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Agenda being drafted[edit]

These are suggestions: later it will be moved to the meeting main page. The community will invite to add ideas here.

  • Review of current translation on meta
    • mainly Election, WMF website
  • Review of some translation related center pages
  • Review of ways translators utilize those resources
    • Suggestion: rarely used items could be removed.
Scope and mission of translation subcommittee
  • Core language policy
    • Evaluation of validaty
    • Suggestion for improvement
  • Translator coordination; within scope or better coordinated by a genuin volunteering usergroup?
  • Request from local projects (including MLs)
  • Request from individuals
    • Transcom should care for them? Why? Or why not? And how? If we/they want but have no time?
Possible collaborators
  • Internal subcommittee?
  • New lang subcommittee?
  • Wikimedia ambassadors? (They have no fixed organization though)
  • Volunteer based Wikimedia translator usergroup (not yet organized)

add your ideas freely, edit boldly!

If this meeting was announced earlier I could have reported it in wikizine. Maybe more people would have come then who now do not new it. --Walter 15:47, 3 November 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]