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#exPatYUGOdiasporas is an unconventional Wikimedia User Group(?) in the process of making.

Rather than being focused on specific themes, topics, projects, campaigns, nations, states or languages... it is (ideally) intersecting multiple of the above but centering people and their experiences. [1]


As of mid 2020, there is an informal initiative to network and coordinate individuals, from the territory of the former Yugoslavia and, more importantly, who share the common social, cultural and linguistic experience of the region and cultures. Our mission is to point to and fill the gaps in knowledge and understanding of the historic and contemporary conditions and relations, as well as to bridge the political, cultural and social fragmentation of the region and societies, that is strongly expressed in the politics of language and Wikipedia/Wikimedia perception and presence.


Wikimedia MS2030 Forum

We welcome into our collective all who:

  • sympathise with all the peoples and empathise with living conditions in the countries and regions at the cross-section of the Balkans, Mediterranean and Central Europe. We especially welcome those individuals who (have) experience(d) the status/identity of refugee, migrant, immigrant, diaspora, expat, foreigner, and who want and have the means to proactively reflect on and deal with these identifiers in an increasingly unsustainable old world.
  • contribute as Wikimedians, while aligning with the values that Wikimedia global communities agree on, and who find that their subjectivities do not align to a normative, assumed, linear and singular 1:1 nation-state-language-culture identity. We especially welcome those individuals who have experience(d) alienation, suppression, discrimination or even harassment in Wikimedia projects, but want to influence and shape future support and care mechanisms in solidarity with those that follow the upcoming Universal Code of Conduct and those who work towards the vision of 2030 Wikimedia.

Focus and key values[edit]

We are not focused on regional promotion (especially not only as a tourist destination) or advocacy for specific political project (not even for soft-socialism of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), but we hope to share the knowledge and experience from (this) periphery, especially when it can help de-center privilege and/or support those in (urgent) need.


In near future we aspire:

  • to embody a new type of relations between individuals, communities and projects in Wikimedia ecosystem;
  • to create an entity that is both critical and creative, informative and inspirational for others; and
  • to operate on the premises that world is complex and that intersectionality is the place of learning.


In upcoming period we have few specific goals:

  • to become Wikimedia User Group and operate in Wikimedia ecosystem at this unique moment of transition;
  • to address existing gaps in discourse articulations, community engagement and support structures; and
  • to research, experiment, prototype, test and propose advancements as possible correctives.


Our plans will develop incrementally in upcoming months through:

  • gathering former and future Wikipedians/Wikimedians around 2030 transformation;
  • take part in greater initiatives, processes and campaigns (i.e. CEE Spring);
  • outreaching to like-minded and supportive individuals and groups; and
  • submitting proposal for recognition of user group to Affiliations Committee.

...but we also plan to establish at least:

  • core coordination of 5-8 contributors, with associates joining based on needs;
  • one monthly networking and coordination meeting with communicated updates;
  • one informative and/or educational activity every season; and
  • one research activity in the year.



Coordination and Check-ins[edit]

  • 2020/11/25 *(Wednesday) meeting 20:00 CET
  • 2020/11/26 *(Thursday) worksession 14:00 CET
  • 2020/12/02 *(Wednesday) meeting & worksession
  • 2020/12/23 *(Wednesday) meeting after 18:00 CET
  • 2021/02/07 *(Sunday) meeting after 20:00 CET

Concept contributions[edit]


  • 2021 chat using Wikimedia Chat on channel #dobardan
    • one needs to open an account with same username as on Wikimedia
    • messages are kept only up to 3 months (data retention policy on WM Cloud)
  • 2022 discussions using Movement Strategy/Forum on subforum DobarDan
    • one needs to use Wikimedia authentification to login to Forum and request invite
    • discussions are done among members and moderated by both volunteers and WMF
  • outreach and networking done in 2021-2022:
    • 2021/02/08 reaching out to feminist, queer, anti-racist Wikimedia user groups
    • 2021/02/17 coop. with: ART+FEMINISM, AfroCROWD, les sans pagEs, Whose Knowledge?
    • 2021/06/xx follow-up to with: ART+FEMINISM, AfroCROWD, les sans pagEs, Whose Knowledge?
    • 2022/05/xx promotion of start of HBS Wikivoyage project incubation on most channels
  • planned for 2023:

Join and promote us[edit]

In case you find the content above resonating with you please consider to:

  • join us please do so by adding your name and info in the table
  • promote us to those that might find it interesting by sharing this short URL W.wiki/kkK
User: Language use: native (N) or close to (5)... to basic comprehension (1) Wikimedia (sister) projects you contribute to Primary interests Experiences to share
Z. Blace sh-N, hr-N, en-4, de-2 Meta, English Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata, Wikispore ... queer culture, media technology and informal education media practitioner, educator and organizer
NaucnicaCG sh-N, en-4, de-3, ru-2 English Wikipedia, SH Wikipedia, Montenegrin Wikipedia in the Incubator social sciences, anthropology, feminism, education researcher and educator
Miranche sh-N, hr-N, en-5, BS-4, fr-2, es-2, sl-2 English Wikipedia, Croatian Wikipedia, Commons social sciences, anthropology (cultural evolution, food, social movements), math, education, history researcher and educator
Kiril Simeonovski mk-N, sh-4, bg-4, en-4, de-3, ru-2 Macedonian Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata economics, mathematics, geography, history, linguistics, education researcher, educator, organiser and public speaker
MaschaU sh-N, hr-N, en-4, de-2 ... decentralized governance, civil liberties, social movements web developer
DayonScallywag hr-N, en-N, de-4, fr-4, es-3, it-3, tr-2, jp-2 ... the Balkans, the Caucasus, linguistics, transcending identity politics, social network content management, language&style editor on English Wikipedia
Dvidov hr-N, hs-N, en-4, de-3 ... social sciences, civil society, social economy educator, researcher
ruediger.rossig de-N, hr-4, bs-4, sr-4, en-4 ... social sciences, history, The Balkans, Germany, EU, rock, punk, subcultures educator, researcher, journalist
Ponor hr-N, en-4, de-2 English Wikipedia, Croatian Wikipedia, Commons physics, and a little bit of everything scientist
MirkoS18 en-4, sh-N, sr-N, hr-N, bs-N, tr-3... English, Serbo-Croatian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Turkish Wikipedias, Commons Slavonia, Serbs of Croatia and other minorities, Yugoslav and Non-Aligned history, other topics which I consider interesting or important researcher
Vesna Manojlovic sh-N, en-4, nl-3, English Wikipedia Internet Governance, cyber feminism, engineer, hacker, educator, organiser, facilitator, feminist and public speaker
Apostol K. gr-N, en-5, sh-4, mk-2, ru-2, fr-2, Greek Wikipedia Ethnography, human geography, social anthropology, Pride, identity politics civic activism, active citizenship, EU, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, inclusion and diversity