
[Nov/5 18:27] <britty> with preview
[Nov/5 18:27] <britty> with no spellchecker
[Nov/5 18:27] <britty> sometimes i render gmail's spellchecker
[Nov/5 18:27] <Dbl2010> same for me
[Nov/5 18:27] <britty> but eh ... primitive in general
[Nov/5 18:27] <jd_> working on the wiki or, for big chunks, on gedit. preview. no spellchecker.
[Nov/5 18:27] <britty> banet312, how are you doing?
[Nov/5 18:28] <jd_> still have an item on my todo list, "learning a professional tool"
[Nov/5 18:28] <britty> jd gedit?
[Nov/5 18:28] <SabineCretella> firefox 2.0 now has a spellcheckr
[Nov/5 18:28] <britty> jd_, gedit is an editor?
[Nov/5 18:28] <jd_> britty, basic text editor of GNOME (linux)
[Nov/5 18:28] <britty> SabineCretella, oh neat
[Nov/5 18:28] <jd_> (kind of notepad, but really more powerful, it's linux there, isn't it ;)
[Nov/5 18:28] <SabineCretella> OmegaT is about to get a wiki read/wiki write feature
[Nov/5 18:28] <SabineCretella> kim brunings should program it - but was ill
[Nov/5 18:29] <SabineCretella> so that is a bit late
[Nov/5 18:29] <jd_> (ah yes, firefox spellchecker is cool)
[Nov/5 18:29] <jd_> but he's agree to do so?
[Nov/5 18:29] <banet312> I normally copy the tex to Word and do it on a two-boxed table Left English right Hu and do not use spellchecker; My machine cannot find it
[Nov/5 18:29] <SabineCretella> wiki read/wiki write means: you say which page to translate, translate it with the tool and than tell it wher to write it
[Nov/5 18:29] <britty> we can collect our knowledge of those tools somewhere?
[Nov/5 18:30] <britty> [[m:Babylon]] chat or in a specific page?
[Nov/5 18:30] <britty> even it seems not wikimedia relevant for some people
[Nov/5 18:30] <britty> list of useful tools wouuld be an idea
[Nov/5 18:30] <britty> how do you think?
[Nov/5 18:31] <jd_> really need to give OmegaT a try
[Nov/5 18:31] <britty> [[m:omegaT for Wikimedians]]?
[Nov/5 18:31] <jd_> feedback pages are always good pages
[Nov/5 18:31] <britty> (no page exists)
[Nov/5 18:31] * britty nods jd
[Nov/5 18:32] <banet312> My m/c packed up when I tried OmegaT, but I'll have another go
[Nov/5 18:32] <britty> and feedback .... from translators to cooridnator
[Nov/5 18:32] <SabineCretella> hmmm ... search for OmgaT on meta
[Nov/5 18:32] <britty> we have not such yet
[Nov/5 18:32] <SabineCretella> it is already on a bunch of articles
[Nov/5 18:32] <britty> SabineCretella, a lots?
[Nov/5 18:32] <britty> SabineCretella, sorry i didn't know
[Nov/5 18:32] <SabineCretella> 37
[Nov/5 18:32] <britty> SabineCretella, you would like to re-organize them perhaps?
[Nov/5 18:32] * oscar (n=oscar@wikipedia/oscar) has joined #wikimedia-translation
[Nov/5 18:32] <britty> with index etc
[Nov/5 18:33] <britty> welcome
[Nov/5 18:33] <oscar> yo
[Nov/5 18:33] <oscar> thx
[Nov/5 18:33] <SabineCretella> well: I am wondering who reads them
[Nov/5 18:33] <SabineCretella> ...
[Nov/5 18:33] <dungodung> racso!
[Nov/5 18:33] <britty> are anyones who don't know oscar yet?
[Nov/5 18:33] <SabineCretella> banet312 which version did you use on which system?
[Nov/5 18:33] <SabineCretella> hi oscar
[Nov/5 18:33] <oscar> yo SabineCretella :-)
[Nov/5 18:33] <banet312> hat is a tall Q
[Nov/5 18:34] <britty> SabineCretella, banet312 can you talk with each other just after this meeting?
