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Participants: AnyFile, britty, dungodung, GeraldM-, htchien, lahcimit, mzlla, Rbt2010, SabineCretella, schiste, Suisui, Vito-Genovese, zuirdj_away

Note "... に参加しました" means "joined ...", "... は切断しました", "... left" respectively in Japanese.

---------   meeting begins      -----------------
17:00 britty hiho 
AnyFile Hello all 
britty schiste: 
britty i'll cc it by myself since wmfcc-l is modereated 
britty hi all 
17:01 britty now it's 800 utc, so we are beginning the announced meeting 
britty SabineCretella: es tu la? 
schiste britty already sent ^^ 
SabineCretella good morning britty 
britty schiste: merci 
SabineCretella good morning all 
SabineCretella skyping 
britty and good evening from me 
17:02 schiste morning/evening/whatever 
britty welcome to transcom meeting 
-> Pathoschild が wikimedia-translation に参加しました 
britty we're planning two hours chatting; first would we introduce ourselves to 
each other?  
britty just briefly 
17:03 britty hi Pathoschild 
Pathoschild Hello. 
cimon Hi, I am Jussi-Ville Heiskanen from Finland... 
britty and known cimonavaro  
17:04 britty welcome cimon 
britty mzlla: are you around there? 
cimon ...I have been translating all the articles about Finns who appear on the 
English wikipedia but not on the Finnish wikipedia lately... 
17:05 britty thanks cimon, so you are working mainly on translations from fiwiki 
into enwiki? 
schiste Hi, i'm Christophe Henner aka schiste and I'm board member of the french 
cimon britty: nope currently in the other direction... 
17:06 schiste I'm mainly translating PR, board mails, foundation stuff, 
wikimania website... well everything in external and internal communication 
cimon just to make sure the finnish wikipedia has at least all the Finnish 
persons that the English wikipedia has  
britty cimon: :), schiste, go ahead please 
schiste Well I've said everything about me  
schiste I think  
17:07 britty okay, so for my turn .... well so I begin from myself ... I'm 
britty on irc, aphaia on wiki and KIZU Naoko irl 
britty as translator mainly from en to ja, but not working much on articles 
britty as coordinator ... thank you for your help always  
17:08 britty SabineCretella is skyping so later we'll catch her again:  
<- Pathoschild は切断しました (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) 
britty another it editor: anyfile? 
AnyFile I am from Italy, currently admin on italian wikinews 
17:09 britty et attivo su wikimania sito  
AnyFile not expert as a translator, but I have already translated some news 
about wikimedia and some page about wikimani 2007 
17:10  Rbt2010 の Whois 情報: n=dbl@wikimedia/Dbl2010 (DBL) 
Rbt2010 の参加中チャットルーム: wikimedia-translation, wikimedia 
Rbt2010 の使用中サーバー: ( 
britty Rbt2010: are you there DBL? 
-> adot が wikimedia-translation に参加しました 
17:11 britty welcome adot 
britty would you introduce yourself please? 
adot I'm Pathoschild.  
britty oh thanks  
17:12 britty anyone around there?  
britty makes a note: "and there are bots" 
schiste !speak 
schiste bugged bots  
17:13  adot speaks. 
britty LOL 
17:14 adot I'm Jesse Martin (Pathoschild) of the language subcommittee. We're 
going to require that proposals for new language editions of existing projects 
be accompanied by translated MediaWiki messages in that language. That might 
involve a lot of translation, so I'm interested in what you do.  
britty thanks for your warming invitation : 
britty and i would like to add sabine cretella is also the chair of langcom 
17:15 britty our activities are overlapped somehow... 
adot Yep.  
britty Well I always have some questions not well answered ... could you please 
enlight me in this occasion? 
adot SabineCretella: Are you around? 
adot Sure. 
britty she is skyping ... hopefully back soon 
SabineCretella Yes, I am around - skyiping about mediawiki localization 
britty with GeraldM? 
adot nods. 
