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Grants:APG/Proposals/2012-2013 round2/Wikimedia Czech Republic/Proposal form

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Proposal summary for Wikimedia Czech Republic

Funds requested from the FDC: US$ 14,084.50

APG/Proposals/2012-2013 round2/Wikimedia Czech Republic/Proposal form

Proposal by Wikimedia Czech Republic to support its annual plan with Template:Usamountrequested/2012-2013 round2/Wikimedia Czech Republic.

Template:Summary/2012-2013 round2/Wikimedia Czech Republic

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Wikimedia Czech Republic received a funds allocation in the amount of 0 in 2012-2013 Round 2. This funds allocation was recommended by the Funds Dissemination Committee on 28 April 2013 and approved by the WMF Board of Trustees on 31 May 2013.

For some guidelines, please see this example proposal form.
If you need to review the edit instructions you will find them at the editintro.

All eligible entities will need to complete this form to request funds from the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC). The completed document must be published in English on Meta by the deadline for each round (23:59 UTC 1 October for Round 1, and 23:59 UTC 1 March for Round 2).

The purpose of this document is to provide the FDC with an overview of your annual plan, the alignment of the plan to the Wikimedia movement’s strategic goals, and the potential impact and effectiveness of the plan. This proposal should complement any annual planning documents you may have: please complete all fields as mandatory and add links to supporting documents where relevant.

Each section of the proposal provides guidance on the amount of detail expected in response to each question or field. If you have additional questions about the form, please contact the FDC support team.

A few terms used in the form:

Basic information


In order to support community review, in no more than one paragraph, please provide a brief description of your entity's forthcoming annual plan, with focus areas and key objectives.

  • To continue in the Mediagrant and Presentation & Outreach activities
  • To participate again in already successful programs, such as Wiki Loves Monuments, annual Wikiconference, Students Write Wikipedia (Wikipedia Education Program Czech Republic), GLAM or QRpedia
  • To solve our long-term problems (more convenient HQ - an office, travel expenses, better administration)
  • To find new relations to the changing Wiki movement on its international level
  • To cooperate with new institutions (i.e. Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic), to participate in more fairs and to find new low-barrier activites for our sympathizers or the general public.

Table 1

Organization information Legal name of organization Wikimedia Czech Republic
organization's fiscal year (mm/dd–mm/dd) Calendar year
12 month timeframe* of funds currently requested (mm/dd/yy–mm/dd/yy) 2013-06-01 - 2014-06-01
Contact information (primary) Primary contact name Jan Loužek
Primary contact position in organization Board Member
Primary contact username Aktron
Primary contact email jan.louzek@wikimedia.cz
Contact information (secondary) Secondary contact name Michal Reiter
Secondary contact position in organization chairman
Secondary contact username Limojoe
Secondary contact email michal.reiter@wikimedia.cz

*Timeframe should ideally be for a 12 month period that begins after the FDC decision.

Table 2

Currency requested: CZK

Currency requested is defined as the currency in which you wish to receive funds (e.g., EUR, GBP, INR). Note that the FDC makes grants in local currency when possible.

Exchange rate used (currency requested to $US): 1 USD = 19,525 CZK

Please use Oanda.com on March 1 2014 to determine the exchange rate. Please use five decimal points.
Currency requested US$
Total annual expenses of organization 305 000 (Excluding Consolidated grants-related activities) 15 620,99
Amount proposed to the FDC for the coming year's annual plan 275 000 14 084,50
Amount to be raised from non-FDC sources 30 000 1 536,49
If applicable, amount of FDC funds allocated to organization last year N/A N/A

Background, history, and mission


This section provides the FDC an overview of your entity's background and history. Please respond to each question below with 1-2 sentences to a maximum of a paragraph.

When was your entity established?
  • 6th March 2008
What is the mission of your entity, and how does it support the strategic priorities of the Wikimedia movement?
  • To promote the ideas of free knowledge through the projects of Wikimedia Foundation in Czech in the Czech Republic.
What is its current leadership structure (e.g., executive staff structure, board / governance structure)?
  • Member-elected board of 5 members, including the chairman and vice-chairman. The activities of the Board might be overseen by the Auditing Committee. Both grants (Mediagrant and Presentation & Outreach) have their own respective committees.
What is the role of volunteers in your entity (e.g., help develop entity plans, participate in programs, edit Wikipedia)? Approximately how many volunteers does your entity have?
  • Volunteers do most of the work in our chapter, including management and administration, but excluding accounting. A small group of them practically "lead" the chapter, while others contribute in small amount, mostly "generating content", i.e. suggest ideas for meetings etc.
If applicable, how many members does your entity have, and how do you define membership (e.g., attendance at events, paying dues)?
  • 40 members. We see members as people who 1) paid membership in WM CZ 2) identify themselves with the Wikimedia movement. Since most of the Czech Wikipedia editors do not know about the Foundation or Chapter, we consider our registered members as the main criterion for people interested in the activities of our chapter. However, there are still cca 200-400 volunteers who contribute to our projects; both Wikipedians and participants of the projects of WM CZ.

