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2023 Gemana Gewilnes-gewrit Onbescēawung

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This page is a translated version of the page Community Wishlist Survey 2023 and the translation is 33% complete.


What is the Community Wishlist Survey?

The Community Wishlist Survey is an annual survey that allows contributors
to the Wikimedia projects to propose and vote for tools and platform improvements.


All phases of the survey begin and end at 18:00 UTC.

Phase 1
23 Æfterra Geola – 6 Solmonaþ 2023

Submit, discuss and revise proposals

Phase 2
30 Æfterra Geola – 10 Solmonaþ 2023

Community Tech reviews and organizes proposals

Phase 3
10 Solmonaþ – 24 Solmonaþ 2023

Vote on proposals

Phase 4
28 Solmonaþ 2023

Results postedResults


Hū us tō helpenne
You can do things other than submitting proposals and voting
How to create a good proposal
These tips will help you make a successful proposal
Check out past editions
Learn more about what we have built for you
Sēoþ hwā wē sindon
Rǣdaþ ymb ūrum hēape and hū wē weorcaþ