17:16 SabineCretella yes 
-> GerardM- が wikimedia-translation に参加しました 
britty back to the questions: there are three questions from me: 1) where do you 
find translation request and start to work?  
adot Hey. 
GerardM- .. hoi 
britty hey GerardM- 
GerardM- was talking with Sabine .. and still am 
17:17 britty 1a) [[m:TR]] 1b) [[m:Translations]] 1c) other [please specify] 
SabineCretella translation requests - which ones? 
GerardM- there is now a Marathi language file in all Wikimedia Foundation 
projects ..  
britty in general 
SabineCretella ah ok - these two, yes 
britty AnyFile: in your case? 
SabineCretella there is the translation of the week page 
17:18 britty ah ... not about articles, as for request from us/transcm 
schiste a) b) c)mail, website, ownwork (still speaking about communication both 
internal and external) 
britty schiste: so you mean all could be your cases? 
AnyFile m:TR mainly 
17:19 britty AnyFile: grazie 
AnyFile and mailing list tranlators-l 
SabineCretella well: I just know the two you say - and there is a page on 
wikimania2007 website 
schiste britty, well I'm special case as long as I've totally stoped working on 
fr.wikipedia and spend all my time on the communication 
17:20 britty SabineCretella: good point - anyfile where and how did you find 'mania 
britty schiste: ah ... same to me in 204  
britty 2004 
schiste ^_^ 
17:21 AnyFile on the page on wikimani site, but I do not rember if I came there 
by looking by change the wikimania site or because I read a notice on meta 
britty "natura de suo dicit"  
17:22 AnyFile Now I remember I was involved in translation on wmania after 
message on wikimania mailing-list 
britty ah ... so from mailinglist 
17:23 britty as you've known (and thanks for your comment, anyfile) we are now 
restructing [[m:TR]] 
britty I tried yesterday to include some suggested elements (not fully yet due 
to time limitation) 
britty the current one 
17:24 britty "For those who need a help" was separated into two: "Translate me" 
and "Instruction" 
britty Please review them now, and beat'em  
britty is the general direction okay? 
17:25 britty Ask a help: 
schiste will the third part used 
britty Further information;: 
-> htchien が wikimedia-translation に参加しました 
schiste I mean next to Know How 
britty schiste: "third pat"? 
schiste hi htchien 
britty "Know How" 
britty ni hao htchien! 
htchien hi schiste 
AnyFile but the main point, in my opinion, is how to acctract (or let know) 
people that there are thing to do on that page. As long as there is a rather 
consistent fracture between the project web site and the the meta/foundation web 
site and issue, few people will came there to help 
17:26 htchien hi britty and all 
britty AnyFile: good point 
schiste Yeah it's splitted in three parts 1/For thos who need helps 2/Know How 3/ 
schiste AnyFile arf you're taking a point I wanted to raise later  
britty blank = "for translators"?  
17:27 schiste Why not  
schiste or not, it's nice too like this  
britty in my planning it will be the equivalent of the current TR  
schiste ok 
britty it means [[m:TR]] and [[m:Translations]] will be merged into  
17:28 britty literally "all translation requests" on meta 
schiste yep it will be better  
britty details will be better to discuss and be mercilessly edited, but the 
grand design will be "all in one" 
17:29 schiste yeah, and details wil be spotted once this page will be used 
britty in the earliest stage it will look messy ... but anyone can edit it 
schiste "be bold" 
SabineCretella all in one is better - of course - but people need to know this 
and every now and then we will probably need to send out some kind of reminder 
to all mailing list, beer parolours etc. 
17:30 schiste do you mind eif you speak about this point later ? :$ 
britty SabineCretella: that is: and i expect local coordinators can help this 
sphere greatly 
britty schiste: no, please do 
schiste Well ok now  
britty be bold 
schiste So, Currently there is a test on going on fr; 
schiste fr. 
