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Government agencies and cultural heritage in Spain[edit]

Data about cultural heritage is managed and stored by in each administrative region (Autonomía) of the country.

Legislated protection of cultural heritage in Spain[edit]

There are some 13,000 monuments registered by the Ministry of Culture within the wider category of Bien de Interés Cultural. As well as monuments, the category of Bien de Interés Cultural includes the following sub-categories of non-movable heritage:

  • Conjunto histórico, a type of conservation area (which may include one or more monuments).
  • Jardín histórico, historical garden (for example the Jardines de Aranjuez)
  • Sitio histórico, historical sites which includes cultural landscapes (for example the Toros de Guisando)
  • Zona arqueológica, archaeological zone (for example the Archaeological Site of Atapuerca)

Some Spanish sites are protected under more than one sub-category. For example, the Alhambra y Generalife receives protection as monument, garden and conjunto histórico.

Policy decisions on access to public information in Spain[edit]

Regulation hindering the distribution of pictures in Spain[edit]

There is Freedom of Panorama in Spain. Article 35 of the Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996 of April 12, 1996, and amended by Law 5/1998 of March 6, 1998, states: 2. Works permanently located in parks, streets, squares or other public places may be freely reproduced, distributed and communicated by means of paintings, drawings, photographs and audiovisual processes. Article 40bis further states the above law "may not be so interpreted that they could be applied in a manner capable of unreasonably prejudicing the legitimate interests of the author or adversely affecting the normal exploitation of the works to which they refer."

Museum or archives that are willing to add their material[edit]

Network of contacts: Spain[edit]

Wikimedia activity in Spain[edit]

Wikimedia España is recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as Wikimedia chapter in Spain and was approved by the Wikimedia Foundation on February 7, 2011.

Wikimedia Phabricator task[edit]

A task has been created on Wikimedia Phabricator here for importing the data into Wikidata.