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An outline of the documentation created during our work with the project, the documentation makes it easier for people to contribute to the project but is written in a generalised way to build capacity across Wikimedia including working on larger structural and technical issues which will allow for new kinds of contribution and a wider range of educational material available in the future.

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  • Wikidata Tours: Interactive tutorials for beginners which decrease barriers to contribution. We repaired the Tours software and increased the number of tours from 2 to 9, creating more tours for basic Wikidata features and also specific tours for tasks related to FindingGLAMs eg adding coordinates and administrative territory.
  • Wikidata:Map Data: Instructions for importing and using map data on Wikimedia projects. Map data can be used to display information in Wikidata queries and maps on Wikipedia to display information in new ways, its also allows us to record spacial information in a new and more accurate way, recording areas instead of points.
  • Help:Tabular Data, Converting data to JSON: A list of tools for converting to JSON format which Commons tabular data uses, making it easier for people to contribute tabular data to Wikimedia projects.
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Building new features[edit]

  • Requests for comment/Wikidata to use data schemas to standardise data structure on a subject: A proposal and discussion on how to introduce community agreed schemas into Wikidata and what documentation and decision making processes are needed. A lack of schemas leads to data being difficult to query, repeated mistakes in importing data and impedes third party re-use. We discussed with the community the the creators of the schema software how to create a community space to agree on schemas and what documentation to create to improve data quality, usability and improve community health and growth rates.
  • Support full colour 3D models on Wikimedia projects An description of the educational value and available sources of full colour 3D models to build community support and to map out the process for implementation and adoption within Wikimedia projects.
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Best practice[edit]

  • Modelling GLAM institutions on Wikidata: a page introducing the basics of modelling cultural heritage institutions, helping users learn how to start contributing to Wikidata on this topic and keeping modelling consistent.
  • Tools and workflows: An explanation of how we ingest and upload datasets in different formats as part of the FindingGLAMs project. This will help other to understand our work and allow others to follow our processes.