17:31  britty is listening to schiste 
<- adot は切断しました ("*poof* (to bed)") 
schiste I've setted up two pages first WP:Wikimedia Foundation and the second WP:Wikimedia 
schiste They're workin g on the same basis 
britty URLs? 
schiste everytime I found something intersting I'm transleting it into french 
17:32 schiste I copy it on the village pump 
schiste a mail to the local ml 
schiste and Link on those pages 
17:33 schiste 
britty merci beaucoup 
schiste they are not over 
17:34 schiste Goal is to involve the community into the chapter and the 
schiste The main problem is most of contributors, on fr., don't really see what 
the foundation is doing 
17:35 schiste So I was thinking to name local coordinator in charge of keeping 
their community informed 
17:36 britty language basis? 
schiste We really need to get communities more informed (look at the last 
schiste local one  
17:37 britty schiste: what local means here? Either project basis or geographic? 
britty Or whatever different? 
schiste hmmm language 
britty ah thanks 
is a nice attempt 
17:38 schiste Yeah all board member mails are translated 
schiste till the 1st january 
britty once jd tried to keep track of this kind of information, tech report to 
the foundation 
britty oh super > till 1st january 
schiste yeah he dropped 
17:39 britty once jawiki had a similar page .... pickups from foundation-l, 
enwiki VP or meta ...  
britty i confess i followed it and was led to meta  
17:40 AnyFile the mailing list foundaton-l have a very high trafic. What about 
create an foundation-announce-l ? 
schiste only reading? 
schiste or you can answer ? 
britty it was proposed but buried into other flames ... it is worthy to be 
retrieved, I think 
17:41 schiste the point is there, if you can answer it will become a troll nest 
as foundation 
britty ;o 
britty or foundation-l / global community / meta -l? 
britty sorry 1) foundation-l 2) meta (= global community)-l 
17:42 britty iirc the first proposal was alike 
schiste the point is to decide if it's a only reading  
AnyFile well if it is not only reading, it would became the same as foundation-l. 
We can thought two way, the first that the people who want to get their message 
posted on foundation-l make a cc to the announce list, or (better) the most 
important comunication ar copied there 
britty and there was also announce-l (read only) proposal 
britty so "To: f-announce-l, reply-to:trolls-l"? 
17:43 schiste well it won't be usefull, as long as they can't answer, the mail 
will also send to foundation-l ans nobody will read f anonce 
schiste the point is only two king of person are readin anouncement 
schiste person involved 
schiste trolls 
britty schiste: i have a different idea; some jawiki users - even translators - 
were in trouble to follow tro^h^h^h foundation-l 
britty due to its huge traffic 
17:44 britty for those people announce-only-l will be helpful 
schiste there is LSS so 
schiste to keep making and translating 
schiste but once again it has been nearly dropped 
britty LSS is still large in amount 
schiste It's only summaries 
AnyFile well the point is to have a way to tell involved people to follow the 
decision, without haveingto read all the message in the found-l 
17:45 britty AnyFile: ditto 
schiste AnyFile I agree, totally 
htchien I remember there is an announce-l existed.... 
schiste it does 
schiste for wikizine 
britty it was taken by wikizine  
17:46 britty well it was first settled to distribute quarto 
britty but after it was settled, quarto died out 
htchien so we are talking about having another new announce-l? 
britty or slept 
britty htchien: that is 
htchien I see. 
britty schiste: or i could say there are people the amount of wikizine is too 
schiste a quarto have his own ml 
17:47 britty there were several attempts to translate wikizine, but almost all 
schiste wikizine is not translated 
schiste we need both 
britty schiste: it was for discussions for editors 
schiste a way to communicate clearly and translited 
schiste oh 
britty well it is a sort of language divide I am afraid 
17:48 schiste Hmm 
britty wikimedia project is split into: english speaking people (not even as 
their mother tongue) and others 
schiste yep 
britty translation is one way to redeem it 
schiste I'm really thinking that transcom should be the core comitte 
schiste e 
britty but if it is one sole way is totally another thing 
htchien It should be, since English is been used so frequently around the world.... 
