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Date: 2009-03-08

Time: 04:00 UTC to 05:25 UTC

Location: #wikimedia-translation (public, but only announced on transcom and wmfcc-l)

Attending: Casey Brown (chair, minutes), Az1568, Naoko Kizu, Jeromy-Yu Chan, Samuel Klein (joined later)

Regrets: Ted Chien, Cary Bass (there, but not participating)

Object: A meeting about the state of Transcom/what needs to be changed and tidied with an attempt to revive Transcom into a better functioning committee.


  • First, do we want to do logs or just minutes?
  • Opening, Introductions
  • Membership (some formal things; addition of new members, removal of those no longer active)
  • Better communication (both internal and external)
  • Translation system
  • ...? :-)
  • Next meeting


  • No logs are necessary, just minutes will be fine.
  • The meeting was started by going over the agenda and the object, we skipped "introductions" because we all knew each other.
  • Membership
    • jd has left the project, so resolved to remove him/her
    • Sabine has not been around in a while (busy in real life/other ventures), so remove her as a "member" for now but leave her as an "advisor" (but before removing her, to discuss with her/Jay in case it would complicate comcom membership)
    • the same with Ted, but it was also noted that he responded to the list (active) and that he might bring something to Comcom by himself
    • new members: britty is re-added (after her resignation), Az1568 is added officially after all the help he's given, Jeromy was added as well
  • Communication
    • we need to use our internal lists better: post there and respond
    • transcom's meta pages (comcom/trans) could use a bit of work; Alex will work on that before next meeting
    • newsletters: what's open, what's closed, short/simple (hard to keep up, language levels)
      • also, periodic reviews of translation requests
    • also, each transcom member should send notes like "what I did this week" for the newsletter and better coordination
    • list of translators to be moved to private location and expanded/updated; also a public version in a more "official" place
    • spam Translation more. :-) sj suggested a box/section on the Main Page because it is such a large part of Meta.
    • make babylon more active and try to get more people to subscribe to translators-l; of course skype needs more participants too ;-)
    • OTRS: review responses; report of who contacts us; review of access (Alex is the only one missing it)
  • Translation system
    • update all to new translation2 system
    • coordinators/teams are useful (list of people to contact/dictionaries of terms), but are inactive or didn't catch on — need to contact coordinators to see if interested in continuing
  • Future meetings
    • we should have meetings quarterly (every 3 months), but more can be called if needed
    • in the future, we could also have more casual meetings (non-"business" ones)
    • more information will be discussed on the list