Reflection on past activities and innovations


This section provides the FDC with information about your entity's past programs, activities and strategies. Please answer the questions below with your reflections on the past fiscal year. Responses to each question should be one or two paragraphs.

How does your entity define and measure "success"?
  • Representatives of Wikimedia Czech Republic are present in national media (i.e. television, radio, newspapers)
  • Representatives of Wikimedia Czech Republic take lectures/do presentations in galleries, libraries, schools, universities, fairs etc.
  • The amount of articles on Wikipedia (and other projects in Czech) and Czech topic-related media on Commons is growing significantly, thanks to our projects (Protected Areas, Photos of Czech Villages, Jewish Monuments, SWW, GLAM etc).
Please give at least three examples of successful programs or activities that your entity has completed. If available, provide links to information.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 (once; 2012)
  • Prizes for development of Czech Wikipedia (four times; 2008-2012)
  • Wikiconference (four times; 2008-2012)
  • Financial literacy day contest (once; 2012)
  • Photo of Czech Villages (three times 2009-2011; fourth incarnation of this project is currently running 2011-).
What are the plans/strategies that did not work for your entity in the past? What did your entity learn from that experience / those experiences?
  • Continuity in the chapter is paramount. A chapter that re-defines its goals every few months will hardly ever succeed.
  • A personal conflict inside the chapter will always lead to a disaster.
What else has your entity learned or innovated upon that could benefit the broader Wikimedia movement?
  • Wikimedia Czech Republic participates in the QRpedia projects. It successfully promoted the idea of QR codes linked to the Wikipedia articles in Prague 10 Districts and other districts/towns should follow (České Budějovice, Brno, Prague 3...)
  • Students Write Wikipedia - despite a fact that this project bears similarities with the international Ambassadorship/EDU project, it has its own results and its own way of doing things. Result of this project is increased level of awareness at several Czech universities and many new, outstanding articles written on Wikipedia.
  • The touristic potential of Czech volunteers is well used in several Mediagrant programmes (Jewish Monuments, Protected Areas, Photos of Czech Villages).

Where available, please link to the following to provide supplemental information to the FDC:

Link to previous completed fiscal year annual plan
Link to previous completed fiscal year annual report
Link to previous completed fiscal year grant report (if your entity has received funds from the FDC)
  • N/A
Link to your entity's strategic plan if you have one
  • N/A
Link to your organogram or organizational chart if one exists
Link to your entity's current fiscal year plan and budget

According to the bylaws WM Czech, the only body who can approve the proposals is the General Assembly. It will be held in April, therefore it is not possible to submit final versions here.

Key programs / initiatives* and objectives of the upcoming year's annual plan


These tables are intended to provide an overview of your entity's upcoming year annual plan and its alignment with the movement's strategic priorities; please provide short phrases or 1-3 bullet points for each program below. You can also link to any other documents that you think might be helpful as context.

Please ensure that your proposed programs are SMART; that is, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

If you feel you have a program that fulfills a strategic goal that is not immediately identified with a movement strategic priority ('readership' rather than 'editorship', for instance), please add that in the table and offer us your rationale.

*In the last round, the FDC used the term 'initiative', but this round, we are using the term 'program.'

Program 1



What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • To obtain an office space
  • To equip the office space
  • To start using the office space
  • To use the office for both the activities of WMCZ and our future staff.
Which Wikimedia strategic priority (or priorities) does this program address?
  • Stabilize infrastructure
What SMART key activities and/or milestones are associated with this program?
How will your entity accomplish this program?
  • By negotiation with Prague 10 district, where a process of getting of an office space is already underway
  • By moving most of our agenda from a) our current HQ b) apartments of our volunteers c) various pubs, restaurants and cafés - to the new office.
  • By furnishing the office with funds from the Dukan grant (this is to be done in cca March/April 2013).
How will your entity measure and track success of this program?
  • All (or most of the) metrics will be met.