schiste but we need to go wider than translating 
17:49 britty schiste: please go ahead 
britty htchien: yes it is inevitable; we cannot change the world immediately 
schiste I think for the moment the Trans Com is too... shy 
schiste htchien yes BUT  
schiste we need to get involved every one we can 
schiste even non speaking person 
schiste we need volounteer in as much country we can 
17:50 schiste dealing with press for exemple 
htchien I agree. 
britty schiste: one problem of transcom is ... we are in shortage of hand 
htchien smiles when see the "too...shy" words 
schiste britty yes for the moment 
schiste htchien I mean 
schiste I know it's a *LOT* of work 
britty in the beginning of this year I asked if anyone would be interested in 
joining us 
17:51 britty no self-nomination or recommendation for others came  
britty is saddened 
schiste but if we keep just translating nobodies will join 
schiste nobody* 
17:52  schiste did I kill everyone  
17:53 britty there are two problems we face, I think ...  
britty as a part of comcom, transcom has its limitation 
britty there are things better to fit community efforts 
britty compare with the Walter and Wikizine case: 
17:54 britty Walter is a Comcom member, but Wikizine as his publification is not 
officially related to Comcom 
britty On the contrary it is his work on an individual basis 
17:55 britty We need to keep a line not to give a wrong impression a community 
based independent activities is that, not affliated by wmf 
britty thinks however a Transcom help LSS translation coordination on an 
individual basis will be great 
17:56 britty a transcom member, i mean 
AnyFile even knows about LSS untill 2 days ago 
britty the second problem is, most of translators/coordinators are interested in 
their own mother tongue and only 
britty schiste: you spoke well about the importance of translation 
htchien still not know LSS yet.... 
17:57 schiste  
schiste Well first we need member 
schiste s 
britty htchein: [[m:LSS]] 
schiste Let's write a mail and spam local ml 
britty it is worthwhile knowing  
schiste I mean all wikixx-l 
britty schiste: yep 
htchien thanks britty for the link 
17:58  britty adds an item to her todo 
britty you're welcome htchien 
schiste did it to  
schiste We can do it next to this meeting if you have time 
britty schiste: you referred then to frwiki and your own work but you meant not 
only fr but general situation?  
17:59 britty at least i took your words so 
schiste about? How much community knows about WMF?  
britty schiste: yep 
schiste All projects 
britty yes 
britty informing local projects .. with translations 
schiste but fr was the worst I think  
britty thinks however it would be better than ja 
18:00 britty GerardM-: how about nl at this point? 
schiste (btw what languages do we have? ja. fr. zh. it. nl. ) 
britty there are many nl editors on foundation-l ... but how about the nlwiki in 
18:01 SabineCretella britty are you talking about the translations for WMF here? 
I mean into Dutch? 
britty schiste: there are people not on irc 
britty SabineCretella: wmf matters into dutch 
britty either directly or through translations 
SabineCretella well: Gerard was never involved in this part 
britty not his own activities but his impression how nlwiki is knowledgeable 
about wmf 
18:02 SabineCretella we should ask effeietsanders he seems to know 
britty ah good idea 
htchien zh is not that good, too 
britty SabineCretella: and how about it? 
SabineCretella at least he answered to the site notice thingie 
GerardM- Given that there are a substantial number of Dutch people in the 
organisation of the WMF, there is a lot of awareness 
britty GerardM-: you mean oscar et al? 
GerardM- When there are things to know about the WMF I read it in Engllish 
schiste We have a lot of french involved and few awarness ^^# 
18:03 GerardM- Oscar, JanBart de Vreede, Galwaygirl, Effeietsanders .. 
GerardM- they are all in the organisation 
britty GerardM-: effeietsanders said the similar to me ... he was going to read 
en materials in general 
britty nods GerardM- 
schiste The thing different on fr. is french are lazy to read in english or find 
th informations 
GerardM- steward board special project committee 
18:04  britty thought it was not since they were lazy but they would have hated 
english ...... 
britty having chapters has affected nl community also? 
