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Wendy the Weasel has been appointed as the official mascot of the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU at the Big Fat Brussels Meeting Vol.2.

Why a Weasel?[edit]

Members of the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU are referred to as WEASELS. This is an acronym for Wikimedia European Action System for Enthusiastic Lobbying.


Wendy likes networking, but she might get a bit snippy when she's having a bad day. She loves participating in events, especially when talking about licensing and limitations to copyright. In the evening she enjoys a beer or two around Place de Londres. Place de Luxembourg she considers to be "too mainstream".


Wendy is a go-getter. She doesn't like to "talk things to death" but prefers a "just go for it" approach. She is laborious and hardly ever gets discouraged when things don't work out at first.


Wendy is a full member of the Wikimedia Cuteness Association. Apart from working on increasing cuteness participation, she would like to tackle the cute gender gap within the cuteness family.

Photo Book[edit]

Wendy has here own photo book on Wikimedia Commons where she collects her selfies and photos of her with others at activities and events throughout Europe: Wendy on Wikimedia Commons.