[Nov/5 18:34] <britty> since your topic is now very specific and needn't to be shared with others
[Nov/5 18:34] <SabineCretella> hmmm ... bettr tomorrow evening - I have to get up in approx 5 hours
[Nov/5 18:35] * britty nods
[Nov/5 18:35] <banet312> I hope so but not right after, its00.30hrs here in Fr, Agreed SabineCretella
[Nov/5 18:35] <britty> okay
[Nov/5 18:35] <britty> back to the topic
[Nov/5 18:36] <britty> most of you are working as the leading translators among same language translators in my observation
[Nov/5 18:36] <britty> so how about communications with other translators?
[Nov/5 18:37] <britty> Dbl2010, are you not the sole translator from/to turkish iirc?
[Nov/5 18:37] <jd_> well well well...
[Nov/5 18:37] <britty> jd_, how about fr translators?
[Nov/5 18:37] <jd_> what if there are no other active translator ? :D
[Nov/5 18:37] <britty> what if?
[Nov/5 18:37] <britty> eeh
[Nov/5 18:37] <jd_> I'm talking with guillom on irc
[Nov/5 18:37] <Dbl2010> �10ォ� britty �10サ � no there are some others but out of coordination
[Nov/5 18:38] <britty> Dbl2010, i assume so ...
[Nov/5 18:38] <britty> i saw some turkish editors translating
[Nov/5 18:38] <banet312> SabineCretella I am set up for Yahoo Messenger to talk,for immediate response on where you think I am going wrong
[Nov/5 18:38] <britty> but rarely they are interacting
[Nov/5 18:38] <Dbl2010> yes britty, thats so true
[Nov/5 18:38] <Dbl2010> TCPL may help a loy on this too
[Nov/5 18:39] <Dbl2010> lot*
[Nov/5 18:39] <britty> Dbl2010, an announcement you are volunteering cooridinator is helpful too?
[Nov/5 18:39] <jd_> sometimes I talk about some specific point on our local Bistro (latest news on wmf website, for example), but they don't seem to be interested. Regularly mentionning meta and TR, no reaction ;)
[Nov/5 18:39] <Dbl2010> anouncement to the other coordinators you mean?
[Nov/5 18:39] <jd_> I haven't thought much on a communication process, though
[Nov/5 18:39] <Dbl2010> opps
[Nov/5 18:39] <Dbl2010> other translators
[Nov/5 18:40] <britty> Dbl2010, no i am thinking we announced now we have tcpls
[Nov/5 18:40] <Dbl2010> yes
[Nov/5 18:40] <britty> and turkish translators, for example, may ask you
[Nov/5 18:40] <britty> foundation-l is enough?
[Nov/5 18:40] <britty> other opportunity?
[Nov/5 18:41] <effeietsanders> local mailinglists?
[Nov/5 18:41] <britty> effeietsanders, good points
[Nov/5 18:41] <Dbl2010> yes local mailnlists, village pumps
[Nov/5 18:41] <britty> self-introduction to the local mailinglist
[Nov/5 18:41] <britty> Dbl2010, and always pump
[Nov/5 18:41] <effeietsanders> i should only do the active VP's btw
[Nov/5 18:41] <britty> jd mentioned it no much helpful
[Nov/5 18:42] <Teofilo> When I needed Japanese, Chinese, Icelandic translators for Commons, I found them easily on each language's Wikipedia's village pump
[Nov/5 18:42] <effeietsanders> because it's so sad when you see that the VP only exists of messages of mentions
[Nov/5 18:42] <oscar> villagepumps are good, epecially if you manage to start some discussion on the topic of translation, pointing out the difficuties we are facing
[Nov/5 18:42] <britty> oscar, and how about metapub?
[Nov/5 18:42] <Teofilo> I didn't find for  Breton or Welsh, though
[Nov/5 18:42] <oscar> so you get people involved by getting them to think about it
[Nov/5 18:42] <britty> Teofilo, welsh wikipedia perhaps?
