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Transcom is planning to have regular open meetings every 3 months (4 times per year). The latest open meeting was held on March 9, from 0800 to 1000, UTC. See #Next meeting for further information.

Besides the scheduled meeting, you may talk with transcom member(s) on IRC.

Next meeting[edit]

Transcom is planning to have a regular open meeting monthly. The next open meeting is planned on the IRC channel, #wikimedia-translation in May.

Past meetings[edit]

There may be other eventual small talks on the IRC.

March 2009[edit]

See 2009-03-08

March 2007[edit]

Open meeting.

Hours and place
14:30 UTC, 2 hours, #wikimedia-translation
the log of meeting.
  • Requests for Comments on TR reform, see proposed renewal of "Translation requests".
  • Importance of translation: how to inform the local community about WMF related matters and relevant matters
    • WMF direct: press releases, policies, news & other information
    • Relevant: LSS, Wikizine ... (not managed by Transcom though)
    • Dedicated pages on local projects (cf. frwiki)
  • Workplace: translation wiki?
  • Recruitments of new coordinators : major lists, VPs etc

February, 2007[edit]

Transcom members and user:Wikiblue

Hours and place
14:30 UTC, 2 hours, #wikimedia-cc
Greetings, Reconstruction of TR, exchange of opinions & requests.

November 5, 2006[edit]

The first Transcom open meeting:

Hours & place
22 UTC, 2 hours at #wikimedia-translation
the log of meeting.

Past agenda[edit]

November 5, 2006[edit]

  • Translation coordinators per language(TCPL) team setting up
  • 2006/Q4 goals (Translation available in all core langs, get TCPLs in all core langs, translate WMF website 100% into core langs, 75% other langs, have at least two TCPLs in each core lang) and their evaluations at this moment
  • Brainstorming on communications within the team/external; what do you use now? what do you want? What kind of information do you need?
  • Tools evaluation: TR, Transbabel, zocky's machine
  • Scheduling the next meeting

add agenda items here

  • Discuss if adding an Item number to each request would be useful: translators could keep tab of what was translated and what is outstanding.LouisBB 22:09, 1 November 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]