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Deoband Community Wikimedia/Activity plans/DCW Half-Yearly Strategic Budget Plan February-July 2023

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The Deoband Community Wikimedia proposed its first strategic plan for the first six months of 2023 on 8 November 2022. It was intended to start from 1 January 2023, however the start date was changed to 1 February 2023, upon the suggestions and recommendations of the Grants Administration. The strategic proposal is publicly available on Meta-Wiki.

What is in the proposal?


The proposal basically seeks four things:

  • Registration of the DCW as a "not-for-profit organization" in India.
  • Accommodation to serve as the office for the affiliate, necessary for registration.
  • Website for the affiliate.
  • A six-monthly research study to define ways and methods for strategic development of the affiliate.

What else?


The DCW looks forward to engaging in intracommunity meetups. Meetups play a good part in the affiliates development. These help to design workshops in a better way. We have planned to have one introduction cum training workshop during these six months alongside one external institutional collaboration for the thematic betterment on several Wikimedia projects such as on Arabic and Urdu Wikipedia. As such, a total of six meetups and one workshop are proposed. Since this strategy also includes a research proposal, we will also engage in one photo walk session.

We are open to collaborations with local or international affiliates of the movement. We have planned to do the second drive of the Deoband Yoruba Collaborative Project and form another local/international collaboration during this period. Conclusively, we have a goal of creating and improving, at the least, five hundred articles during this period. We also plan to do some Good Articles, Did You Know hooks and In the News mentions.

Research study


The objective of the research study is to find and define ways for the strategic development and a better participation of the affiliate. The proposal is available here.