[Nov/5 18:42] <oscar> meta pub is good too perhaps
[Nov/5 18:42] <jd_> within the ubuntu-fr community, translation team has set up a Translation guidelines page and ask each volunteer to present himself on the mailing list before being granted with rights to translate (btw we run a wiki, no rights to manage here)
[Nov/5 18:43] <britty> Teofilo, or translators-l
[Nov/5 18:43] <Dbl2010> for example for turkish wp, email list is almost not active, but village pump is like most popular page of the wiki
[Nov/5 18:43] <Teofilo> Yes but nobody answered to my topic (If I can remember)
[Nov/5 18:43] <jd_> they try to maintain the list of translators up to date by checking activity of each member, sending automated notice
[Nov/5 18:44] <britty> jd_, instead of regular automated notice, we have tr
[Nov/5 18:44] <britty> and question: is tr functional?
[Nov/5 18:44] <britty> please don't hesitate
[Nov/5 18:44] <jd_> not so automated, actually ;)
[Nov/5 18:44] <britty> i won't feel critisized
[Nov/5 18:44] <oscar> Teofilo: did you ask questions in an way people could get involved by active participation in the thinking also?
[Nov/5 18:45] <jd_> you already know my feeling, I feel this page is not efficient because it lacks automation. But I have no alternative, so I won't criticize it much :)
[Nov/5 18:45] <britty> teofilo arises a good topic how to access other language translator or langs which is not our own
[Nov/5 18:45] <britty> but it is another topic
[Nov/5 18:45] <britty> now let us listen to jd?
[Nov/5 18:45] <britty> jd please continue
[Nov/5 18:45] <jd_> but, but, TCPL could act as the "automation process"
[Nov/5 18:46] <britty> jd_, explain
[Nov/5 18:46] <britty> how?
[Nov/5 18:46] <jd_> checking what's new and putting light on specific items for local teams
[Nov/5 18:46] <britty> jd_, that is what i expect ...
[Nov/5 18:46] <jd_> if one person is devoted to this task, then it becomes to be efficient from translators point of view
[Nov/5 18:47] <britty> and perhaps not to mention on [[m:TCPL]] yet
[Nov/5 18:47] <SabineCretella> britty teofilo : the easiest way to get contacts and things done, to my experience, was going into the chat and ask for one specific thing where people could help me
[Nov/5 18:47] <britty> jd, Dbl2010 if we say so explicitly, how do you feel?
[Nov/5 18:47] <SabineCretella> but: doing it that way needs a lot of time
[Nov/5 18:47] <britty> SabineCretella, yeees
[Nov/5 18:47] <britty> and i am not sure if cy has a chat
[Nov/5 18:47] <jd_> well, people should know what they're going to actually do :)
[Nov/5 18:47] <SabineCretella> probably not
[Nov/5 18:48] <LeBron> Nope, i just tried.
[Nov/5 18:48] <britty> jd hmmm
[Nov/5 18:48] <Dbl2010> we may do it by TCPL but I think it is better to let TCPL starts with some activites first
[Nov/5 18:48] <Dbl2010> then depending on the need it may evolve
[Nov/5 18:48] <britty> Dbl2010, thoughtful
[Nov/5 18:48] <britty> jd_, perhaps first you build your todo list personally?
[Nov/5 18:48] <britty> Dbl2010, you too
[Nov/5 18:48] <jd_> I don't want us to manage fake TCPL who got the name but back out at the first workload :/
[Nov/5 18:49] <britty> or you are building your todo as tcpl gradually
[Nov/5 18:49] <Dbl2010> wikiway :)
[Nov/5 18:49] <jd_> britty yep
[Nov/5 18:49] <britty> or you can start just with shard todo
[Nov/5 18:49] <britty> shared
[Nov/5 18:49] <britty> as a person who won't be no tcop,
[Nov/5 18:49] <britty> tcpl
[Nov/5 18:49] <britty> i prefer to let tcpls do whatever they think appropriate first
[Nov/5 18:49] <banet312> May I introduce as AOB (any other business) my suggestions for discussion/views
[Nov/5 18:50] <britty> banet312, what is aob?
[Nov/5 18:50] <jd_> britty, sure. I'll try and note things down for myself first
[Nov/5 18:50] <britty> ah you described ... please do, banet312
[Nov/5 18:50] <Dbl2010> hehe
[Nov/5 18:50] <banet312> Permission fromthe chair please An AOB is any other business not already on the agenda
[Nov/5 18:50] <jd_> it's just a way to put things on a box, "ok to be efficient I must do this first then..." ^^
[Nov/5 18:51] <banet312> OK It will take a bit of time to write it down
[Nov/5 18:51] <britty> banet312, i give one minute, please continue
[Nov/5 18:52] <britty> banet312?