18:05 britty schiste: otoh you french guys have a lots of people deeply involved 
18:06 schiste yep but it doesn't change a thing if you don't communicate about 
schiste and I'm the only one making reports about the chapter and the foundation 
18:07 britty how about things in nl, GerardM-? 
britty There are reports and so on? 
britty i mean in nl .. or most of nl people are reading en announcements?  
GerardM- the people that are interested know about thingd .. they read 
foundation-l and stuff 
18:08 GerardM- the others do not know about things 
britty another division  
schiste yep 
britty well i meant ;( 
schiste ;D 
britty well thought experiment .... SO WHAT?  
GerardM- most people are just interested in the latest (local) schandal 
18:09 schiste ... 
18:10 britty we could say "foundation-l wouldn't help to make an encyclopedia by 
itself. It is only filled with flame wars on english wikipedia related materials" 
britty how do you reply, if so asked?  
GerardM- foundation-l is NOT avout the encyclopaedia 
GerardM- it is about the organisation 
GerardM- one of my favourite gripes 
18:11 britty gripe? 
schiste normally yes, but still it's a wikien-l annexe 
htchien "For issues about the online encyclopedia, please go to wikipedia-l", is 
that OK? 
18:12 britty htchien: theoretically yes, but if the foundatation must set up 
policies on that, again the topic should be back to the foundation-l, imo.  
britty and we have jeff merkey also ...... 
18:13 schiste Hmmm what about making a "community report", we both mail it and 
put it on local village pump, and in this report we explain how the foundation 
work, where they can find information, etc... 
18:14 schiste and explaining how much the transcom is usefull 
britty foundation activity report? 
schiste eurf 
schiste I've got a quarto nearly ready 
britty i think we needn't speak loudly how transcom is useful 
SabineCretella the problem is: we have more than 250 beer parlours ... a bot 
would be maybe a partly solution 
britty if they got translations and think it useful - so consequently .... 
schiste not all projects 
schiste but the bigger for the moment 
schiste like pl. etc... 
18:15 schiste we can avoid en and de. they're nearly independant 
britty schiste: even if, still bots are helpful 
britty schiste: hehe 
schiste yep 
britty SabineCretella: and what will bots post?  
britty "translate me" - what? 
SabineCretella well: notes that help is needed and where to go to help 
18:16 SabineCretella or a link where to read 
schiste nope was speaking of a report like quarto 
SabineCretella schiste, we do not even have time to do the ordinary stuff ... 
britty so there are two needs: regular report and regular call for help 
schiste SabineCretella to make on time we need help 
18:17 britty schiste: kick up sam (sj): he seemed to revive WQ ... 
schiste and to ask for help we need time 
schiste is he? 
britty seemed to be interestred in 
britty after mike snow suggested its revival, he made some edits on [[m:WQ]] and 
relevant pages  
SabineCretella why not use wikizine and tell people to subscribe to it? 
britty though he is now occupied irl  
18:18 schiste I've to ask Florence about it, we stopped quarto because on that 
time she told me the foundation was about to make one 
britty SabineCretella: since it is in english  
SabineCretella well: people can help to translate it if they have time 
schiste and english is evil  
SabineCretella but if we have too many different places it simply gets crazy 
britty SabineCretella: now an idea hit to me 
britty why we/walter asked a help to the outsider ... like 
18:19 britty or 
schiste can we avoid wikia... 
britty i don't know the reason but there are some obsessive translators ... 
schiste Not I don't like them 
britty yep it will be our last resorts ... 
SabineCretella the problem is in the quantity 
britty to avoid confusions 
GerardM- Britty .. for you .. 
schiste but too much confusions 
britty GerardM-: thanks 
britty schiste: yes too much perhaps 
18:20 SabineCretella we already have too many different things on the to do list 
britty that is why i am reluctant to submit such by myself  
SabineCretella now if we add quarto ... it gets crazy 
schiste Ok  
schiste let's fix priorities 
SabineCretella also if we add wikizine it gets crazy 
britty SabineCretella: YES 
schiste what is the topes top priority 
britty press statement 
schiste ok 
schiste then? 
