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WikiFundi, offline editing plateform : last release notes and how-tos

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WikiFundi, an offline wiki that bridges the digital divide
Közösségi média csatornák vagy hashtagek: #wikifundi #wikiinafrica
Last release English flyer

Mi a WikiFundi?

WikiFundi is an open-source software that provides an offline editing environment that mimics the Wikipedia online environment. It allows for teaching and content creation when technology fails, access does not exist or is too expensive, and electricity is unreliable. With WikiFundi, individuals, groups, and communities can learn how to create and improve articles on a wiki and can work collaboratively to build articles and other content. To work WikiFundi needs a small portable local server (such as a Raspberry PI) that provides a local wifi network, which editors can then connect to and work on their articles. Once the articles are finished, the end result can be transferred to an online wiki page on Wikipedia or Wikimedia project, or Vikidia.

About the new release

  • French and English versions were mostly updated and the user experience was improved. WikiFundi is a tool proposed by Wiki in Africa. The brand new version was created with the help of the Kiwix association, as well the help of Tonygarfume from Cuba for the Spanish version, and with the financial support of Wikimedia CH.
  • All User-Guides have been updated, new leaflets produced in three languages
  • Several practical demo videos have been produced to support the set-up of the application (see the YouTube channel for those) and to explain how to move from the Vanilla version to a content-enriched version
  • Last, the curated portal including resources for offline use in the three languages has been fully revamped and updated