[Nov/5 18:53] <britty> if you won't, so we go to the next item
[Nov/5 18:53] <britty> our current tool evaluation
[Nov/5 18:53] <effeietsanders> britty: banet312>	OK It will take a bit of time to write it down
[Nov/5 18:53] <britty> effeietsanders, thanks
[Nov/5 18:54] <jd_> what's "our current tool evaluation"?
[Nov/5 18:54] <britty> Tools evaluation: TR, Transbabel, zocky's machine
[Nov/5 18:54] <britty> as for tr jd you mentioned already
[Nov/5 18:54] <jd_> ooh, ok
[Nov/5 18:54] <britty> but i prefer to continue to seek the way of improvement
[Nov/5 18:54] <banet312> I suggest that 1. We should keep a numbered list of translation to do-s, so that translators could keep tab on which was done which is waiting, and 2. I think that organisational articles/entries should be issue numbered to be able to follow if the latest issue has been translated or not. This presuming that no minor editing will happen in between
[Nov/5 18:55] <jd_> I actually made no progress on Transbabel's widespread among fr wiki, sorry
[Nov/5 18:55] <britty> jd i am not sure if it is good or helpful to spread it to local wikis
[Nov/5 18:55] <britty> if they like it, they borrow it
[Nov/5 18:55] <jd_> right
[Nov/5 18:55] <britty> just like babel template
[Nov/5 18:55] <jd_> hey good idea, issue numbered
[Nov/5 18:56] <britty> banet312, i would like to hear you about that more closely
[Nov/5 18:56] <britty> banet312, will we then number the original/source document?
[Nov/5 18:56] <britty> or both source and translation?
[Nov/5 18:57] <jd_> daaaah, need to go.
[Nov/5 18:57] <jd_> log reading and reactions on the ml!
[Nov/5 18:57] <oscar> bonne nuit
[Nov/5 18:57] <banet312> We have a modified page on the Board, but we don't know if it is translated or not; If it is issue numbered you will know that a translationis up to date or not
[Nov/5 18:57] <jd_> merci, nuitテゥes
[Nov/5 18:58] <oscar> :-)
[Nov/5 18:58] * jd_ (n=jd@wikipedia/Meanos) Quit
[Nov/5 18:59] <britty> banet312, you think it is not enough to compare the source and the target modified date?
[Nov/5 18:59] <banet312> Do you always follow that ?
[Nov/5 19:00] <britty> sometimes no, but when i am working on synching them, i need to do
[Nov/5 19:00] <banet312> In official business it is standard practice
[Nov/5 19:00] <britty> yes
[Nov/5 19:00] <britty> and last modified is not so visible
[Nov/5 19:00] <britty> banet312, could you set up a mock-up for presentation?
[Nov/5 19:00] <banet312> Certainly
[Nov/5 19:00] <britty> then you could standarize how to number it etc
[Nov/5 19:00] <britty> banet312, thanks
[Nov/5 19:01] <britty> and when you set it up pl,ease let us know on translators-l
[Nov/5 19:01] <banet312> I'll make a proper proposition
[Nov/5 19:01] <britty> i expect to see your work soon ;)
[Nov/5 19:02] <britty> well we have no time now to talk about zocky's machine
[Nov/5 19:02] <britty> anyone who don't know zocky's machine yet?
[Nov/5 19:02] <britty> hopefully not
[Nov/5 19:02] <britty> zocky is willing to improve his work so any comment would be welcome on his talk page
[Nov/5 19:03] <britty> [[m:user talk:Zocky]]
[Nov/5 19:03] <britty> and last item
[Nov/5 19:03] <Teofilo> I made a little change in the Zocky machine and wrote about it on
[Nov/5 19:03] <britty> Teofilo, thank you for your notice
[Nov/5 19:03] <britty> Teofilo, have you noticed him it?
[Nov/5 19:04] <britty> i suppose he would be happy to hear that
[Nov/5 19:05] <Teofilo> OK, I will write to Zocky then.
