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Expat Wikipedians is a proposed meta-project which collects projects involving communities residing in a foreign state.

Generally, they provide for the organization of the project by associations or Wikimedia chapters while the work takes place on the Wikimedia projects in the languages of the communities involved: one side (associations/chapter or communities) operates outside their native country.

The goal is to use Wikimedia projects as a tool for sharing knowledge, creating inclusion between cultural and linguistic communities that are different but reside in the same territory.

The target of these projects are:

  • expatriate communities, generally national communities emigrated to large cities in other countries
  • small groups of migrants, temporarily or permanently resident in a territory
  • linguistic minorities, whose culture is not protected although historically established in the country
  • branch offices abroad of public culture and research institutes
  • foreign university students and local students of foreign languages


Year Place Project Main organizer
2017 Flag of Italy.svg Trento Wikipedia 4 Refugees Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso
2019 Flag of Germany.svg Berlin Italians in Berlin Wikimedia Deutschland