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Panoroma over Berlin

Italians in Berlin is a writing contest that aims to create contents about the city of Berlin on Wikimedia projects in Italian language.

The main target of the contest is the "expat" community of Italians in Berlin, that count (on June 2019) on a population of circa 20,000 people.[1]

The project is organized by Wikimedia Deutschland in collaboration with users of the communities of the Italian Wikipedia and the WikiBär.

The project[edit]

The project consists in:

  • a training course of 3 lessons, held in Italian from expert wikipedians, during the months of September and October, 2019
  • a photo walk in the city in September 2019, concurrently with the German edition of Wiki Loves Monuments
  • a period of free editing by the participants
  • a final evaluation of the works by a jury of Italian wikipedians


The participants, after a proper training course, will create new articles and improve existing ones about Berlin on Italian-language Wikimedia projects.

In particular, participants will:

Each participant would work on specific topics and a specific area of Berlin, that could be proposed by participants itself or discussed with the trainers.


WikiBär in Berlin-Mitte

The training course will be held in the new head quarter of the WikiBär, the space for wikipedians in Berlin, established in April 2017.

Köpenicker Straße, 45 - Berlin-Mitte
Coordinates: 52.50907°, 13.42434°


The contest starts on September 2019 with the first lesson of the training course and will end in November 2019 with the announcement of the winners.

Dates of the training course:

  • September 7th: presentation of the contest, theory lesson, user registration, first edits
  • September 21st: practical workshop, identification and subdivision of the articles, editing
  • October 12th: editing, troubleshooting, progress evaluation

All lessons are on Saturday afternoon, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Next steps:

  • a photo walk that will be organized by the organizing team of Wiki Loves Monuments (Date tbd)
  • participants will be able to continue to work freely on their articles until October 31st
  • from November 1st will start the evaluation process of the jury
  • winners will be announced in the middle of November


The prizes, made available by Wikimedia Deutschland, will be awarded to the top 3 winners and consist of vouchers to be spent in the cultural sphere, such as the purchase of books or photographic material and equipment, or in cards for entry to the state museums of Berlin. The specific prize can be agreed between the winner and the organizing team.

The total prize money of 500 € is divided as follows:

  • 1st position: € 250
  • 2nd position: € 100
  • 3rd position: € 50

All participants will receive gadgets and merchandising from Wikipedia, as well as a certificate of attendance testifying to the acquired knowledge.


In order to participate, applicants have to fill this form not later than August 28th.

Participation is free. The maximum number of participants is 15 people, which will be selected based on the answers given in the registration form.

For any question just contact the organizing team sending an e-mail to italiansinberlin@wikipedia.de.



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