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The type of cultural heritage which we are looking for are immovable man-made objects that have gained official recognition as cultural heritage by either an intergovernmental organisation or a national or subnational government body.

Additionally, we are primarily focused on visible cultural heritage, and less interested in either submerged or interred objects. However, exceptions can be made.

Data requested[edit]

The following are necessary (to the extent they are known):

  • Country
  • Language – the language of any descriptions
  • Id – the unique id of the object
  • Administrative subdivision – the administrative subdivision in which the object is located. This should ideally be as detailed as possible, so all of the following (or equivalent) are of interest:
    • Region
    • County
    • Municipality
    • District/City/Village (only if easily available)
  • Name – the "everyday" name of the object
  • Address – the street address (or similar) for the object
  • Coordinates – the coordinates (centroid) of the object (WGS84)
  • Url – a url to the entry for the object on the government homepage (if any)

The following are of interest but not necessary:

  • Short description (ideally less than 100 characters)
  • Building/Object type
  • Year in which the object was constructed
  • Architect (for buildings)
  • Any older ids for the object which may have been used in literature
  • Any freely licensed images of the object


For the information to be easily usable, it has to be provided electronically in a structured format. Desired formats are:

  • Excel/Spreadsheet
  • CSV
  • a database extract

Formats that may be ok include:

  • PDF (where the text can be selected)
  • Word/Text documents (where the information is clearly structured as e.g. bullet lists)

Unsuitable formats are:

  • Images
  • Scanned pages
  • Unstructured text (e.g. prose text where the different parameters cannot easily be isolated)