[Nov/5 19:05] <britty> wow Teofilo it is just what i needed
[Nov/5 19:05] <britty> we need to talk further but i agree we need "title" info
[Nov/5 19:05] <britty> thanks
[Nov/5 19:06] <britty> so last item of agenda
[Nov/5 19:06] <britty> we would have another meeting in future?
[Nov/5 19:06] <britty> LeBron?
[Nov/5 19:07] <britty> dungodung?
[Nov/5 19:07] <LeBron> Yes boss?
[Nov/5 19:07] <dungodung> sure
[Nov/5 19:07] <britty> so when?
[Nov/5 19:07] <dungodung> sorry for not being actually here most of the time
[Nov/5 19:07] <LeBron> A meeting every two month?
[Nov/5 19:07] <dungodung> was busy ;(
[Nov/5 19:07] <britty> dungodung, i am sorry to see you be sorry
[Nov/5 19:08] <britty> in the next time we will invite all in ealier process
[Nov/5 19:08] <britty> hour scheduling
[Nov/5 19:08] <britty> LeBron, two months sounds good
[Nov/5 19:08] <dungodung> well, I'll be very busy in the following 4/5 years
[Nov/5 19:08] <britty> effeietsanders?
[Nov/5 19:09] <britty> SabineCretella, jd how do you think?
[Nov/5 19:09] <effeietsanders> i wasn't very awake either most of the time :(
[Nov/5 19:09] <effeietsanders> just plan what you want yourselves
[Nov/5 19:09] * oscar pours water over effeietsanders
[Nov/5 19:09] <effeietsanders> it's mostly important that you can be here yourselves :)
[Nov/5 19:10] <britty> thanks
[Nov/5 19:10] <SabineCretella> hmmm ... two months ...
[Nov/5 19:10] <effeietsanders> oscar: three chats and trying to learn something for my test tomorrow at the same time :P
[Nov/5 19:10] <oscar> ok
[Nov/5 19:10] <britty> or three months
[Nov/5 19:10] <SabineCretella> that's a long distance from one meeting to the other
[Nov/5 19:10] <britty> SabineCretella, so what kind of interval do you recommend?
[Nov/5 19:10] <effeietsanders> but i think every month a shorter chat is better then every two months a long one
[Nov/5 19:11] <SabineCretella> normally once a month is better
[Nov/5 19:11] <britty> effeietsanders, thank you for giving another approach
[Nov/5 19:11] <effeietsanders> it's better to have nothing to talk about one time as to have too little time
[Nov/5 19:11] <SabineCretella> because things remain more impressed
[Nov/5 19:11] <oscar> may i suggest this channel is registered and kept open in general for communication of the subcom?
[Nov/5 19:11] <oscar> it scales better
[Nov/5 19:11] <britty> oscar, i suppose it was already
[Nov/5 19:11] <SabineCretella> the channel is already registered
[Nov/5 19:11] <oscar> ok
[Nov/5 19:11] <SabineCretella> I am also an op here
[Nov/5 19:11] <oscar> :-)
[Nov/5 19:11] <britty> one idea
[Nov/5 19:12] <britty> how about two kind of meetings
[Nov/5 19:12] <britty> one: short interval, short lenght
[Nov/5 19:12] <britty> for example 30 min meeting per month
[Nov/5 19:12] <britty> two: long interval and long meeting
[Nov/5 19:12] <SabineCretella> short
[Nov/5 19:12] <britty> once or twice a year and 2 hours
[Nov/5 19:12] <SabineCretella> since if we take longer: it will be max one hour
[Nov/5 19:13] <britty> max one hour you suggested
[Nov/5 19:13] <britty> another suggestion?
[Nov/5 19:13] <SabineCretella> well 30 mins once a month
[Nov/5 19:13] <SabineCretella> with the possibility to extend to one hour if necessary
[Nov/5 19:13] <britty> okay we will talk details later
[Nov/5 19:13] <SabineCretella> if there is nothing to talk about: we just say "hi"
[Nov/5 19:14] <oscar> :-)
[Nov/5 19:14] <britty> sounds good
[Nov/5 19:14] <britty> SabineCretella, could you please make a draft for your proposing meeting?
