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This is an English version of the proposed Programme plan for Wikimedia Czech Republic 2012. Due to various changes in recent months it may vary from the czech version (this will be yet fixed). --Aktron 13:51, 29 December 2011 (UTC)

Main priorities[edit]

Main priorities of Wikimedia Czech Republic for 2012 are as follows:

  • To support projects of Wikimedia Foundation and expand its content. That can be reached mainly by Mediagrant. Mediagrant has already showed great results thanks to its numerous projects, in which many of the members of Wikimedia Czech Republic or the Wikipedia Community participated. We enriched Commons with thousands of new and unique free media and we will continue to do so.
  • Presentation & Outreach activities are backboned by a grant of the same name. Wikimedia Czech Republic has a rich experience in presenting the projects of WMF on various fairs (Book fairs, Open source software fairs etc). Moreover, we'd like to extend our activities in the field of lectures - during 2011 we started to cooperate with various universities or museums (Ambassadorship and GLAM programs - both of them financially supported by P&O). These projects are new and lack experience, but they are growing rapidly and offering some promising results. We seek for an international cooperation of Czech GLAM and Ambassadorship programs with other chapters, mostly with the Central European ones (German, Polish, Hungarian, Austrian etc).

Our budget expects similar structures that already had the previous one. As it was said, the very key subjects are both Mediagrant and P&O grants. However, we also need to cover our expenses (running costs): paying for the domains, administration, or the seat of our chapter. We decided to outsource our accounting so we need to obtain funding a person that is willing to do this work for us. This will ease the stress not only in the board but especially for the treasurer or our chairman. We also expect to bond our GLAM and Ambassadorship with other chapters, that's why we would like to participate in some events of international character.

The goal of our budget is to make it as detailed as possible while keeping its operability and flexibility. The budget also includes activities financed from Presentation & Outreach grant and the Mediagrant. This could be theoretically merged into one subject, but it wouldn't show the essence of our activities in both grants.

WMCZ is currently facing three issues:

  • To make closer bonds between the community and chapter
  • To provide new contributors to the community of Wikipedians.
  • To initiate and expand collaboration with official institutions

We can help to solve the first one with better informing and being more open towards the community, since the second one can be solved via our Presentation & Outreach and the last not least should be done on the new wave of so-called GLAM and Ambassadorship activities.

List of activities for 2012[edit]

Mediagrant and Presentation & Outreach Grants[edit]


Description: see Wikimedia Czech Republic/Mediagrant

Leaders: The Mediagrant Committee

Financed by: Mediagrant

Expected costs: CZK 140 000

Other requirements: a person paid for processing invoices (so-called: barrel)

Goals for 2012:

  • Make the Mediagrant a full running entity, stabilize its activities and improve relations between general public and Mediagrant.
  • have advanced techniques how to refund users of the Grant.
  • For 2012: To have 50 events in Mediagrant, 250 good pictures for Wikipedia articles, 2500 pictures total.

Presentation and Outreach[edit]

Description: see Presentation and Outreach

Leaders: The Presentation & Outreach Committee

Financed by: Presentation and Outreach grant

Expected costs: CZK 192 000 this includes:

  • Wikimedium: CZK 25 000
  • web redesign: CZK 14 000
  • presentations and other activities on various fairs: CZK 40 000
  • 10 years of Czech Wikipedia and Wikiconference: CZK 33 000
  • Trend Study: CZK 5 000
  • Other P&O activities: CZK 75 000

Goals for 2012:

  • To create reliable and trustworthy environment for processing new requests for subgrants.
  • To find a way how to support "big" P&O projects (GLAM and Ambassadorship projects). These projects require a big effort and our chapter would like to support it as much as possible. However, it isn't easy to find a suitable or cheap way how to reach this.

Cooperation with organizations outside of Wikimedia[edit]

Leader (member of the board): Jan Spousta

GLAM & Ambassadorship[edit]

Both GLAM & CAP groups are subject of one method of funding. They are treated equally:

Financed by: Both Presentation & Outreach (CZK 15 000) and the chapter (CZK 15 000)

Expected costs: CZK 30 000


See also GLAM-cs. Wikimedia Czech Republic would like to continue in expanding activities of Czech GLAM group.

Leader: Gampe

Goals for 2012:

  • Cooperation with at least 5 institutions yields at least 2000 media items
  • 3 meetings of GLAM volunteers
  • 10 articles on Wikipedia will be reviewed by specialists of various institutions
Ambassadorship project[edit]

Wikimedia Czech Republic would like to extend its presentation potential and attract new contributors from secondary schools or university students.

Leader: Vojtech.dostal

The Ambassadorship project of Wikimedia Czech Republic is based mostly on the Presentation & Outreach grant. We will use various subgrants of the P&O, i. e. printing leaflets or create video-tutorials.

