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The 30 January 2023 Strategic Research Meet was an one-to-one type of meeting that lasted for more than a hour in Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. It focused on the beginning, chapterization and the explict methodology the affiliate would take while conducting its proposed research entitled Defining methods for the strategic development of the Deoband Wikimedia: increasing quality-oriented knowledge and participation proposed in the 2023 half yearly strategic budget plan for the first half of 2023. The meeting happened between TheAafi and Muntaqibah.

Ideas discussed[edit]

  • A brief presentation and explanation of the research proposal and what we want to achieve from it.
  • There are several aspects of the research that have not been worked upon however relevant ideas to "how the research should be done" were brought into question.
  • We felt that the research work by Wiki Loves Monuments International team on Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity is something that might give us a direction. We navigated through their interim and the the final report available publicly on Wikimedia Commons.
  • We also discussed certain ideas related to the objectives and decided that we will divide the research work into about six chapters. The first chapter would discuss the DCW and what it has done so far, followed by a scrutiny of the methods that it has adopted in its first year of recognition with AffCom. The following chapters would subsequently discuss and define methods for its strategic development as indicated in the proposal.