Empowering Italian GLAMs/Credits

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Empowering Italian GLAMs is a project promoted by Wikimedia Italia in collaboration with ICOM Italia, Creative Commons Italia and the Department of Economy and Statistics at the University of Turin and with the co-funding of Wikimedia Foundation.


  • Concept and project lead: Dr. Iolanda Pensa
  • Coordinator for Wikimedia Italia: Dario Crespi
  • Project committee: Dr. Iolanda Pensa, Prof. Enrico Bertacchini and Dario Crespi

Project team:

  • Dr. Iolanda Pensa, concept and project lead, volunteer
  • Dario Crespi, staff of Wikimedia Italia, in-kind contribution to the project from Wikimedia Italia
  • Prof. Enrico Bertacchini, professor senior researcher, tutor of the researcher involved in the project, in-kind contribution to the project from the University of Turin
  • Sarah Orlandi, relationships with museums, liaison with ICOM Italia, consultant
  • Deborah De Angelis, legal consultant and liaison with Creative Commons Italia
  • Cristina Dal Min, relationships with museums, contractor
  • Alice Fontana, researcher affiliated to the University of Turin
  • Alessia Minnella, internship
  • Federico Benvenuti, Wikidata and uploads, contractor
  • Guido Baratta, Wikidata and uploads, contractor
  • Daniele Scasciafratte, software developer, online form
  • Trilce Navarrete, professor and senior researcher, University of Rotterdam
  • Paolo Casagrande, staff of Wikimedia Italia, communication, in-kind contribution to the project from Wikimedia Italia
  • Alice Montrasio, staff of Wikimedia Italia, administration, in-kind contribution to the project from Wikimedia Italia
  • Marco Chemello, staff of Wikimedia Italia, training, in-kind contribution to the project from Wikimedia Italia

Regional implementation of the project thanks to Wikimedia Italia regional coordinators

Volunteers: Valerio Bozzolan (consultant for software development and servers), Elena Marangoni, Susanna Giaccai,


All the documentation of the project is released by default under the open license CC BY-SA 4.0; research documentation is also released with the a double license under the CC BY 4.0 and data are released under the open tool CC0.