Goals for 2012:

  • to have ambassadors on 5 schools/faculties/universities
  • to create texts and materials for ambassadorship, both online or printed
  • to manage getting new people, prepare volunteers for ambassadorship work
  • public relations

Trend Study[edit]

See: [1].

Leaders: Jan Spousta, Danny B.

Financed by: Presentation & Outreach Grant

Expected costs: CZK 5000

Goals for 2012:

  • repeat the Trend study on Czech data
  • publish it and incite a discussion on the Czech WP, try to find a way how to improve current editorship trends

International cooperation with other Wikimedias[edit]

Wikimedia Czech Republic would like to participate with the other Wikimedias as it did before both on global level (Wikimania) or regional one (Central European Wikimedias - Polish, German, Hungarian etc).

Leader: Limojoe

Financed by: CZK 30 000 by WMF for Wikimania 2012, CZK 20 000 for other activities and representation of our chapter by our own resources

Expected costs: CZK 50 000

Goals for 2012:

  • participation on Wikimedia Conference on 30th march
  • To propose to have a central-European section on this conference
  • participation on Wikimania 2012
  • at least one presentation of Wikimedia Czech Republic at Wikimania

Wiki loves monuments[edit]

Wikimedia Czech Republic has an ongoing tradition in developing Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons. In several last years Wikimedia Czech Republic organized a competition-like event that supported creation of new articles on Wikipedia and rewarded those who can write good articles. For this year we would like put a stress on our very good and active photographers and join the world-wide Wiki loves monuments contest.

Leaders: Jan Spousta, Limojoe

Financed by: Independent sponsors

Expected costs: CZK 40 000

Goals for 2012:

  • at least one contest on Czech Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons
  • at least 1500 new pictures of various monuments in Czech Republic

GLAM & Ambassadorship[edit]

As it was said, Wikimedia Czech Republic would like deepen the cooperation with other chapters. This means that members of GLAM and Ambassadorship projects will gain some experience from members of similar entities in various other chapters (Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimedia Polska, etc).

Public relations[edit]

Leader (member of the board): Jirka O.

Public relations (internal)[edit]

Description: Cooperation with local projects, helping volunteers to get know about our work

Leaders: Brouzdej

Financed by/expected costs: there are no needs of financial nature

Other requirements: none stated

Goals for 2012:

  • monthly reports of the activity of the chapter
  • periodical meetings of Wikipedians, Wikimedians and those, who are interested (similar to wiki-meetings)
  • opening the internal wiki for general public
    • to increase traffic on internal wiki → more people will see what is going inside of the chapter
  • at least 90 % of active wikipedians will know about Wikimedia Czech Republic and 35 % will know what actually WM CZ does.
    • a further research is necessary - and it will be important to find out what is going to be part of it (questionnaires etc?)


Description: The magazine of Wikimedia Czech Republic

Leaders: Okino

Financed by: Presentation & Outreach Grant

Expected costs: CZK 25 000

Other requirements: none stated

Goals for 2012:

  • Evaluate time costs and money costs and find a way how to ease the work for those who are very active participators in this issue
  • to publish the magazine periodically
  • to publish at least two issues

10 years of Czech Wikipedia and Wikiconference[edit]

Description: In May 2012 there is going to be 10th anniversary of Czech Wikipedia. We would like to join this event with a wikiconference in order to attract more people:

Leaders: Limojoe

Financed by: Presentation & Outreach Grant: CZK 33 000 and independent sponsors: CZK 7 000.

Expected costs: CZK 40 000

Presentations on various fairs[edit]

Description: Wikimedia Czech Republic will present itself, the projects of WMF and its success on various informatics or book fairs.

Leaders: Danny B.

Financed by: Presentation & Outreach Grant

Expected costs: CZK 40 000

Goals for 2012:

  • evaluate time and money costs of our presentations. Evaluate which of our presentations are useful, which are not and what can we theoretically do in the future.
  • When evaluated as positive, participate at least on one of the fairs

Other activities[edit]

Wikimedia Czech Republic is aware of a fact that as an organization aiming to cooperate with some new volunteers it needs to present itself in a more effective way. Therefore the board supports redesigning the web page of our chapter "". We expect to spend 14 000 CZK on this issue.

Wikimedia Czech Republic would like to develop its PR/merchandising activities.

Wikimedia Czech Republic will continue in managing domains related to the names of the projects of WMF and the chapter itself.

Regular General Assembly will be held during 2012 (most probably March).

Activities supported by the Board[edit]

We support many activities that can help us to obtain more free media, make the license policies in Czech Republic friendlier towards us. We are in touch with Czech Pirate party, Creative Commons Czech Republic and share some of their efforts in the authorship laws area.