SabineCretella wikimania 2007 
schiste then? 
britty and news on wmf site (news-xx) 
18:21 SabineCretella are there any news for the pillars? 
schiste nothing intersting  
schiste interestin* 
schiste eurf 
britty and other contents on the wmf official website 
SabineCretella there was a discussion on but I did not see a "to be translated" 
britty like "we was audited" "plz read our financial statement" 
schiste I translated the whole statement in french 
britty ah we forgot the last one 
britty [[Fundraising]] 
18:22 AnyFile announce the the comunities of the projects about the top most 
interestiong/important thing (like foundrising, wikimania, etc.). Can this be a 
schiste ... 
britty there are many not yet updated form 
schiste Ok so 
schiste From today we focus on Press statement and Wikimania 
schiste And we call for help in the maine languages 
britty AnyFile: announce and begging things  
britty schiste: that is  
schiste main* 
18:23  britty avoids saying main ... or someone omitted will go mad 
schiste In order to have all statement, even old, and wikimania translated 
schiste and that asap 
<- cimon は切断しました ("I don't like you. But Bersirc 2.2 does. Try it out now. [ - Open Source IRC ]") 
britty schiste: not all statements but some major ones 
schiste How long do you think we need to translate all the PR ? 
18:24 britty now sandy gives priorities .... not needed to translate and need to 
schiste britty yeah  
britty now there are only two .... or one 
britty since i think no one on the globe now think wikipedia will shut down in 
britty so PR about advisory board would be one sole concern 
18:25 britty i'll later talk with sandy if we can close the "wikipedia is stable" 
PR translation 
18:26 htchien Will there be a risk to ask the outsider to help on translation? 
18:27 schiste a risk ,depends on the outsider 
schiste a cost, perhaps 
18:29 britty we can simply say "we cannot offer you any materials as reward, but 
full of our gratitude" 
britty there is few people "i am okay to help you"  
-> htchien_ が wikimedia-translation に参加しました 
britty even very few 
18:30 britty SabineCretella: as for is there any possible trouble if we 
list ourselves as "company"? 
britty i think it could be beneficial for recruiting our name appears usually on 
their website 
SabineCretella well: I would say organisation - a company is commercial 
britty or i miss something hidden? 
18:31 SabineCretella if you are listed a s a recruiting company you pay X a year 
britty ah i see; there are however only four classifications - translators, 
companies, translators&companies & others (not listed)  
SabineCretella I did not do thins for myself 
<- htchien_ は切断しました (Client Quit) 
britty ah no payment organizations is not possible to be credited as company, 
you mean 
SabineCretella hmmmm ... then we should ask their help-desk on how to deal with 
18:32 SabineCretella normally not 
britty we need to ask them  
SabineCretella I would ask them on how to deal with it so we are not the ones 
who decide 
britty SabineCretella: oh you would? thanks in advance  
18:33 britty if you finish the cert, it will be nice also ... 
SabineCretella ah ... that was a misunderstanding ... OK, I will send them an e-mail 
and ask them to answer to 
-> htchien_ が wikimedia-translation に参加しました 
SabineCretella is that list the correct one? 
britty "we cannot offer money, but we have one of world top brand and we can 
issue the certs" 
britty SabineCretella: is our contact address as 
britty so it's good for us 
18:34 britty list is the address schiste gave  
18:35  <- htchien は切断しました (Nick collision from services.) 
htchien_ はニックネームを htchien に変更しました 
SabineCretella was at the phone 
18:36 britty well we spent one and a half hour already; does anyone have what to 
-> dungodung が wikimedia-translation に参加しました 
britty hey dungy 
dungodung hey everybody 
18:37 htchien missed some because my ISP had dropped me out.... 
britty htchien: wb 
britty we were talking about 
htchien I know 
britty we registered as an organization to it from last year 
htchien just a little annoyed by the ISP 
18:38 britty in my impression - wmf and translation - zh is one of very eagar 
communities to translate 
htchien yes, they are 
18:39 britty what would be your motivations? 
htchien no much zh translators except vipuser 
htchien and wing 
britty ah and they are busy ... 
britty now we have alexsh but he is also busy.... 
htchien yup. 
britty btw do you know about lorenzarius? 
britty he left the project? 