Any additional details:

Program 2


Travel grants

What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • To improve system of grants for reimbursements of travel costs (this can be part of the already well working Tracker - tracker.wikimedia.cz)
  • To reimburse travel costs of the members of our Chapters, and our sympathizers
  • To reimburse travel costs of the Chapter members to Wikimania
  • To reimburse travel costs of the Chapter members or sympathizers to regional meetings
    • A minimum of 3 presentations (lectures), visited by 20 or more wiki movement volunteers.
    • A representative of WM CZ will have an inviting lecture on each occasion.
    • To organize at least 3 out of Prague meetings.

Which Wikimedia strategic priority (or priorities) does this program address?
  • Encourage participation, improve quality, promote innovation
What SMART key activities and/or milestones are associated with this program?
How will your entity accomplish this program?
  • To participate in various international/regional/national events and present Wikimedia Czech Republic to the wider public with the aim to promote our ideas and goals.
  • To participate in international (i.e. Wikimania), regional (i.e. CEE Meetings, GLAM Camps) and national (i.e. Wiki meetups) events as before (2012) or more extensively.
  • To attract new sympathizers and cheer up new Wikipedians.
  • To prepare attractive program for the wiki meetups (i.e. presentations of various matters of interest to the potential volunteers).
How will your entity measure and track success of this program?
  • All (or most of the) metrics will be met.

Any additional details:

Program 3


Administration and Human Resources

What are the objectives of this program? Please include metrics.
  • In 2013 or 2014, Wikimedia Czech Republic plans to employ 1 student (or another person, upon agreement) for a certain amount of work of administrative nature.
  • In 2013 and 2014, the cooperation with the external accountant of WM CZ will continue. The accountant will prepare and present all the data the Chapter will use in its documents.
  • The Student/Administrative worker will use the Office.
  • The Student/Administrative worker should contribute to the communication and cooperation with at least 5 institutions.
  • The Student/Administrative worker will collaborate on our reports - or (press) releases.
  • The Student/Administrative worker will participate on a fair or exhibition - related event(s).
  • The Student/Administrative worker will help edit leaflets as well as the internal magazine/magazines.
Which Wikimedia strategic priority (or priorities) does this program address?
  • Stabilize infrastructure
  • Encourage innovation
What SMART key activities and/or milestones are associated with this program?
How will your entity accomplish this program?
  • By continuing the cooperation with our accountant in 2013 and 2014.
  • By negotiating with Universities terms, under which a student can work for Wikimedia Czech Republic.
How will your entity measure and track success of this program?
  • All (or most of the) metrics will be met.

Any additional details:

Additional context for the upcoming year's annual plan / SWOT


Please provide 1-2 paragraphs for each response below. SWOT stands for your organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

What organizational strengths enable your entity's plan (e.g., leadership, education program expertise, experience with outreach, governance structure, community participation, fundraising)?
  • Leadership. Many of the activities stated here are guaranteed by long-term experience of our members. Wikimedia Czech Republic already has a proven grant management system (tracker; tracker.wikimedia.cz), applied routinely for the calculation of travel expenses.
What external opportunities enable your entity's plan (e.g., socio-political context, community participation, fundraising)?
  • Community participation. Since Wikimedia Czech Republic relies entirely on volunteer work and preparations for its professionalization are in an early stage, it is important to address new volunteers and to keep those already involved motivated.
What are key risks or threats that would prevent you from achieving your plan (e.g., leadership turnover, governance challenges, lawsuits, fundraising, community participation, socio-political context)?
  • Leadership turnover. Wikimedia Czech Republic has already had difficulties with changing its course by different boards and chairmen in the past.
  • Community participation. The Board must be aware the that goals defined here can hardly be achieved without extensive participation of volunteers in the events defined by this proposal or our Programme plan (Plán činnosti), .
How will you minimize these risks and threats?
  • By putting an emphasis on the continuity of the direction proposed by the Board in 2011.
  • By motivation of our chapter members to participate actively in our activities.
  • By inclusion of more low-barrier activities with the aim to increase membership in our chapter.

Financials: year-to-date progress


This section provides the FDC information about how your entity is progressing against the current fiscal year's planned budget (revenues and costs).

Please provide the relevant information below. "Year-to-date" refers to the period between the start of your entity's current fiscal year and the date of submission of the proposal. Topical year-to-date financials should be provided as close to the proposal submission date as possible.

