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Wikimania group photo 2019

Online communities, while primarily interacting through technology-mediated environments, should also include offline meetings between members, promoting interactivity and community building. These are crucial opportunities to deepen bonds through shared experiences, build alignment, and create group cohesion.

Wikimania is a key offline space where our global and diverse online community comes together yearly to meet each other, get inspired by the work of others, share their own work among peers and celebrate our movement. It has flagship event status within the community, and is the largest Foundation-sponsored convening for the Wikimedia movement.  

Current process[edit]

The conference is typically held on a different continent each year, and has taken place in thirteen countries on five continents to date.

The selection of the country in which Wikimania is hosted is being determined through a community-led process, which is currently managed by the Wikimania Steering Committee.  This Steering Committee is self-governed and is comprised out of past Wikimania organizers, people actively supporting Wikimania and at least one Wikimedia Foundation staff member.

The bids are submitted by following a checklist , outlining the requirements that the potential organizers need to comply with. These range from logistical requirements in order to successfully host approximately 1000 people, to appropriate lodging, and include details of event space logistics, transportation, registration, social events, travel and visa considerations, but also advice on how to go about program design etc.

A review of the bids is made and assessed on viability, and a recommendation is then made to the Foundation by the Steering Committee.

Past Wikimanias[edit]

Wikimania 2013
Wikimania volunteer 2007
Presentation on Meta Organization summary Location Conference wiki Feedback and suggestions
(general discussion at Wikimania talk page)
Bid pages Budget Scholarships
2019 Stockholm,
wm2019 2019 Scholarships
2018 Cape Town,
South Africa
wm2018 2018 Scholarships
2017 Montréal,
wm2017 2017 Scholarships
2016 Esino Lario,
wm2016 wm2016:Suggestions 2016 Bids 2016 Budget 2016 Scholarships
2015 2015 Mexico City,
wm2015 Feedback 2015 Bids 2015 Budget 2015 Scholarships
2014 2014 London,
United Kingdom
wm2014 Feedback 2014 Bids 2014 Budget 2014 Scholarships
2013 2013 Hong Kong SAR,
wm2013 Feedback and Brainstorming 2013 Bids 2013 Budget 2013 Scholarships
2012 2012 Washington DC,
wm2012 Feedback and Suggestions 2012 Bids 2012 Budget 2012 Scholarships
2011 2011 Haifa,
wm2011 Wikimania 2011 lessons, Feedback and the private wikimaniateam 2011 Bids 2011 Budget
2010 2010 Gdańsk,
wm2010 Wikimania 2010 lessons (also scholarships survey) 2010 Bids
2009 2009 Buenos Aires,
wm2009 Conclusions 2009 Bids
2008 2008 Alexandria,
wm2008 Comments, Wikimania 2008/Wishlist 2008 Bids
2007 2007 Taipei,
wm2007 Comments 2007 Bids
2006 2006 Boston,
wm2006 Comments, Talk 2006 Bids
2005 2005 Frankfurt,
wm2005 Improving on Wikimania 2005 2005 Bids