Community Toolkit For Greater Diversity

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Community Toolkit For Greater Diversity (CTGD) was an effort in 2018-2019 to develop contextual reference material for the purpose of finding, identifying and addressing different inclusivity gaps on Wikipedia and its sister projects. The toolkit comprises learning modules meant for Wikimedia contributors to:

  • identify and address gaps in diversity among Wikimedia contributors.
  • increase the participation of and content pertaining to underrepresented demographics on Wikimedia projects.

The CTGD contains seven learning modules and one introductory text in English, first published in February 2019. It is primarily intended for Wikimedians in or from India and those who have keen interest in creating knowledge in the Indian demographic context. However, we hope that people living in other contexts and geographies may be able to adapt it to their requirements. The CTGD covers underrepresented groups in terms of gender, disability, ethnic minority status, indigeneity, and caste.

As of January 2023, we have uploaded the learning modules as PDF files on the Commons under the Category: Community Toolkit for Greater Diversity.

The CTGD team realised that there was a serious void of reference and training material for Wikimedians that is:

  • tailored towards the inclusion of various underrepresented demographics, while incorporating their voices and active participation.
  • tailored to the South Asian context, in terms of social structure and cultural mores of an economically developing country.
  • written in one or more Indic languages.

This realisation led us to the idea and motivation behind the CTGD.

CTGD was funded by a Project Grant of the Wikimedia Foundation (2018-19). Full details of the grant here.

We hope that readers and users would:

  • use the learning modules as training material in their outreach or training events.
  • adapt, modify or build upon them in their respective contexts.
  • translate the learning modules from English to other languages.

The learning modules may be edited, expanded, reviewed, or revised in the future by their respective authors or other members of the CTGD team.

These modules are provided as a free service. We (the CTGD team) do not assume any liability (legal, financial or otherwise) in cases where the modules are used or taught without our involvement.

All content in the learning modules is under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 International (Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International) license. The respective authors of the modules own the copyright. To request a license waiver, please contact the respective author(s) and the project co-lead (User:Rohini).

To provide feedback, comments and suggestions, please contact the corresponding writers/ editors.

The website where all learning modules and allied material was first published, has been defunct since January 2022. An archived version from March 2019 is available at contained an additional module titled "Wikitools tools that aid inclusivity", written by Krishna Chaitanya Velaga, which is now outdated. So, we have not uploaded it here with the rest of the modules. It continues to be available in the archive.

Names and bios of team members and module writers

In addition to creating the learning modules, we held a training workshop in 2018 as a part of the project.