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Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU

2017 EU Copyright Reform


In 2016 we introduced full FoP in Belgium. Let's #fixcopyright in the EU now!

The ongoing copyright reform in the European Union is entering its decisive stage. The European Commission has presented its proposal and in 2017 and the first half of 2018 (indicative) the European Parliament and the Council will have the chance to change the text and adopt it. This can be a pathbreaking moment for the European copyright framework or simply a continuation of the "same old" ideas that clash with the modern world.

Wikimedia has been working since 2013 in an organised and structured manner in Brussels to put through copyright changes that allow more educational materials to be freely accessible and reusable, online and offline.

In order to achieve this we know that we have to deliver convincing arguments in an effective way to the decision makers in the European Parliament and the Council in the coming 12-18 months.

Reform Proposed by the European Commission[edit]

Background & Context[edit]

Main issues[edit]

Wikimedia Position on the Copyright Reform Proposal[edit]

What are the dangers?[edit]

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Leading on issues and cooperation with partners[edit]

Legislative Process[edit]

European Parliament Process[edit]

Council Process[edit]

Taking Action[edit]

On the Brussels stage[edit]

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