Identify the year-to-date for which you are reporting, month/year to month/year: *

Table 3

Current fiscal year planned budget Year-to-date actuals Projected final amount
In currency requested In $US In currency requested In $US In currency requested In $US
Revenues (from all sources) 894 427 45 809,32
Spending 705 500 36 133,16

Table 3 details, if necessary:

Based on the variance percentages above, please describe how your entity is progressing against revenue and spending targets. If your projected final amount shows your entity to be significantly under or over target on either revenue or spending, please provide a detailed explanation.

Financials: upcoming year's annual plan


Provide your financial overview for the upcoming year in the format below.

Please link to your detailed budget in a publicly available spreadsheet file (translation into English highly recommended) in addition to completing the tables below. Detailed budget link:



Please list anticipated revenues, by source (e.g., FDC, Wikimedia grants programs, grants from institutional donors, public funding, membership fees, local donations, event fees)

Table 4

Revenue source Anticipated (in currency requested) Anticipated (In $US)

Membership fees 8 000 409,73
Sponsored programmes 10 000 512,16
FDC 275 000 14 084,50
Own resources (from 2012) 125 019 6 403,03
Grants (remaining reserves from 2009/10) 476 408 24 399,89

Table 4 notes, if necessary:

  • This data copies the WM CZ 2013 Budget proposal, excluding only Grants-related money.

Current entity staff and long-term contractors


Role/functions might include program administration, finance, fundraising. Please include both part-time and full-time staff and long-term contractors.

Table 5

Role / Function Number of staff Percentage of staff time*
Accountant 1 10

*Please include estimates of the percentage allocation of staff members. For example, for full-time staff, you would put 100% in this column. For half time staff, you would put 50% in this column.

Table 5 notes, if necessary:

Proposed new staff and and long-term contractors for upcoming year's annual plan


Role / functions might include program administration, finance, fundraising. Please include both part-time and full-time staff and long-term contractors.

Table 6

Department (e.g. Programs, Communications) Number of current staff Percentage of current staff time* Number of upcoming staff Percentage of upcoming staff time* Rationale for hiring new staff

*Please include estimates of the percentage allocation of staff members and long-term contractors. For example, for full-time staff, you would put 100% in this column. For half-time staff, you would put 50% in this column.

Table 6 notes, if necessary:

Summary of staff and long-term contractor expenses


Table 7

In currency requested In $US Percent increase
Current staff expenses 10 000 512,16
Proposed increase for current staff expenses 20 000 1 024,32 200 %
Proposed increase for new staff expenses 60 000 3 072,98 N/A
Total staff expenses 90 000 4 609,47

Table 7 notes, if necessary:

Expenses by program / initiative


Expenses are costs associated with any programs, initiatives, or projects your entity manages (e.g., event costs, materials, transportation). Please exclude any staff costs that are included above. “Programs / initiatives” might include education programs, outreach programs, microgranting initiatives, etc. Please include any administration costs (e.g., office space rental, utilities) affiliated with each program along with any overall administration costs that are not affiliated with any particular program (e.g., Administration should be considered a "Program" under the first column.)

Table 8a

Program / initiative In currency requested In $US
Office 85 000 4 353,39
Travel grants 130 000 6 658,13
Administration and Human Resources 90 000 (if no staff is counted, then 0) 4 609,47
Total program expenses (should equal the sum of the rows) 275 000 14 084,50

Table 8 notes, if necessary:

Summary of total revenues and expenses


Table 9

In currency requested In $US
Total cash balance as of proposal submission 8 012 (as of 1st Jan 2013)142 831 (as of 1st Jan 2013; this include cash and the sum of 4 non-grants related accounts (bounded as well as unbounded finances) - 16 911 + 13 557 + 87 907 + 100 + 24 356) 410,34
7 314,36
Total revenues 894 427 45 809,32
Total spending 705 500 14 084,50
Net (revenues less expenses)
Operating reserves,* if applicable

Table 9 notes, if necessary:

Verification that this proposal requests no funds from the Wikimedia Foundation for political or legislative activities


Enter "yes" or "no" for the verification below.

The term “political or legislative activities” includes any activities relating to political campaigns or candidates (including the contribution of funds and the publication of position statements relating to political campaigns or candidates); voter registration activities; meetings with or submissions and petitions to government executives, ministers, officers or agencies on political or policy issues; and any other activities seeking government intervention or policy implementation (like “lobbying”), whether directed toward the government or the community or public at large. Grants for such activities (when permitted under U.S. law and IRS regulations) should be sought from the Wikimedia Grants Program.
I verify that this proposal requests no funds from the Wikimedia Foundation for political or legislative activities yes