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Event Registration is the first tool of the Event Center. The Event Center will be a platform for organizing and managing campaign events, along with other event types, on the wikis. On this platform, organizers can access tools to create content campaigns, and participants can find the support they need to engage with events in the Wikimedia movement. The Event Center will simplify workflows and encourage more campaign organizing activity to happen on the wikis.


  • Modular: features can be separated and recombined, based on the special needs of a wiki or community; and
  • Extensible: new features can be added over time by our team, other teams, or volunteer developers.

For most of Wikimedia’s history, campaigns and editing events have not been easy to organize. They have relied on a complex mix of social systems and volunteer or affiliate-maintained tools, which are not fully integrated into the MediaWiki software. These systems and tools don’t always scale, and many fail to address the needs of organizers in new and emerging contexts. This has created barriers for new and experienced organizers, especially as the movement focuses on Knowledge Equity. For these reasons, we aim to bring greater support to event organizers and participants via the Event Center.


Event Registration is available to wikis that have installed the CampaignEvents extension. With this feature, event organizers can enable registration on their event pages. Once registration is enabled, participants can register for the event by clicking the “Register” button. Then, the organizers will be able to collect a list of registered event participants, along with optional data on participant demographics.





閱讀更多 / 在元維基測試



閱讀更多 / 在Beta-Wiki測試

  • 籌辦人員(具活動籌辦人員權限)可以
    • Create an event page in the event namespace
    • Add users (with the organizer right) as co-organizers
    • Enable registration on event pages that they created
    • Collect optional information on participant demographics, if they agree to a clickwrap agreement to handle participant data with care
    • 編輯活動報名資訊
    • 在活動頁面禁用活動報名
    • See who registered for the event and when they registered
    • Remove participants from the participant list
  • 參與者可以
    • Register for events by clicking on a “Register” button
    • Choose to register publicly or privately
    • Change their registration status (public vs. private) at any time
    • Choose (optionally) to share demographic information about themselves
    • Unregister for events
    • See links to chat groups or video calls
    • See a public list of registered participants
  • 額外功能包括
    • Automatic confirmation email sent to participants (if email address associated with account)
    • Integration with the Programs & Events Dashboard
    • Event organizer can send emails to participants
    • Participants can answer optional questions when registering on:
      • Gender, age, profession, comfort level in contributing to Wikimedia projects, and if they are a part of any Wikimedia affiliates
  • 即將推出的功能包括
    • Organizer can specify their Grant ID (if any)



The event registration tool has been released to Meta-Wiki. To access the organizer side of the tool on Meta-Wiki, you will need to have the organizer right. To request the organizer right, visit the Event Organizers page.

Note that after the test phase, we will look into establishing a more generalized process for how users can become organizers that is managed on the wikis rather than through the Campaigns team. We will consult with Wikimedians on how to do this.




You can create test events to test out the tool on the beta cluster, testwiki, and test2wiki. Additionally, you can attend our office hours to learn more about the tool and see a live demo.



  • Event Registration Tool is the name of the registration feature of Event Center.
  • Event is any event-related activities, such as content campaigns (e.g., edit-a-thons, writing contests, etc), meetups, social hours, office hours, and more.
  • Event namespace is a namespace specifically for event pages, which is available for any wikis that have the CampaignEvents extension enabled.
  • An event page is a wiki page of any event, which can include event registration. An event page may provide details about an event, such us event objectives, goals, dates, and location of gatherings.
  • An organizer is anyone who organizes an event and uses organizing workflows (such as creating an event page and enabling event registration). They are also the users who create event pages.
  • A participant is anyone who registers for an event.


Visit the documentation guide for the step by step instructions on how to use the event registration tool.





In this office hour, we demoed new features, including: integration with the Program & Events Dashboard, the ability for organizers to email participants, and the ability for organizers to collect optional demographic questions on participants,


In this office hour, we will be demoing the first version of the event registration tool that is available for use on a live wiki (Meta-wiki). We will teach you how you can use the tool yourself for real Wikimedia events on Meta-wiki, or how you can test it in test environments that include testwiki, test2wiki, or the beta cluster. Participants will learn how to create an event page in the new event namespace, enable registration, and collect data on who registered (as an event organizer). We will also share how our team (the Campaigns team) can provide support to organizers who want to create events with our tools.

對話時間3:報名活動工具:V0演示和Beta Cluster測試邀請

In this office hour, we will be demoing the new event registration tool, and we will teach you how you can use it yourself. Participants will learn how to create an event page in the new event namespace, enable registration, and collect data on who registered (as an event organizer). They will also be able to register for an event on the event page (as an event participant).


In this meeting, we will introduce a new version of the desktop wireframes, the first version of the mobile wireframes and the possibility of creating new namespaces for the first feature of the Event Center, the Event Registration Tool. The Campaigns Product Team will also be providing community updates on the usability test findings, current project timeline and answer any questions you may have. Join us and share your thoughts on these developments!


The Wikimedia Foundation now has a Product team focused on the needs of campaign and event organizers in the Wikimedia Movement. In this meeting, we will introduce the product team, and how we will be addressing the first feature, Participant Registration. Join us and give feedback on our first thoughts!


For a detailed breakdown of technical and design work, follow us in Phabricator.