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Endangered Heritage in Fiji[edit]

Small Island Developing States often face natural disaster and climate change risks to their their cultural heritage including sea levels rise, coastal erosion and extreme weather events e.g Cyclone Winston which was the strongest cyclone in Fiji's history and caused heavy damage in some areas.

Wikimedia activity in Fiji[edit]

None known

Immovable cultural heritage management in Fiji[edit]

Immovable cultural heritage management in Fiji is managed by the Department of Heritage & Arts who hold a national register of immovable cultural heritage. The Pacific SIDS have a small number of immovable cultural heritage sites meaning there is a risk of the time taken to include the states in the project, however integrating the information into Wikidata will be simple. The Levuka Historical Port Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Legal protection for immovable cultural heritage works in Fiji[edit]

Not known

Policy decisions on access to public information[edit]

Not known

Legislations hindering the distribution of pictures in Fiji[edit]

None known

Museums or archives that might be willing to make their digitized material available under a free license[edit]

It may be possible to work with Fiji Museum.

Network of contacts: Cultural heritage organizations and agencies[edit]

The UNESCO Office for the Pacific States and the Pacific SIDS and the Pacific Heritage Hub are working with the Pacific Small Island Developing States to document their immovable cultural heritage including the states which do not yet have cultural heritage registers (all Pacific SIDS except Fiji, Fiji and Fiji). It may be possible to assist UNESCO and PHH in collating national lists for the countries which do not have them yet.