18:40 htchien I know. He is in H.K. 
britty yes he is in H.K. 
htchien No, I do not think he left. 
britty ah so ... i haven't seen him for months 
htchien But he does not answer some of the queries recently. 
britty no to me either 
htchien I guess he is also busy 
britty like jd? 
18:41 htchien maybe 
htchien now really know his situation 
18:42 britty ... now? 
schiste jd is overbusy ^_^ 
htchien Maybe I could help on zh translation if WMF has something to translate 
to let the zh community know. 
britty schiste: yep 
18:43 britty htchien: thanks ... do you have an interest in translation in 
general btw? 
britty your coordination at 'mania website is awasome 
britty awesome 
SabineCretella sent that message to proz 
britty i know you are now terribly busy 
htchien britty I could help.  
britty SabineCretella: merci 
18:44 britty SabineCretella: comme pensi a lui? 
SabineCretella chi pensa come? 
SabineCretella btw.: non c'è di che  
18:45 britty ah ... il nostro amico chinese 
britty anche pense del francese 
18:46 britty well ... i think i parrotted somehow ... but if schiste is right, 
transcom is better to become more aggressive 
britty i agree there are many materials need/better to be translated: but we are 
substancially two currently 
18:47 britty sabine and me (and one another in a wikiholiday) 
schiste Well I'm active but only for my community for the moment 
schiste well really busy with french press -_- 
britty schiste: same for me ... at the first time 
schiste ^_^ 
britty was not busy wth press though 
18:48 britty one thing we might want to think is to reorganize mail lists 
schiste all? like foundation-l and co ? 
britty once we tried to separate wikitrans for discussions/preparations and 
translators-l for call for translations 
britty some months ago 
18:49 schiste or transcom ones 
britty schiste: yep 
britty the latter 
britty public list and private list 
britty can we now evaluate our current situations? 
schiste oh there's two lists? 
britty yep cabal  
schiste as usual  
britty well it is not a joke indeed ... 
18:50 schiste 
schiste ? 
britty lol 
schiste sorry  
schiste ho 
schiste ok really cabalistic 
18:51 britty htchien: did you read archives? Or just follows the distributions? 
britty schiste: it was originally a branch of more cabalistic mailinglist  
htchien britty mail list archives? 
britty htchien: yes, of wikitrans 
18:52 htchien britty: not yet....:( 
britty schiste: we two weren't accepted to the more cabalistic one ... but we 
need to communicate each other ... 
britty htchien: no prob, the latest ones reached you? 
18:53 htchien britty, yes I got that reminder 
britty schiste: and i suppose most of wikitrans items are not interested at all 
"please copyedit xxx, thanks"  
britty htchien: hmmm did i post it to wikitrans?? 
18:54 htchien britty: yes, you did. And I got it in my mailbox. 
britty oh 
britty it was not my original intention ...... 
britty i thought i would have post it to translators-l; subject completion 
worked wrong or not the way I had intended 
18:55 britty well most of subscribers of translators-l would read also found-l ....... 
britty takes a note: here is a communicatoin flow too 
18:56 schiste Well see ya later I'm logging so I will read later 
britty bye 
18:57 htchien bye schiste 
britty well... it is already close to two hours 
britty any comment? 
18:58 britty ah and i must let you know: the log of this meeting will be 
published on meta as well as other open meeting 
18:59 britty it is said already "The meeting log will be published on meta."  
19:00 britty sorry to refer it lately 
britty and thank you for your attendance: now the meeting is over. 
19:01 britty thanks all 
------------ end of the meeting -------------------------