[Nov/5 19:14] <SabineCretella> sigh ... yes ;-)
[Nov/5 19:14] <banet312> Everyone interested to be mailed a fixed agenda to read in advance to save time
[Nov/5 19:14] <SabineCretella> on translators-l
[Nov/5 19:14] <britty> thanks
[Nov/5 19:14] <britty> sure
[Nov/5 19:14] <britty> so thank you for all
[Nov/5 19:14] <britty> nice meeting
[Nov/5 19:15] <britty> and sorry for extended (13 min)
[Nov/5 19:15] <SabineCretella> no probs :-)
[Nov/5 19:15] <britty> if you have anything to add, please put it on talk of meeting
[Nov/5 19:15] <oscar> sorry i was late
[Nov/5 19:15] <britty> or direct to translators-l
[Nov/5 19:15] <britty> we will publish this log
[Nov/5 19:15] <SabineCretella> maybe better the list
[Nov/5 19:16] <oscar> i had one more thought if i may?
[Nov/5 19:16] <SabineCretella> people are more likely to read things
[Nov/5 19:16] * britty nods
[Nov/5 19:16] <britty> oscar, please
[Nov/5 19:16] <oscar> did i get it right that you were going to invent a system of numbering versions?
[Nov/5 19:16] <oscar> for the translated pages
[Nov/5 19:16] <britty> it was proposed
[Nov/5 19:16] <oscar> i thought that instead of numbering the versions for checking (it means setting up a whole system people new to it are unfamiliar with) you could c+p the line of the version you are pasting, for example: 22:00, 5 November 2006 Teofilo
[Nov/5 19:17] <oscar> just an idea
[Nov/5 19:17] <SabineCretella> I was just thinking the same
[Nov/5 19:17] <britty> i did so for my purpose
[Nov/5 19:17] <SabineCretella> we already have a stamp ... yes
[Nov/5 19:17] <oscar> it is the least difficult to do and to understand
[Nov/5 19:17] <oscar> imho
[Nov/5 19:18] <britty> it is okay for me ... but not fully intuitive i suppose
[Nov/5 19:18] <britty> and not visible
[Nov/5 19:18] <SabineCretella> what oscar means is probably
[Nov/5 19:18] <SabineCretella> puttin a headline
[Nov/5 19:18] <britty> so i would like to see LouisBB do his experiment
[Nov/5 19:18] <SabineCretella> with : version: .....
[Nov/5 19:18] <banet312> I was proposing WMF documents, which really need versions on as many langs as poss to be issue numbered, so that you know if the translated version is the latest version
[Nov/5 19:19] <SabineCretella> hmmmm
[Nov/5 19:19] <britty> can we discuss its detailed implement after seeing banet312's presentation?
[Nov/5 19:19] <britty> i asked him to submit it to meta
[Nov/5 19:19] <SabineCretella> if you say: translation of 01 Nov 2006 13:45 hrs
[Nov/5 19:19] <britty> and he nods
[Nov/5 19:19] <SabineCretella> ok
[Nov/5 19:19] <oscar> SabineCretella: exactly
[Nov/5 19:19] <britty> i think we can talk it later even just after the meeting
[Nov/5 19:20] <oscar> but ok
[Nov/5 19:20] <britty> so the meeting is over
[Nov/5 19:20] <britty> thank you all for your attendance
[Nov/5 19:20] * oscar relaxes in his chair
[Nov/5 19:20] <SabineCretella> ok ... time to fall asleep :-) thanks for coming :-)
[Nov/5 19:21] <oscar> thx for the invitation :-)
[Nov/5 19:21] <SabineCretella> or better: attending
[Nov/5 19:21] <britty> and for you all: bon nuit ;)
[Nov/5 19:21] <SabineCretella> for all who have still a whole day in front of them - have a great day
[Nov/5 19:21] <SabineCretella> and for the rest: good night!!!!
[Nov/5 19:21] * banet312 (i=99@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ Quit ("CGI:IRC"�)
[Nov/5 19:22] <oscar> good night to you too :-)
[Nov/5 19:22] <Teofilo> britty san arigatou gozaimashita
[Nov/5 19:22] <oscar> both coincide here more or less
[Nov/5 19:23] <britty> Teofilo, do itashimasite
[Nov/5 19:23] <Dbl2010> thank you thank you thank you
[Nov/5 19:23] <oscar> bir sey degil ;-)
[Nov/5 19:24] <Dbl2010> :)