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Endangered Heritage in Australia[edit]

ICOMOS identfies in it's 'Heritage at Risk World Report 2011-2013 on Monuments and Sites in Danger' publication the main risks to immovable culutral heritage in Australia as flooding, fires and other natural hazards which will increase in frequency due to climate change.

Wikimedia activity in Australia[edit]

Wikimedia Australia chapter was created in 2008, Australia has never taken part in Wiki Loves Monuments but has taken part in Wiki Loves Earth in 2016.

Immovable cultural heritage management in Australia[edit]

ICOMOS identfies in it's 'Heritage at Risk World Report 2011-2013 on Monuments and Sites in Danger' publication identifies human processes and a lack of public sector resourcing as major threats to immovable cultural heritage. ICOMOS identified that public sector resourcing includes 'a lack of government support and leadership for heritage with no national strategy or adequate resourcing for heritage protection', there was a systematic failure of the planning system to protect heritage within the planning system especially mining and urban development. Additionally government definition of heritage does not properly take into account Indigenous heritage. This implies we would need to work with indigenous communities as well as with the official government register.

Legal protection for immovable cultural heritage works in Australia[edit]

The Australian Heritage Database holds information including comprehensive CC-BY licensed descriptions and images about more than 20,000 natural, historic and Indigenous places.The Australian Heritage Database includes all sites listed on the following protected lists:

  • World Heritage List
  • National Heritage List
  • Commonwealth Heritage list
  • Register of the National Estate
  • List of Overseas Places of Historic Significance to Australia
  • places under consideration, or that may have been considered for, any one of these lists.

Policy decisions on access to public information[edit]

All state heritage registers are available within the Australian Heritage Database, the database including the descriptions of all the sites are available under CC-BY-SA 3.0. These descriptions could be used as stub Wikipedia articles.

Legislations hindering the distribution of pictures in Australia[edit]

Freedom of panorama allowed in Australia

Museums or archives that might be willing to make their digitized material available under a free license[edit]