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A Hatch-Tyap-Wikipedia In-person Training Event

Author: Kambai Akau

Summary: After submitting an application for the inclusion of a new language on Wikipedia, Tyap, in early December 2020, it was necessary to build a community of translators from scratch to help make it happen.

Since Tyap language was included on Wikimedia Incubator as a translation project (Wp/kcg), work began on the translation of articles from the English Wikipedia to Tyap on the Incubator.

In order to build a community, the Tyap Wikipedia project group applied for a rapid grant to help finance the maiden in-person event series which were successfully held on 16-17 and 23-24 October 2021.

Being that the number of participants would be limited to a maximum of 20 per session (including organizers), the publicity was moderately done on the Wikipidya Tyap groups on Telegram and on Facebook, while keeping the actual venue of the event hidden from public view and giving the venue (which was at Gworok (Kagoro), Kaduna State, Nigeria) details only to those who showed genuine interest, to limit the number of participants as well as for security reasons.

During the events, Wikimedia staff like Amir Aharoni was present to guide and ensure the success of the programme. Most of the participants were new to Wikimedia, but almost all were able to join Wikimedia as editors as well as try their hands on some translations. Some of the challenges faced were the issues of poor browsing network connection, late turnout of participants and at instances the key organizers like myself due to the distances covered to get to the venue, blockage from editing of a number of new editors (which was rectified by able Wiki staff, thanks to Amir), and failure of some smartphones to allow participants sign in/login/edit smoothly as at when due.

On a general note, the programme was successful as the new editors were added and new articles were added to the project despite the setbacks. We hope to hold a follow-up event series as the year turns to strengthen what had been started with support from Wikimedia Foundation.

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