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Зохиогчийн эрx

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Зохиогчийн эрхийн бот зэрэг томоохон төслүүдийг эхлэхийн өмнө, википедиад холбоотой зохиогчийн эрхийн асуултуудыг нь гүнзгийрүүлэн судлах хэрэгтэй юм.

Энэ баримт нь, магадгүй википедиад тааралдах олон улсын болон үндэсний хуулийн дагуу (жишээ нь АНУ-д) энгийн зохиогчийн эрхийн асуулттай холбоотойгоор хэрэглэх зорилготой юм.

Үндсэн ойлголт

The Wikimedia Foundation outlines several principles which every project must follow:

  • Only free content, all text is licensed under a dual-license between the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license and the GNU Free Documentation License (with few exceptions such as Wikinews which uses a Creative Commons Attribution license and Wikidata which use CC0 for data).
  • All images must be either free (public domain, GFDL, CC and so on) or, if local policy allows it, uploaded under a fair use claim, see below.
    • All media files must be accompanied with a license information and a source, to allow verification.
    • All unfree content must have a detailed rationale for its use.

Шударга хэрэглээ

Зохиогчийн эрхийн сэтгэцийн өвчин

The concept of copyright paranoia, users overreacting to sometimes "non-issues" involving copyright and copyright infringement, is an issue in some cases.

Moral rights

Moral rights are a part of CC 3.0 licenses, allowed on Commons.

Non-acceptance of the Rule of the shorter term

Because United States law does not recognize the "Rule of the shorter term", meaning content that should be in the public domain in the United States (but is the case in its source country), has to be judged alongside the United States' complicated rules for the public domain, and can potentially not be usable on Wikimedia projects.

Гарах магадлалтай хохиролын нэхэмжлэл

  • Copyright problems, noticeboard on the English Wikipedia for dealing with potential copyright problems

Мөн үзэх